Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass: 6 Common Reasons

Every owner can often see his dog rolling in the grass on walks. Like it or not, but such behavior is natural for canines. And there are six typical reasons why they do this. Interested? Keep reading and find out all possible causes that make your dog roll in the grass.

Showing Trust and Friendliness

The dog lies on its back and rolls, showing its belly. This is how he “says”: “Look! I am not dangerous. I trust you and want to make friends!”. Such a body language “phrase” is taught to dogs since early puppyhood. Mother dog often turns her kids on their backs to feed. So, they are taught that laying on their back is associated with complete safety.

Also, the belly is the most vulnerable part of the body. And showing it, a dog “says” that he trusts you very much and is not going to hurt you.

Confusing the Enemy

All dogs know that other canines and even some people understand their body language. So, they can use it to cheat. A pup can lay on the back and roll in the grass showing that he is friendly and not dangerous. But when the opponent is relaxed and comes close not expecting anything bad, a sly dog attacks him. By the way, cats can do the same trick.

Hunting Instinct

This reason may surprise you. You may wonder how cute rolling in the grass may be related to the hunting instinct. But everything is very easy. A dog tries to hide the smell of his body by rubbing against the odorous grass.

make your dog obidient

And you are lucky if your pet chooses just grass for this. More often, dogs find things with more pronounced odor (like garbage or even feces of other animals).

It’s very difficult to wean a dog from such a habit as it is caused by innate instincts.

This behavior is especially typical for hunting breeds: setters, spaniels, terriers, hounds, etc.

Goofing Around and Relieving Stress

Rolling on the back is associated with good mood and pleasure in canines. To get a meal with the mother’s milk, a puppy should lay on his back. So, every dog has been taught since his early childhood that laying on the back always goes together with something pleasant.

So, fluffy best friends of humans can use rolling in the grass in two opposite situations:

  • when they are in high spirits to express their positive mood;
  • when they are upset and under stress to get positive emotions and feel OK again.


And finally, a purely physiological reason for rolling in the grass. Sometimes it is just a convenient way to scratch the back. If your dog has begun to roll in the grass more often than usual and other atypical behavior has been added (like rubbing with the back against walls, trees, etc), then just in case, check your pet for parasites at the vet clinic. Fleas, ticks, or other insects bite the skin and make it itch. So, the dog finds ways of scratching the areas of the back where it can’t reach with the paws.

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