7 Tips for Training a New Puppy

While bringing a new puppy home can be super exciting, the fun can last shorter than you anticipated if they are not house trained well. Training a new puppy is the foundation you set for their future behavior; hence you just need to grab every opportunity to train them well.

1. Keep Ready Basic Puppy Items:

A puppy needs certain basic items to remain engaged and busy for a longer duration. Before bringing a puppy home, get a few chewing toys, a crate, a clicker, treats, a training collar for stubborn dogs, and other training aids to teach the dog good behavior.

2. Decide on House Rules:

Before the puppy comes home, define a few house rules from the beginning to know what is allowed and what is not allowed. If they are allowed on the furniture or if an area is off-limit. If you can set certain rules from the beginning, it will avoid any confusion later on.

3. Reward Good Behavior:

Encouraging your puppy for good behavior is the most crucial part of training. Dogs can be trained easily when they are rewarded consistently for a behavior. A high-value reward like a treat is important to make them understand what is acceptable in your house. 

4. Train Your Dog Within the Moment:

Puppies live in the moment, which means you have to teach them or reward them immediately. Do not wait to respond to bad and good behavior because they will be unable to relate to this. Keep your treats ready when you train the dog and reward them immediately for good behavior so that they know why they are being rewarded.

make your dog obidient

5. Discourage and Jumping:

Puppies love to jump as a greeting tactic, and it seems super cute now, but imagine if this habit persists, then a large adult dog jumping on you will not be a pleasant experience. You have to stop this behavior right now by ignoring it and showing them your back. They will get the signal that you are not interested and will change their behavior gradually.

6. Say NO to Bad Behavior:

You have to learn to make the puppy believe that you are the pack leader and the alpha in the family. If the puppy showcases bad behavior, use your alpha voice to say NO so that they stop the bad behavior. Reward them if they listen to you and stay. This will positively teach them what not to do.

7. Do Not Free Reward:

Using treats as a reward for good behavior is important to build behavior training. Do not use the treats just like that. It is only a wasted opportunity and will reduce the significance of treats.

In Conclusion:

Puppies are super cute, which only means when they showcase bad behavior, you may find it cute and not so bothersome. Remember, they are easy to train when young and this training will set a behavior pattern for them in future so give their training session the utmost importance. 

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