Best Dog Bath Tub

Best Dog Bath Tub

Watching a dog splashing up with the mud, one may hardly believe that these pets enjoy bathing and freshness. However, shiny hair, free of grime paws, groomed exterior make your lovable fur friend healthy and smelling well.

While regular hygienic chores and groomer visits are kept by most pet parents, purchasing an individual dog washing tub may seem too much.

We’ve prepared our review of the best dog bath tubs. Read the text below to reveal various benefits of a portable pet bathtub.

Top 5 Best Dog Wash Tubs

Flying Pig Dog Grooming Portable Tub

Еditor’s Choice

Bathe your canine friend in comfort with Grooming Portable Tub by Flying Pig. This is our Best Overall choice among pet bath tubs.

A polymer basin is enforced by metal legs. They may be leveled in case of an uneven floor. Thus, your standing position is comfortable to minimize back strain.

make your dog obidient

The comfort of your lovable pup is ensured by spacious dimensions (37.5’’ length), easily fitting 10 to 65 lbs. pups. However, its maximum load with water is 150 lbs. The dog wash tub easily fits into an average bathtub.

There is a strap ring to fix your vigorous friend securely, and a hose to provide effortless emptying of the basin. Additionally, accessories may be purchased to have more SPA and shower options. Offered in pure white color, the product also has light blue and dark blue color varieties.

Pet Gear Dog Bathing Tub

Budget Pick

We love Pet Gear products for their efficiency and affordability. Today our Best Budget Pick is Dog Bathing Tub by this outstanding manufacturer.

Pet Gear Dog Bathing Tub is produced for middle and small pups up to 20 lbs. weight. They will feel comfortable in this dog washing tub.

The bathing tub has multiple utilities: restraints for securing a pup, grippers on the bottom for better portability, a rubberized mat to protect a pet against slipping, handy draining features. Two holders for cleansers, pet toys, combs are convenient. Thus, you are concentrated on your lovable pup, and are not distracted by the lack of accessories at hand.

It is offered in blue color and is made of sturdy but translucent safe plastic. A pup will see whereabouts and will not be frightened even if she is groomed for the first time.

Flying Pig 38″ Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Tub

Best Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Tub

If you are parenting several pets or aiming at frequent dog tub usage for any other reason, choose Flying Pig brand. Grooming 38″ Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Tub is the best selection for a stainless steel dog wash tub.

It is sturdy, made of the highest quality metal including numerous accessories. Its base is placed on the legs, which may be adjusted in case a floor is curvy. Backsplashes and side splashes are detachable, and are protected from leakage when used. Thus, your surroundings stay dry and clean.

A green rubber mat secures a pet from slipping. All grooming utilities are at hand with this perfect dog bath tub: a rack for cleaning substances and brushes, a shower nozzle and a faucet with a hose, eyelets for tethers.

Small and middle-sized pets will love bathing and grooming, you won’t get any troubles and pains with these chores.

Creation Core Foldable Pet Grooming Bathtub

Best Foldable Tub

We value Creation Core Foldable Washing Bathtub for versatility, handy utilization and compactness, worth being nominated “Best foldable tub”.

Its collapsible construction makes a unit extremely convenient for storing while it isn’t used with its 2.4’ thickness. However, when unfolded, Creation Core tub changes into a full-sized bath with its 31.9’’ length, able to place middle and small pooches up to 25 lbs. weight conveniently.

The dog washing tub possesses a grab for better portability, legs protected with rubber mats from sliding, a sealed drainage hole, and two racks for cleansers and shedding brushes. Your pooch is safe, as well. A tub possesses compression shutterproof against occasional folding. A seat is covered with an anti-sliding mat ensuring a pup’s firm position.

Green, blue and pink colors varieties are offered for your individual liking.

OMLTER Foldable Portable Non-Slip Pet Bathtub

Best Puppy Bathtub

OMLTER Foldable Portable Dogs and Children’s Bathtub has won our appreciation with its versatile using options and compactness. We awarded it the “Best puppy bath” nomination.

A distinguished feature, which makes this product by OMLTER unique, is its absolute safety and firmness. Besides, it is easy to fold, store and transport being only 2.7’’ thick when collapsed.

With its 20.8’’ length, small pets or even kids may paddle there, being protected from skidding by a reliable rubber mat. A firm position of the tub is achieved by four-point fixation of tub legs on the right and left.

