How to Control Dog Shedding – Your Ultimate Guide Plus Life Hacks for This Period

Your love for the dog may not know the boundaries; however, it is unlikely that the layer of fur lying on the carpet will delight you too much. However, dog shedding is a natural process that you will have to go through with your dog. We have compiled this guide to facilitate this period, and save you from unnecessary irritation.

Why Do Dogs Shed? 

As we said, molting is a natural process. Dogs molt in order to get rid of the old fur and get a new one, more suitable according to the season. In addition, the appearance of dog fur is a direct indicator of a dog’s health status.

Therefore, it is important to pay increased attention to the health of your dog during molting. In most cases, this process begins and ends spontaneously, but you should also be aware that dog molting can have various causes.

Main Types of Dogs Shedding

It is possible to distinguish three types of shedding. The first type and some cases of the second are a variant of the norm. The third type of molting indicates possible problems. Let’s discuss the details.

Seasonal shedding

As a rule, dogs shed twice a year – in spring and autumn. This is because the dog is preparing for a change in temperature, and either gets rid of warm fur before the start of summer or vice versa, builds up a warmer coat to feel comfortable in winter. This process can last from a week to a month.

make your dog obidient

If your dog does not show any signs of anxiety or health problems during seasonal molting, then the process is proceeding normally. In this case, you should not worry, but you should think about how to help dog shedding. Basically, you just need to brush your dog regularly until the coat changes completely. Further, we will tell in more detail how to deshed a dog.

Hormonal shedding

Since the dog’s health status is reflected in the quality of the coat, the dog can shed due to changes in hormonal levels. The simplest example is the period of pregnancy and lactation. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the health of the dog with the help of vitamins, as it gives a lot of resources for intrauterine formation and feeding of puppies.

However, hormonal changes can occur not only due to pregnancy. Sometimes, this is a signal that the dog has problems with the thyroid gland or tumor processes occur in the body. It is possible to make an accurate diagnosis only in a veterinary clinic using a blood test. In addition, if the dog is sick, you will also be able to see other signals – for example, decreased activity or loss of appetite.

Excessive Shedding

Excessive shedding is a signal that you need to pay attention to. How to distinguish this from a normal process? Here are a few signs.

  • The molting process lasts more than one and a half months.
  • Some areas on the dog’s body became completely bald.
  • The dog objectively loses too much hair, for example, the hair falls out in shreds, and not in separate hairs.
  • The dog does not feel well, refuses food or favorite activities.

In this case, you need to think not about how to stop dog from shedding, but about the causes of this phenomenon. The most common causes are severe vitamin deficiency, a subcutaneous tick, lichen or allergic diseases, as well as worms. Be sure to contact your veterinarian and do not look for ways to stop dog shedding yourself.

How to Control Dog Shedding  – Two Ways

There are only ways to go and the way you choose will depend on whether the shedding of your dog is normal or not. 

Normal shedding

In this case, you just need to comb the dog. Next, we will tell you how to do this depending on the length of the coat. And of course, vacuum and mop the floors in your home.

Abnormal shedding

If there are signs that the dog has health problems – for example, it is losing too much fur, has bald spots or poor appetite, you should not look for independent ways of how to reduce shedding in dogs. In this case, you need a veterinarian consultation and comprehensive treatment. Or a change in the type of nutrition plus additional vitamins, at a minimum.

Should You Use Dog Shedding Remedies? 

If the shedding process proceeds normally and is seasonal, then proper nutrition will be enough for the dog to easily cope with molting and build up a new coat. However, there are a few special cases.

  • If the shedding process lasts longer than usual, but all other health indicators are normal, then special vitamins are a good way of how to stop your dog from shedding.
  • If your dog is shedding too much, then you definitely need a doctor’s consultation. He will answer your question “why does my dog shed so much” and prescribe medications that will eliminate the cause, and hence the consequence, in the form of strong molting.
  • If bald spots have already formed on the dog’s body, then a complete vitamin complex is a must-go way of how to stop dog hair shedding. And of course, you need an additional veterinary examination, and possibly a change in the type of food.

