Take Care of Your Yorkie the Right Way With These Tips

Yorkies are tiny dogs and they have been one of the favorite choices among dog owners for quite some time. They are small and low maintenance, are cuties, and are incredibly gentle. But, just like any family member, they demand special attention and loads of love. The only difference is that they cannot vocalize what they want but will show you through behavior. It might appear overwhelming at the beginning, but you will get used to it. To make your life easier, here are some tips you can use to treat your Yorkie the right way. 

Take Care of Your Yorkie the Right Way With These Tips

Physical and Emotional Well-Being 

  1. Vet Visits. It will not considerably affect your budget if you paid regular vet visits. Part of your responsibility is to take your dog to the annual wellness checks and putting aside $20-$30 for the checkups will be of great help when dealing with  sudden accidents and illnesses. Adult Yorkies need to go for a checkup once a year, while seniors need to pay a general-health visit at least twice a year. These examinations will include all samples-from stool to blood – needed to paint a detailed picture of the dog’s health. 
  2. Separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a severe emotional reaction to being left alone at home or in the doggy daycare. This is a common reaction for the breeds like Yorkies, and they can be so severe that Yorkies can go through panic-like episodes or even result in depressive withdrawals. These reactions are immensely emotionally and physically draining for your Yorkie. 
  3. You Are a Team. Yorkshire Terriers have been human companions in England from the dawn of their species. Nothing changed from that period until the present day. Try to behave with your Yorkie as if they were human, talk to them, give them treats and teach them basic commands. A strong bond with your Yorkie will make your job even easier. Try to give them your undivided time and play some bonding games with them, or spend some nights by their side. 


Despite their small stature, Yorkies are quite an active breed and in their history, they were known as working dogs. This is why regular exercise plays an important role in their development. Regular exercises are good for their overall health including heart and lungs; it helps them regulate metabolism and stimulate appetite. Numerous illnesses and health conditions can be avoided by keeping your Yorkie physically active. 

As it is stated before, Yorkies are fairly active, and fresh air will motivate them to release all the pent-up energy or it would be directed to some stuff in your house; therefore, if you want to prevent destructive chewing, make sure that your Yorkie receives enough physical activity. 

Long indoor stays can result in depression and seasonal affective disorder consecutively linked to shorter periods of sun exposure. Even though it can occur to you that your Yorkie enjoys spending long hours in, try to take them out and keep active as much as possible. Try to walk your Yorkie at least twice a day for a minimum of 20 minutes. Most lethargic Yorkies have energy rushes once they are out. If you notice that your Yorkie is stressed out or restless, you can extend your walks for another 10 minutes or add the third walk to your schedule. 

Define a Space for Your Yorkie

One of the greatest mistakes that almost all Yorkshire Terrier owners make is to let their dogs roam around the house, letting them follow them around the room. It is fine to give them a sense of freedom, but too much freedom can result in negative aftermaths like chewed slippers. This is why establishing their defined space will help you deal with most problems that you can have with your Yorkie such as separation anxiety. There are multiple advantages you will meet by implementing this simple method. Firstly, this will keep your dog safe and sound in a comfortable environment while you are not able to closely supervise them. If your Yorkie has difficulties with potty, this method will keep urination/defecation confined to a single place so that the cleaning process will not be as demanding. Separation anxiety is yet another thing that can be solved by creating defined space since this will keep your Yorkie within the reach of their favorite toys that will help them deal with the stress. 

make your dog obidient

Yorkies are tiny and emotional dogs that will give you a lot of love and care but will demand the same amount of attention in return. The above stated are some of the most important things you need to bear in mind if you want them to be happy and content.

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