Wash tub material is strong PP soft rubber which is BPA free. The dog bath tub also features two slots for hygienic toiletries, a groove for shower fixation while being used. Thus, you may be fixed on a pup grooming, making the entire job is easier.

Features to consider when buying a dog bath tub

Bathing a pooch in your own bath promotes bacteria, microbes multiplication, may lead to various ailments. Besides, pet’s fur may clog a basin. Thus, you may decide to use groomer services each time your pooch needs care. Altogether, it will appear much more expensive, than shopping for a reliable dog tub.

Here are some useful features of this product.

Attachments and hooks

Leash tethers alongside with a restraining system are an integrated part of some pet tubs. It is extremely handy when coping with washing big, vigorous or unruly dogs. It is possible to buy these attachments separately. However, the units, which come as a set, are usually more reliable and sturdy.

Draining system

This system is important for dog washing tubs in case of using a bath outdoors. When the weather permits, washing a dog in your patio or a garden means less grim and cleaning works after the procedure, but only in case a draining system is ensured. Usually plugs placed in the bottom let dirty water easily out. Additionally, using a hose may be handy.


In case, you plan grooming several pets or using a tub frequently, think about the sturdiest metal product with anti-rust protection. Thus, you will be sure that your tub will be durable.

Portable or used outdoors units are lightweight and manufactured of reliable plastic to be compactly stored. The varieties of polymer material are great: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polypropylene (PP), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) etc. Make sure your variant is BPA-free for dog’s safety.

Non-slip features

One of the main qualities of a good dog wash tub is its firm standing on the floor and additional protection against dog sliding. Pup parents may be concentrated on the animal washing, instead of constantly trying to hold on the bath and a pup inside the tub. Sturdy legs and their strong connection with the floor, as well as an anti-sliding surface or a mat inside a basin are necessary.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a dog bath tub?

Being a great invention for a pup’s hygiene, the variety of awesome pet tubs allow every canine parent to consider individual needs of a pooch and his own preferences, while buying a pup pool.

A product may look like a simple pool, resembling a kid’s one for paddling in the open air, or specially designated professional grooming appliances, containing numerous handles and holders for a perfect bathing time.

However, metal or plastic units for regular usage are in-between these two variants. Tethers, restraints help maintain a steady position of a pet. Washing is done more thoroughly. Dog bath tubs also help lessen back ache in case it is equipped with height adjustment.

What size dog bath tub do I need?

A dog tub is indented for a canine comfortable grooming, makes him eager to get in a bath and convenient to get out. It is vital to choose a dog bath tub with proper dimensions, so that you pooch easily fits a unit.

Provide relevant measurement of your dog’s size and weight to avoid excessive splash up in case a bath is too spacious for a smaller pup, or inconvenient for a bigger breed. Some models are supplied with splash guards to prevent excessive dirt spread around.

Follow corresponding instructions of correct pet measuring. Thus, reliable control over a pet will be maintained and excellent results of freshness will be ensured.

Where should I put my dog bathing tub?

Considering where to put a dog bathtub, inside or outside of the house, keep in mind several factors.

Stay indoors

  • What is your dog’s natural behavior, her water procedures preferences? If she hates washing, is active and unruly, it is better to stay in-doors. In such a case, better control over a pet will be ensured.

Additionally use special restrains or tethers, shut the bathroom door, choose a dog bath tub model fitting your sink.

  • Tend to close environments, if you are parenting a small dog, or a pup susceptible to temperature fluctuations or drafts. A pet may feel uncomfortable, when she gets cold. She may loath the hygienic procedures, and bathing will become quite an issue in future.

Place a tub outdoors

  • Usually pooches love bathing. Place a dog wash tub somewhere outdoors, in case, your pup obeys commands, stays in the water until she is let out.

It is very convenient for you to rinse a pup off soapsuds, to provide a better massage and SPA effect, to save your floors in the house. Besides, a tub is easier to clean outdoors.

Should I clean the dog bathtub after every use?

Each time you need to bathe your lovable canine, she does not seem too clean. Her paws are dirty, fur is oily or snout smells bad. These contaminations stay in the dog tub, grime, microbes remain on the doggie tubs’ sides.

We recommend thorough cleaning the tub each time after usage. For sanitary safety, clean it with special disinfecting solutions and detergents.

