Best Dog Bed Covers

Best Dog Bed Covers

Choosing the perfect dog bed cover requires considering material durability, comfort, and design. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the top five dog bed covers that guarantee healthy sleep and reliable protection for your canine companion. It delves into essential features to consider during purchase, answers frequently asked questions, and introduces other commendable options in the market. Dive into this detailed, passionate yet objective analysis of the best dog bed covers available today.

Top 5 Dog Bed Covers for Deep, Healthy Sleep and Reliable Bed Protection

The exploration of the top five dog bed covers for promoting deep, healthy sleep and providing reliable bed protection encompasses a range of products with distinct features. Such products include the Coolaroo Replacement Cover for Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed, recognized for its durability and elevated design; the Frisco Replacement Cover, also designed for steel-framed elevated beds; the Milliard Removable Waterproof Non-slip Dog Bed Replacement Cover offering waterproof protection and non-slip support; the K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant Dog Throw Blanket which is renowned for its resistance to chewing damage; and finally, the K&H Pet Products Replacement Cot Cover for Elevated Dog Beds known for its superior comfort features. These covers not only safeguard your pet’s bed from wear and tear but also contribute to their overall well-being by ensuring they have a comfortable place to rest.

Coolaroo Replacement Cover for Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Еditor’s Choice

Coolaroo Replacement Cover for Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed provides a breathable, cooling fabric that allows air to escape, ensuring the comfort of pets by keeping them cool and eliminating hot spots. Constructed from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this fabric is designed not just for resilience but also for easy maintenance. All it needs is a gentle wash with mild detergent and then air drying.

This product represents Coolaroo’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Endorsed by GreenGuard, the Melanoma International Foundation, and Oeko-Tex, the fabric used in these replacement covers is recyclable. The company’s future developments promise to maintain this quality while reducing environmental footprints.

  • Breathable cooling fabric
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) material
  • Easily washable


  • Promotes pet comfort through air circulation
  • Durable construction ensures longevity
  • Fabric can be recycled, supporting sustainability efforts


  • Lack of specific cleaning directions may lead to user confusion
  • Heavy dogs may require additional support or padding

Frisco Replacement Cover for Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed


Frisco’s Replacement Cover for Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed offers an array of features that make it a suitable choice for pet owners seeking durability and comfort. The cover is constructed from breathable fabric, ensuring the provision of both comfort and support to the dog. Its easy-to-clean nature simplifies maintenance, while its PVC coating ensures durability by preventing sagging.

make your dog obidient

The replacement cover is designed with a non-porous surface which makes it easy to wipe clean. Further adding to its list of benefits, this Frisco product possesses water-resistant properties making it machine washable as well. Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, this replacement cover proves versatile across different dog life stages.

  • Sizes: Small (28.3-in L x 22.4-in W), Medium (35.7-in L x 26.3-in W), Large (43.7-in L x 32.4-in W)
  • Material: Polyester & Synthetic Fabric
  • Price: $58.57


  • Breathable fabric provides comfort and support.
  • Easy to clean with washing machine compatibility.
  • Durable design featuring PVC coated fabric.


  • May not be suitable for heavy dogs over 85 pounds.
  • Not advised to bleach, dry clean or tumble dry the product.

Milliard Removable Waterproof Non-slip Dog Bed Replacement Cover

Best waterproof dog bed cover

Milliard’s Removable Waterproof Non-slip Replacement Cover offers a durable and convenient solution for pet owners seeking to extend the lifespan of their existing pet bedding. This sizeable cover has withstood over two years of use, retaining its durability even after enduring minor tearing incidents which were easily remedied with patches. The waterproof undercoating effectively repels liquids, ensuring the filling remains dry and sanitary even in the event of an accident.

Its unique design features a zipper that opens on three sides, facilitating easy stuffing and un-stuffing. Additionally, it possesses a no-skid bottom that prevents sliding on hardwood floors, adding to the convenience factor. Despite its affordable price point compared to other dog bed options, this replacement cover has outlasted many pricier alternatives.

  • Size: Extra Large
  • Material: Fabric with rubber undercoating
  • Features: Waterproof, washable, non-slip bottom


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Effective waterproof feature
  • Easy washing and maintenance


  • Initial susceptibility to tearing
  • Difficulty finding larger sizes in stock online.

K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant Dog Throw Blanket

Best chew proof dog bed cover

K9 Ballistics offers a Durable Chew Resistant Throw Blanket, providing an effective solution for pet owners dealing with dogs prone to destructive chewing behaviors. The product requires straps or a ring to secure it to furniture, ensuring that it remains in place even when the dog steps on it. However, some customers have reported instances of their dogs being able to bite off pieces from this product.

