Are You Planning On Getting A Dog? Here’s A List Of Things You Will Need

Are You Planning On Getting A Dog?

Getting a dog is certainly not a small undertaking. Whether you’re a new pet owner or an experienced one, you need to prepare yourself for the responsibility of introducing a new dog to your home and family. It’s not just enough to give the new pup a loving atmosphere, you need to be properly equipped to care for them as well.

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit as a future dog owner is not being able to buy all of the essentials for your dog before it arrives at home. It would be best to prepare a few things beforehand so that you’ll be ready to give the dog the life it deserves. Here are some of those essentials we’re talking about.

Collar And Leash

If you’re really looking at the bare minimum of what you need to take care of a dog, then a collar and a leash are what you should be looking for. There are tons of these at Kohl’s and you can use these to get good discounts. Now, what type of leash and collar should you get?

If you are bringing a puppy home, then keep in mind that the first collar you’ll be getting might only be temporary. Depending on the breed of the pup, the collar might not fit anymore in the future so take this into consideration. You don’t need to be extravagant about a dog’s first collar.

Ideally, you’d want a collar that’s made out of durable cloth. Pure leather collars may be durable and stylish but they can dry out and give your new dog some rashes. Collars made out of layered thick fabric can last for a really long time and these are the cheaper options as well.

make your dog obidient

As for the leash, a good option would be those retractable leashes. They give you more control over the length of the line between you and your dog while walking. Avoid getting any leash made of metal as these will definitely rust over time even with proper maintenance.

Ready The Food

The last thing you’d want to do as a dog owner is to give your dog some table food which is what you and the rest of the family eat. Aside from lacking the nutrition that a dog needs, table food can also cause digestive and kidney problems for the dog. Even if they’re just a puppy, get the appropriate food.

The good news is that it’s not hard finding the right food for your dog. You can simply head to the pet store and check a selection of dog food. Buy one that’s appropriate for your dog’s age and size. Try not to get the biggest bag first as your dog might be a picky eater.

In terms of whether you should go for dry or wet food, veterinarians suggest a diet of both types of dog food. Try to mix wet dog food with dry dog food so that your new pal is able to eat a balanced meal. As he gets older, you can experiment with meal prepping using natural ingredients too.


No matter what age the dog is, toys are always going to be essential for them. It’s what keeps them distracted when you are away. It also prevents them from having to destroy things inside the house while no one is there to keep a close eye on them.

The toys are also good for your dog’s teeth. It will help them develop a stronger set of teeth while working on their jaw strength as well. However, the biggest goal of the toys is that they are there to keep your dog preoccupied all the time.

A Bed

For most pet owners, the couch and the bed that people in the house sleep on are forbidden areas. However, dogs without comfy beds to call their own often resort to forcing themselves on these cushioned sleeping areas whenever they get the chance to do so.

One way to prevent them from going up to the bed or couch is to give them a bed of their own. Find one that’s soft and one that comes with a special bed frame for the dog. It’s going to be their safe space and if trained properly, it’s where they’ll head to when they need to get some shut-eye.


Part of what makes a dog owner’s life worth it is seeing your dog become more behaved and excellent with tricks. A good way to encourage better development for your dogs is to give them treats. Always have bite-sized and natural treats nearby when you’re training your dog

Complete Grooming Kit

The problem with dogs is that they can get into all sorts of messes when you’re not looking. One way or the other, your dog is going to get dirty and it will be your job to help keep their coats and paws clean. As such, you should buy a complete grooming kit for them.

A complete grooming kit will include shampoo for their coat, a wire brush, nail clippers, and of course a towel to dry them off with. You’re going to want to give your new dog a bath at least once a week. A good grooming kit will feature all of your dog’s hygiene needs from snout to tail.

While your dog is still young, it would be wise to begin getting them used to get their teeth brushed. Toothbrushes for dogs have soft and thin bristles. Most toothpaste comes packed with brushes of their own so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one or the other.

Having a dog can be very rewarding but you need to make a few expenses to make sure that your dog is living the best life it can have. These essentials are something that you should focus on getting first so head to your local pet store and stock up on these before you bring your new dog home. Write down what you think about that in comments!

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