How To Find Out The Best Pet Transport Company In Australia?

Suppose you have to move from one location to other, either permanently or temporarily. It may be due to work-related or personal reasons and issues. However, the move does not imply that you have to leave your beloved pet behind. Instead, modern companies and services have made it possible to take them with you whenever you need to shift. 

One thing to remember and understand in this concept and system is that the shift or move for animals of any species, kind, and size differs from that of baggage and luggage. In other words, the two should receive different treatments as the former is a living and breathing creature, unlike the latter. Thus, the pets should receive services that allow them to remain relaxed and comfortable for the entirety of the move. 

In this article, let us deliberate on the various points you should consider when choosing a pet transport or relocation company in Australia. Additionally, let us review the arguments that can help you ensure they are the best. 

Before that, let us look into how you can move your pet over long distances. 

Which Type of Transport System Should You Choose for Your Pet?

Generally, you can avail of two methods and systems to transport or move your pet from one location to another. The first is through the air, and the second is through the ground. The two approaches have their unique pros and cons. Thus, their selection would depend entirely on your situation and circumstances. Let us delve deeper into the matter or subject. 

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Air Transport

Air transport is the more suitable method when you and your pet need to travel over significant distances. You need to select pet-friendly airlines and systems for it. Specific rules and guidelines exist for taking an animal on international and domestic flights in Australia. It is essential to research them before purchasing the tickets to take your beloved animal with you. 

For instance, the animal must be docile and not aggressive. Moreover, it should have a minimum age of over eight weeks. The age specification is necessary and mandatory as most babies cannot handle the strenuous and taxing journey via flight. It stands true, be it for puppies, rabbits, or kittens.

Another compulsory regulation is that the pet should remain in appropriate health at the time of the move. It implies that it should not be on some medication. Additionally, it should not be injured, be it mild or severe. 

The animal should not be in a post-surgery or treatment state. Furthermore, it should not be pregnant or have given recent birth. Otherwise, the long flight journey can put a heavy strain and burden on their bodies.

However, specific species and breeds of pets remain prohibited for air transport in Australia. 

Ground Transport

Suppose you require services for pet transport in Melbourne for comparatively shorter distances. Several companies provide them. However, the selection should remain based on their training, licenses, sensitivity, and experience. In other words, the businesses review and understand the pet’s specific needs before taking on the job. It can include their habits, health, and nature. 

Not many regulations come into the picture for ground transport. Nevertheless, the primary thing to ensure is that the animal should remain comfortable for the entirety of the journey. 

What are the Things to Consider to Find the Best Pet Transport Company in Australia?

Your pet’s safety and comfort are the two most crucial points to consider whenever you find and select a pet transport company in Australia. You can keep the following points in mind to ensure them:

Transport Crate or Carrier

According to the set regulations, all pets must get moved using a carrier or crate. It implies that the animal would remain inside an enclosed space for the majority, if not the entirety of the journey. Thus, the carrier should be spacious and comfortable enough for your pet. 

Thus, the transport company should provide you with large, well-ventilated, temperature-regulated, and sturdy crates. The carriers should be of non-toxic and high-quality material. To summarize, your pet should feel cozy and comfortable, even if they move about inside. 

Group or Individual Transport

Many pet transport companies prefer moving several animals together. They may tell you that it is for companionship and to prevent your pet from getting lonely. Although this approach is suitable and acceptable at specific times, you should not go for it in particular scenarios. 

For instance, you should avoid keeping your pet with other animals if they are shy and closed off. Otherwise, it can generate unnecessary stress for them. Another case is when your pet is aggressive and cannot mingle with others. 

In such cases, you should look for a pet transport company and service that will ensure your pet remains away from others and in a calm environment. 

Break Times

No animal can take long hours of a continuous journey without breaks. It is especially so if the time required is more than 3-4 hours. Thus, they might need a few moments of respite.

However, the transport company should not make unnecessary stops and breaks for short distances. It extends the time the animals need to stay inside the crate, making it stressful for them. Hence, you should gather appropriate information on this section before availing of the services. 

Food and Water

The best pet transport company would provide the animals with food that suits them. Additionally, they would give clean water in tidy bowls to prevent dehydration. Furthermore, the pets should have designated areas to excrete whenever necessary. It can be during break stops or inside the vehicle. 

Suppose a pet transport company does not do so no matter how short the journey may be. In such cases, you should avoid it. 

Vet Care

Your pet may fall sick at any time during the move due to stress or other reason. In such instances, the best pet transport company would have a veterinarian at hand to attend to the animal and prescribe a suitable treatment. 

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