Proven Ways To Keep Your Dog From Escaping The Yard

Follow Some Simple Steps To Prevent Your Canine From Escaping

A yard or a garden is the perfect place for a dog. They can roam around and play outside and have fun sniffing out new things. However, when they start becoming an escape artist, it can become never-ending trouble for you to go and seek them out every time. Other than it being a time-consuming activity, it can also be unsafe for your dog as they can get hit on the road or be lost completely. 

If your dog has been doing the same, then be assured that it is not the only one to do so. Dogs have various reasons when it comes to dashing across the yard. It could be because they are feeling lonely, got distracted by something and decided to follow it, or just have too much energy that they couldn’t simply stop themselves. Whatever may be the reason, below are some proven ways that can help you prevent your dog from escaping. 

Add A Fence

You do not have to make a really tall fence around your house to keep your dog from jumping over it. You can add the best electric dog fences and that will help to deter your canine friend from escaping. When the dog notices the fencing, it will stop trying to climb over it. Also, check if there are any items close to the fence that can be used by your dog to climb. These can be things like wood piles, garbage bins, or chairs that are used to climb and jump over the fence. 

Use Landscaping Ideas

You can also try to plant a line of dense shrubs that can serve as a fence line. It will make it difficult for the dog to jump over. It will at the same time look nice as well. These shrubs will help to stop them from jumping over as well as climb under it. One of the things that often make the dog go out of the yard is when they notice something on the other side that is either interesting or seems to appear dangerous. With bamboo or shrubs used, you can block their view so they are less prone to running after something that they notice. 

Improve Your Yard

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When you want your dog to spend time in the yard, you should try to make it a happy place for them. If it looks like a prison and your dog feels bored there, then they will definitely look for chances to dash. Put an effort to make the yard more like a playground for them. Ensure that they have enough water and are good during the day. Add some elements that can provide shade during the daytime and warmth during colder days. There are treat dispensing toys that can keep your dog entertained for hours. 

make your dog obidient

Apart from taking steps to make the yard more secure, you should also make it a habit that you spend enough time with your dog. Taking them on walks daily will help them to be happier. This reduces the chances of being lonely and thereby prevents them from looking for greener grass on the other side of the yard.

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