Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Review

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

The HyperDog ball launcher looks like nothing else you’ve seen in the pet toy market. Its design is not as sleek and sophisticated as some of the other interactive dog toys, but its obvious advantages and easy handling made it very popular with owners whose dogs love playing fetch.

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  • If you love playing fetch with your dog but have back or arm problems that prevent you from throwing the ball to a good distance, the Hyper Dog toy will make playtime much easier and more satisfying.
  • With the HyperDog slingshot toy, you can throw the ball to a distance of up to 200 feet, which means it’s the perfect outdoor fetching device for large and active pups.
  • The construction of the Hyper Dog ball launcher provides for an effortless and hands-free ball pickup.
  • The toy has an extra compartment for ball storage and a collapsible arm for easy transportation, so that you could take your launcher anywhere you and your dog go.


  • Without any controls, choosing the right throwing distance may be quite challenging. Plus, with no short-distance throwing option, the HyperDog sling shot is not suited for indoor play.
  • The size of the launcher is rather big, which is why it’s not particularly easy to carry with you by hand.
  • The metal frame makes it too heavy for some owners to use, and the unusual shape of the toy may cause troubles with using and carrying the device.
  • Since the toy is completely manually operated, the throwing distance still depends on your own throwing abilities and physical shape. The advertised 200 feet throw may be unattainable for many owners.


Despite the several drawbacks, the Hyper Dog ball launcher is a good choice of a thrower for dog owners with plenty of energy and a limited budget.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher







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