4 Things to Know Before Getting an Emotional Support Dog

So, you’re thinking of getting an emotional support dog. You’re making the right move as your furry friend will greatly help with whatever issue you’re battling. However, this also comes with a lot of responsibility. Not many people realize this – your dog needs a lot of care as well. We’ve run through 4 important things you should know before taking the leap.


Don’t forget that they’re dogs at the end of the day. You need to treat yours like your child. He or she needs to not only be fed and bathed regularly but needs ample exercise. Depending on whether you can manage this with your mental state, it might be too much to handle. 

You’ll also have to be responsible for how he behaves at home and outside. You might have to house-train him. You will also have to let him or her get used to the people in your life. 

If you’re thinking of getting a hold of the pup to help with stress, you’ll find out that taking care of one would pile onto your troubles. 

You Need an ESA Letter

You might not have the easiest time in public without an ESA letter. You may not be allowed to take your dog to certain restaurants or have them in your apartment.  If you’re wondering how to get an ESA-letter, it isn’t very hard. You’ll need to visit a licensed health professional and undergo an interview. It’s worth it, but most people don’t even know about this step when they get an ESA. Also, getting a fake ESA letter would get you in trouble. So be mindful of the professional you go to.

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Don’t forget that taking care of a dog costs quite a bit too. You might be spending a lot if your service animal has a very specific diet. You will also have to spend on veterinary visits, which have to be done regularly to ensure that your furry friend is healthy. 

During their training, they will learn to get along with humans and other animals. However, your other pets may need further training to get along with your ESA. You probably wouldn’t be able to do this yourself;  you’ll need to hire someone. 


Although you and your emotional support animal might get along, your family may not be fond of having a dog around. Living with this tension, your ESA won’t be as effective. Your family may also like certain breeds more than others. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting an emotional support dog is a good move. It’ll make your life easier and help calm you if you have anxiety or depression. Plus, you’ll be having an adorable fluffy friend around. However, doing so without considering the above points will be a disadvantage. Keep in mind that an ESA is still an animal. You’ll need to take good care of your dog – he or she is taking care of you too, after all. Of course, keep in mind the cost of having one around, as well. Don’t forget that you’ll need a specific letter to make it easier to take him to various places.  

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