When should I start bathing my puppy?

If the question about the first puppy bath arises, you obviously have become a little pup parent.

Usually starting from the 7-8 weeks bathing may be done. To avoid mistakes with a small one caring, to exclude possible allergies, skin or health issues, consult your vet and a groomer prior to starting any hygienic procedures.

Be noted, that the first 6-8 weeks a mom is responsible for feeding, caring and grooming her puppy-kid. Besides, body temperature regulation of small creatures is not developed. They may be chilled in the water in a separate dog washing tub. Thus, bathing within the first 1-8 weeks of a pooch’s life is not obligatory, may be even harmful.

How often should I bathe my dog?

No healthy adult dog should undergo a bathing procedure too frequently. Clean a pet by wiping with a wet towel or a dry shampoo for hair, when she is dirty.

Bathing and grooming a pup in a doggie tub once a month is enough. Depending on your dog’s breed, water procedures may be conducted even rarer:

  • once or twice a year – pets which have smooth hair (Rottweilers or Dachshunds);
  • 3 to 4 times a year – double-coated breeds (German Shepherds);
  • once a month or once per two months – long-coated poodle-type breeds.

Each time a pup undergoes grooming, check her skin condition. Allergies, flakes or dog dandruff on a canine’s body may be manifestations of serious diseases.

Other dog bath tubs

Home Pet Spa Pet Wash Enclosure

Home Pet Spa offers a unique Pet Wash Enclosure for pleasant grooming and water massage of your lovable doggie.

It makes the chores of pup washing effortless with its convenient design: doors to let a dog in and out, easiness of connection to any in-house faucets, six mist jets and a shower, which may be used simultaneously.

Easy drainage is ensured by a flexible hose in the bottom. It makes item maintenance quite effortless. The 35” tub is made of durable composite material and allows hosting a big dog.

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing

If you parent a large breed dog, thus dirt, mud and water usually accompany your pup’s bathing chores. Elevated Pet Bathing by Booster Bath is just for you.

This dog bath tub will decrease your back strains, minimize dirt. It will host conveniently and firmly any breed dog. Simple but effective design of this construction foresees an easy “U”-shape dog entry, 3-point restrain with a detachable collar, a container to hold shampoo, and nozzles with an adjustable water stream.

Being effortlessly placed on its 4 legs, the unit provides an anti slipping effect for the whole construction and for a pet inside with its rubberized mat.

50’’ length and 26’’ by 47’’ footprint help fitting inside a dog bath tube. Being supplied with a draining hose, the cleanup issues are quite simple.

Jackson Supplies Laundry Sink Utility Tub

Jackson Supplies offers its Laundry Sink Utility Tub for bathing pups or other pets, and making laundry jobs for extremely dirty outfits, uniforms, mats. The tub is priceless due to a set of accessories it comprises, making this routine simple.

It features: a 23.5’’ length sink made of sturdy plastic, which is stabilized for color protection, four legs made of metal, a caddy for toilettes and detergent holding, an ach shape faucet made of rust resistant metal, a towel hook, a bracket for wall mounting, paw shape rubber covers for dog anti-slip protection.

A drainage system is supplied with a mesh drain strainer to be not clogged. The unit is durable. A detailed assembling instruction is provided.

Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Tub

This is one of the adorable dog bath tubs from Furesh. Elevated Folding Dog Tub has a comfortable height of 36’’, which reduces possible aches for your joints and a back during bathing procedures.

The basin is made of durable PVC resistant to claws and paws, placed on detachable legs of sturdy metal tubing.

Its patented folding mechanism makes a unit portable and may be used anywhere. Design of the construction makes the dog bath tub lightweight. It is collapsible and may be easily stored in small premises.

The bath also features two pockets for grooming accessories and a three-point leash restrain. With its 35.5’’ length, the basin hosts a pet up to 50 lbs. and contains up to 150 lbs. weight including water.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Structural Foam Stock Tank

This offer from Rubbermaid Commercial Products is made for heavy usage.

The tub is produced of tough molded polyethylene. Its design implies reinforced ribbing and stepped sidewalls. Thus, a Foam Stock Tank is extremely reliable.

The dog bath tub is supplied with a draining plug and is offered in black color. Five sizes allow choosing between 50 to 300 gallons capacity to suit perfectly your pup. Just measure her thoroughly to select the best variant.