Labrador Mixed Dogs: the Most Popular Crossbreds

Crossbreeding allows to combine the best features of both breeds. In Labradors, the most highly valued characteristics are friendliness, kindness and complaisance. What if you add them to other breeds? Let’s take a look at the main features and benefits of 15 Labrador mixed dogs.

Labrador + German Shepherd

This mestizo is very popular. It is quite large. The most common color is black. Such a dog has drooping ears and a medium length fur. It inherits a kind and docile character from the Labrador and a watchdog instinct from the German Shepherd. Therefore, such a dog is universal. It is good either as a loyal companion or as an effective service dog.

Labrador + Huskie

These mestizo are more like Labradors in build, fur color and type. But they inherit sky blue eyes and a specific character from the husky. They have high intelligence but very playful disposition. With poor upbringing, they can become uncontrollable. Dogs of this crossbreed have a phenomenally keen sense of smell. Therefore, they are even sometimes used as service dogs to search for explosives and drugs.

Labrador + Doberman

Such hybrids have a large physique. Their bodies look like the ones of Dobermans, but their muzzles usually look like the ones of Labradors. The color is usually black with red markings like Dobermans have. These dogs make excellent watchdogs, as they inherit a little aggression from Dobermans that Labradors don’t have at all.

Labrador + Pitbull

These dogs are usually not as large as Labradors. And the muzzle looks more like the pitbull’s one. Such mestizos are very playful, cheerful, and affectionate. However, they need to be carefully trained, otherwise they can show stubbornness and aggression.

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Labrador + Spaniel

When these breeds are crossed, puppies obtain the size of a Labrador, but in an exterrier (constitution, muzzle, color and length of coat), they are very similar to a spaniel. Such mestizos inherit an innate hunting instinct from spaniels. Therefore, they are very active, love to play and indulge. They also show tenderness and devotion to all family members.

Labrador + Beagle

These crossbreeds are similar to oversized beagles. They also take character from Labradors. They are highly social, friendly, never aggressive, active. The thing they like the most is to spend time actively outdoors together with their owners. They get along very well with all family members, with children, as well as with other pets.

Labrador + Dalmatian

These mestizos look like spotted Labradors. However, they don’t have such a stocky physique. They have a slimmer body and longer legs.

Such metises inherit the best character traits from both breeds: high intelligence, friendliness, devotion, reasonable, and balanced disposition.

Labrador + Corgi

The appearance of these mestizo has features of both breeds. However, they inherit more corgi. They have a squat, long body with short legs.

The owners love these mestizos for their character. They are playful, active, outgoing, and loyal. These dogs love to play and are always ready to cheer you up.

Labrador + Staffordshire Terrier

They are short, small, stocky dogs. The fur is of medium length, often dark. The muzzle is elongated, like that of the Labrador, but the location and shape of the eyes are the same as that of the Staffordshire Terrier.

Sometimes these dogs can be aggressive. Therefore, they are recommended only to experienced owners who are able to train the pet well and strictly control it.

Labrador + Shorthaired Pointer

These dogs are quite large. Their physique is similar to that of the Shorthaired Pointer, and their head and fur are the same as those of the Labrador.

Since the Shorthaired Pointer is a hunting breed, such mestizos inherit activity, restlessness, and playfulness. Owners have to walk and play a lot with such dogs, otherwise they will become naughty from boredom.

Labrador + Cane Corso

These are large and strong dogs. They can be excellent watchdogs, as they are attentive, intelligent, and able to protect the house if necessary.

However, these dogs have a difficult temperament. They don’t tolerate rudeness or annoying attention. Therefore, they are categorically not suitable for families with children.

Such a dog is recommended to a strong-willed owner. In the absence of such a character trait in the owner, the pet will not obey and will try to dominate.

Labrador + Poodle

There are many varieties of such mestizos:

  • standard — have a height of 65 cm;
  • middle — are 45-55 cm;
  • mini — have a height of 35 cm.

Color also varies. It can be black, white, silver, chocolate, ginger, apricot, or caramel.

These dogs are very good-natured, positive, and playful. Another plus is their hypoallergenic fur. Such mestizos are great as companions for active people and sportsmen. They are also a great option for families with children. Besides, they are often used as guides for blinds.

Labrador + Rottweiler

Both dogs are similar in physique. Mestizos have a powerful skeleton and a strong physique. 

However, their characters are the exact opposite. Labradors are kind and docile, and Rottweilers are wayward and dominant. And what exactly a particular mestizo will be like is always a surprise.

Labrador + Shar Pei

Such a crossbreed is very rare. In size, it is a bit smaller than the Labrador, but larger than the Shar Pei. They, like the Shar Peis, have skin folds on the head and neck.

These dogs are very loyal by nature. However, they must be carefully trained from a young age, otherwise they will have a bad temper.

Labrador + Laika

These are large, beautiful dogs. They are similar in character to both breeds. They inherit mobility and playfulness from huskies, and friendliness and complaisance from Labradors.

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