In addition, you can help the dog build a new coat if you bathe it using a special shampoo. However, do not bathe your dog more than once a week as shampoo makes the skin drier. By the way, for long-haired dogs, there are special conditioners that facilitate combing.

How to Care for Dog Coat of Different Lengths?

Of course, each breed of dog has a hairline of different lengths. And by the way, if you think that the owners of short-haired dogs do not notice the period of molting, then you are mistaken. It is much more difficult to deal with many short hairs everywhere than combing a long-haired dog several times.

So, here are the tips depending on the type of dog coat.

For short-haired dogs

If your dog’s coat is short and stiff, you can wipe your dog with a bath towel daily, helping the excess hair to separate from the skin. In this case, it will be superfluous to comb the dog daily, as you can accidentally scratch the skin with the teeth of a comb.

Buy a soft comb with teeth made of natural material, such as wood, and carefully comb the hairline weekly during the molting period. Also, you can bathe a shorthair dog once a week, and wash its hair with a special shampoo.

For long-haired dogs

If you own a long-haired dog, well … You knew what you were agreeing to. In this case, you will have to fight the coat a little longer. The best device to reduce dog shedding is the furminator. It looks like a rake for harvesting autumn leaves. This special comb will allow you to gently remove fluff and at the same time comb through long hair so that it does not get tangled in knots. It is necessary to comb a longhair dog every day. Do this outdoors so as not to remove a pile of wool after each procedure.

Shed Control for Dogs – Top Mistakes You Should Avoid

If there is a seasonal fur loss, there are no ways to stop a dog shedding. The only thing you can do is just wait until this process is over. However, some owners often do the same mistakes. Surely, you should avoid them. 

Ignoring this process at all

You definitely need to observe the molting process and facilitate it. If you let things slip, you can skip alarms. And then pay the vet for answering the question of why is my dog shedding so much. Do not ignore this process, because prolonged or abundant shedding can be an indicator of health problems.

Shave the dog baldly

This is harm and stress for your dog. If you shave your dog baldly, you will break the thermoregulation mechanisms. The dog may freeze and become ill. And even in the summer – just after lying down under the air conditioner turned on. Dogs need wool even in the summer, as it protects the skin from parasites. Yes, so you get rid of the wool in the house, but wasn’t it more logical to initially buy a “bare” dog?

Show your dog that you are upset or angry

Dogs feel the owner’s mood, and they understand very well if the owner is upset or angry through their fault. Do not show your feelings, even if the molting process annoys you. Otherwise, your dog will begin to feel guilty, and this can lead to a change in behavior. For the worse, of course.

Life Hacks to Facilitate Your Life With a Shedding Dog

Just a few simple life hacks will let you ask how to reduce dogs shedding much less frequently. Or don’t even ask. Here’s what you can do to prevent molting from annoying you.

Remove all carpets

The long dog hair on the carpet is annoying. Especially if you just finished cleaning. Short hair is not much better – shortening hairs stick into carpets and it is almost impossible to clean the carpet completely. The only way out during molting is to completely remove all the carpets and arm yourself with a broom.

Cover armchairs and sofas with bedspreads

If you allow the dog to sit in an armchair or lie on the couch, it is easier to cover the furniture with special bedspreads than to pay for dry cleaning.

Restrict dog movement around the house

Within reasonable limits, of course. If your dog is used to sleeping on the floor next to your bed, you should not drive it into the corridor for a molting period. Just close the other rooms so that the dog can only be in your bedroom, kitchen, and living room, for example. Thus, the area covered with wool will be slightly smaller.

Get doggy grooming service

If you do not already have experience or your dog shedding a lot, perhaps you should contact a professional service. The employees of the grooming room will help you bathe the dog with professional shampoo, comb it without causing pain, cut off excess hair, and remove excess fluff. Next time, you can do it at home.


Shedding is not the most pleasant but natural and inevitable process. There are no ways of how to prevent dog shedding. The only thing you can do is to prepare for this period, buy all the necessary equipment, carefully monitor the health and mood of your dog, and clean your house more often, of course.

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