How to Trim Dog Nails – Clear Six-Steps Instruction Is Here

Dogs do not like to cut their claws. Like the kids. However, whether you want it or not, this procedure is inevitable. This article will give you a first glimpse of how to trim dog nails so that no one gets hurt.

Step by Step Guide on How to Trim Dog Nails

So, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to clup dog nails. In fact, it is not so difficult for you and not so scary for the dog if you do everything correctly, calmly and consistently.

Step One – Wash the Dog’s Paws

The first thing to do is to wash the dog’s paws, and even better to treat them with chlorhexidine or any other disinfectant solution. This is necessary in order to prevent the likelihood of infection if you accidentally cut off more than necessary and provoke bleeding.

Step Two – Calm the Dog

Be prepared for the fact that the dog does not like your idea and it will resist. You need to calm the dog, caress it, but at the same time remain strict and consistent. The behavior of dogs resembles the behavior of children very significantly – if you give a weak spot once, be sure that the dog will use it in the future.

Step Three – Ask Your Dog To Give You A Paw

Strictly and confidently ask the dog to give you a paw. Or take your dog’s paw into your hand if it does not know this command so far.

make your dog obidient

Step Four – Trimming Dog Nails

Cut off part of the nail with a special dog nail clipper. You need to do this quickly, but very carefully. Never use kitchen or manicure scissors for this purpose – you will injure your dog with almost absolute probability. Use only the special trimmer that is sold at the pet store.

Step Five – Praise the Dog, Breathe a Sigh of Relief

As you understand, you need to do the previous action 20 times in a row. After that, praise the dog, give it a treat, and calm down yourself if this process is more complicated than you expected.

Step Six – Remove the Parts of the Nails That You Cut

All that remains for you is to remove the parts of the claws and throw them into the trash can.

Hint! It is convenient enough to ask the dog to give you each of the front legs, however, it is not so simple with the hind legs. So, how to cut dog nails if it’s hind legs? In fact, it is very simple. Ask the dog to lie on its side, and bend over the dog from the back. Accustom the dog to this action gradually – it is very likely that during the first attempt to cut the claws in this way the dog will be surprised and will not understand what do you want from it. 

And one more clue! Try to make the dog nail trimming experience as positive as possible. To do this, it is necessary to accustom your puppy to this procedure from an early age and form the correct associations and expectations. In simple words, start by teaching your dog that you can take its paw in your hands and touch its claws at any time. This should not cause panic and a desire to hide from you in the darkest room. Moreover, be sure to praise your dog during the process and give it a tasty treat at the end.


We have prepared some additional answers to questions that you may have about this process.

Why is it important to shorten the nails of your dog?

There are several reasons why this is necessary. Firstly, long claws are at least unhygienic – they can accumulate a large number of microbes. Secondly, the dog can accidentally break a too long claw during the game and damage it very badly. And thirdly, the dog’s long claws leave scratches on the floor and furniture.

How often should you clip your dog’s nails? 

You should not do this too often – you should cut the claws as they grow. As a general rule, this is once every two to three weeks.

How short can you cut a dog’s nails?

You need to cut no more than 2-4 mm of the dog’s claw. If you cut more, you will damage the blood vessel and hook the nerve. The dog will experience pain and bleeding, and may instinctively try to bite you due to unexpectedness. Never punish the dog for this – this is only your oversight, and its reaction is completely justified.

What if it bleeds after dog nail trimming?

It is necessary to treat the place of cut with an antiseptic and apply a sterile bandage or cotton wool to the site of bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop within ten minutes, you urgently need to contact your veterinarian.

Quick Сonclusion

As you can see, cutting your dog’s nails is not such a difficult task. Especially if you start to do it gradually from an early age. However, if your dog resists the process too much, you may need help from a dog handler and a dog care professional as well.

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