What Is An Emotional Support Dog and How to Know If You Need One

As a dog owner, you definitely know how warm it feels to be close to the pet. The benefits are many, including being in companionship with a loyal friend. For people with emotional and mental issues, a dog is a proper medicine for getting over emotional problems.

This gradually improves the quality of life hence making the journey towards achieving emotional strength exciting. It proves why these days, there is a high demand for emotional support animals (ESAs). The question is, what defines an emotional support dog? And when do I know when I need one?

What Is An Emotional Support Dog?

Technically, all dogs can offer emotional support. This automatically qualifies them to be emotional support animals. However, there needs to be a prescription by a professional for any to be in the ESA group. In this case, a mental health expert with accreditation from the government is the one you approach. It is only a therapist who can justify the purpose of the dog in a person’s life.

For example, when suffering from a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety, a psychiatrist will clarify why you need the animal in your treatment program. In most cases, there is no clear preference for a specific dog breed. The same case applies to age as any can be a pick so long as there is emotional support.

When Recovering from Trauma

In life, there are unfortunate occurrences that take place and bring everything to a standstill. One example is after an accident that leaves you bedridden. It could be that attack by thieves which is clouding your mind. In such situations, one needs to recover quickly so that life continues as always.

make your dog obidient

It is easy to fight such Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) experiences with the proper measures in place and seeking help from experts. You may find people buying an ESA dog after guidance from psychiatrists. With the emotional support from these animals, the bad memories will slowly drain away. At times, this is a long-lasting solution as the companionship goes on even after the total recovery.

Social Anxiety Disorder

We all get nervous at some point in life which is normal. But, there are limits to the extent of nervousness which is termed natural. When suffering from an anxiety disorder, there are certain things that you will find hard to do. For instance, it becomes challenging to be in a regular social gathering with friends, say when watching a tournament.

This social anxiety disorder can find a good remedy in acquiring an emotional support animal. The companionship you get from the animal imitates that of a normal human being. It slowly makes you develop resistance to social anxiety. Psychiatrists say that the bonding results in the achievement of better results fast. Some patients tend to fight such anxiety issues quickly and naturally.

Bipolar Disorder

Having bipolar comes with infinite mood changes. Sometimes these variations can take place; more often, there are no competent interventions. In the midst of the changes in energy levels and emotions, one thing will remain the same. This is the emotional support from the dog. A loyal friend will always remind you of how special you are, which may halt the disorder somehow.

What is essential is being friendly to the animal, and the rest will flow smoothly. A dog is intelligent and will quickly notice when you mistreat them. Therefore, your role is to cater to its well-being, and you can rely on its emotional support.

Do You have Age-Related Cognitive Problems?

As we come of age, memory loss is a battle we find ourselves in. At the same time, it becomes hard to concentrate on a task like in the youthful years? Having an ESA can help in improving the quality of life at this stage in life. Dog being intelligent, they are easy to train to perform specific duties and respond in a certain way. As loyal friends, you can count on their unending daily support both emotionally and in serving the primary responsibilities.

Any dog qualifies to be an ESA. However, it is only a professional who can make it officially so through signing the relevant documents. There are several benefits of having an emotional support animal. This includes assistance in dealing with mental-related disorders such as anxiety and depression. These animals show a high level of loyalty which acts as a foundation of a vital companionship.

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