Why You Should Get Insurance for Your Rescue Pet

Do you have a rescue pet? If so, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect your furry friend. You should consider getting insurance for your pet. Not only does this provide peace of mind because of the many risks involved with owning a dog, but it also provides financial protection in case something happens to your furry baby. There are many things to think about when looking into an insurance policy for your rescued four-legged family member, and we will discuss them all in detail below

Cover Medical Costs

The cost of veterinary bills can add up, and it’s not always cheap when dealing with rescue animals. Many people will assume that because the pet is so young or small, they won’t have any serious health concerns. However, that isn’t always the case.

The best thing you can do for your pet is to get them a good health insurance plan to be taken care of properly when needed without worry about how much it will cost. You never know what could happen, and getting an animal insurance plan will protect your pet and give you more peace of mind.

Rescue pets are often at risk for certain health problems, but these animals can get the care they need without worrying about how much it costs with insurance coverage. Insurance plans not only provide great financial protection but also take away the stress of trying to figure out what to do when your pet needs care.

Pet Damages Someone Else’s Property

In the unfortunate event that your pet damages someone else’s property, you could face a hefty bill. For example, if your rescue pet runs out onto the road and causes an accident with another car or pedestrian, they may sue for damages resulting in veterinary bills and legal fees. There are three types of dog insurance policies to choose from. First, a third-party liability policy covers you should your dog destroy someone else’s property but does not cover damage caused to the pet itself. This type of insurance also applies if the rescued pet bites another animal or person and causes injury.

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Pet Accident in Public Place

Alternatively, an owner may want their pet to be covered for accidents that occur while in a public place, such as on the street or at the vet’s office. If an accident involves your pet and you are sued for damages resulting in veterinary bills and legal fees, this may cover it. The third type of insurance policy covers medical expenses related to injuries caused by rescued pets and any lawsuits associated with damage to another person’s property.

Death by Illness or Injury

One of the most serious risks that adopters face is an unexpected illness or injury. Do you remember what it cost when your cat needed to stay overnight at the emergency vet if you have a family pet? Or how much time off work did you need so that she could recover and heal in her own home? The same thing can happen with a rescue dog or cat, and sometimes you will face these costs on your own.

The risk of illness or injury is even higher for people who adopt from a rescue shelter (or humane society) because those pets are already in poor health when they arrive at the facility. Rescue organizations try to catch any problems before adopting an animal, but sometimes they miss something, or the pet isn’t as healthy as it should be. While it’s good to know that you’re saving a life by adopting an animal from an organization, if your new dog gets sick and has accidents in the house, is destructive at night when no one can stop him (or her), barks for hours on end, or has any number of other behavior problems that can’t be resolved by training alone then you will have to pay for a veterinary specialist.

As if all those costs weren’t enough, the most common reason people give up their dogs is that they cannot afford medical treatment. If your rescue pet needs surgery and your insurance does not cover it, you could be forced to give him up. It’s a sad fact of life, but it happens all the time, and many rescue organizations are struggling because they can’t afford to pay for their sick pets’ treatment themselves (which is where pet insurance would come in).

The truth is that not having animal health insurance leaves adopters with few options. And that means more dogs and cats will be destroyed each year because their owners can’t afford to pay for the treatment they need (and this is why we should all consider adopting from a rescue shelter).

Getting an insurance policy for a rescue animal might not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s important that you look into it and find out how much it will cost monthly. Most veterinary clinics offer discounted rates to customers who have health insurance plans already in place, so this is definitely something worth looking into.

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