Why Does My Dog Sit on Me: 5 Reasons

It is very cute and enjoyable when a dog sits on your lap and doesn’t want to leave you alone. But some curious pet owners want to know the exact reasons why a fluffy friend does this. Are you one of them? Then read this article and find out the answer to this question.

A Dog is Very Attached to You

Becoming a true best friend a pet doesn’t want to leave you even for a single minute. That’s why he sits on you trying to be as close to you as possible. This is especially typical for tiny breeds that were created especially for being companions. But large dogs also often show such behavior. For example, such breeds as Labrador, Collie, Great Dane, and Doberman usually are very attached to their owners. They want to follow their humans everywhere and join them in any activity including sitting on the sofa.

A Pet Spreads His Scent

Dogs always mark their property with their unique smell. That’s why they like to sit for a long time and to roll on their sleeping place, and other places they consider to be their own. The same way a dog marks that you belong to him by spreading his smell on your clothes. For this, he sits on you for a while for your things to scent with his unique odor.

Such behavior becomes especially expressed if a pet is afraid that someone can take you away from him. For example, if you spend a lot of time with other animals at work or at your friends’ places. Then your clothes get the smell of other pets. And your dog thinks that someday you can leave him for another pet. That’s why he spreads his smell on you to show these other animals that you belong to him.

A Dog Lacks Your Attention

If you spend little time with your pet it misses you and lacks communication with you. That’s why every time he sees you sitting without any business he climbs on you and sits on your lap. In this way, he doesn’t let you go away and tries to spend more precious time together.

make your dog obidient

A Pup Wants to Play

A dog can enjoy just sitting on the owner’s lap. In such cases, he can fiddle playfully and lick you at the same time. You will definitely notice that a dog becomes happier every time after communicating with you in this way. And it will be even more enjoyable if you start playing with a pet actively every time he climbs on your lap.

A Dog Needs Your Protection

A dog feels more confident and safe sitting on the owner’s lap. The pet feels that you control the situation and can protect him. This behavior is typical when other animals or strange people are nearby. The dog may even begin to growl and bark at the ones he considers dangerous after climbing on your lap. In this way, he tries to protect himself.

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