The noise produced by this blanket can be quite loud for the dog’s keen hearing but covering it with another blanket can help mitigate this issue while also making cleaning easier. While the stiffness of the product may deem it unsuitable for home use, its durability makes it an excellent option as a garage tarp.

Despite its pros, K9 Ballistics has stipulated a 25% restocking fee for returned products which potential purchasers must consider.

  • Requires straps or rings for fixation
  • Suitable as a garage tarp


  • Effective against destructive chewing behavior
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Produces loud noise
  • A 25% restocking fee applies on returns
  • Dog can potentially bite off pieces

K&H Pet Products Replacement Cot Cover for Elevated Dog Bed

Best large dog bed cover

K&H Pet Products offers a Replacement Cot Cover for Elevated Pet Beds that has been reviewed positively for its durability, ease of installation, and cost-saving benefits. It is designed with heavy denier material, which is crucial when choosing the right fabric for dog beds due to its resistance to wear and tear. The cover’s easy installation process aligns seamlessly with tips for covering a dog bed, ensuring quick and efficient use. Its design also incorporates measures in preventing dogs from chewing their bedding by using sturdy materials. However, some customers noted sizing issues – emphasizing the importance of accurately measuring your dog for the right size cover. While it stands as a strong option, other alternatives exist in the market for dog bed covers.

Features to consider when buying dog bed covers

In the evaluation of dog bed covers, several crucial factors warrant consideration. The safety profile of these items is paramount, ensuring that they pose no harm to the pets during use. Durability speaks to their longevity and ability to withstand wear and tear, while comfort attends to the pet’s ease and satisfaction during rest periods. Size is important in ensuring a good fit for the pet’s bed, and easy maintenance ensures continued cleanliness and hygiene without excessive strain on the owner. These factors collectively contribute to making an informed purchase decision aimed at optimizing pet welfare.


Ensuring the safety of dog bed covers involves a rigorous verification process, in which the materials used are thoroughly examined for potential hazards and allergens. This is an essential step to ensure dog bed safety, as it helps to prevent any adverse reactions or discomfort for the pet.

  1. Choosing the Right Fabric: The fabric should be durable yet comfortable, resistant to chewing and scratching while being easy to clean.
  2. Preventing Chewing: Assure that zippers and other small parts are hidden or inaccessible to avoid choking hazards.
  3. Measuring for the Right Size: An improperly sized cover can pose entrapment risks; hence accurate measurement is crucial.

Additionally, alternative bed cover options should be considered if a pet has specific needs or preferences, further enhancing their comfort and security.


Durability plays a significant role in the selection of pet bed covers, as it determines their ability to withstand wear and tear over time. The durability and quality of dog bed covers depend on factors such as material type, construction quality, and maintenance practices.

Here is a table that presents some durable fabric options for dog bed covers:

MaterialResistance to Wear and TearLongevity
CanvasHighLong Lasting
DenimModerate-HighLong Lasting
MicrofiberModerate-HighLong Lasting
Faux leatherModerate-LowMedium Durability
PolyesterLow-ModerateMedium Durability

These materials exhibit varying degrees of resistance to wear and tear, thereby affecting the overall dog bed durability. It’s essential to consider these factors when selecting long-lasting covers for your pet’s comfort.


Comfort plays a paramount role in the selection process of pet bed covers, as it directly impacts the pet’s rest and overall well-being. The best materials for comfort vary, but often include soft fabrics like fleece or plush, which are gentle on pets’ skin and provide warmth. A proper fit is also vital to ensure maximum comfort; too small or large a cover can disrupt a pet’s sleep.

Detailed cleaning instructions accompany quality bed covers, enabling owners to maintain the item’s coziness over time without causing damage. Color options also contribute to visual comfort for both pets and owners alike while additional features such as non-slip bottoms or water-resistance further enhance the product’s suitability. Thus, when considering comfort, these factors should guide buyers towards an ideal choice.


Selecting the appropriate size of a pet bed cover is an essential aspect to consider as it impacts not only the comfort but also the safety and well-being of pets. The search for the best dog bed covers takes into account various factors like measuring techniques, waterproof options, color choices, material alternatives, and budget-friendly options.

Measuring TechniquesProper measurement ensures a snug fit and prevents hazards from too large or small covers
Waterproof OptionsThese provide protection against spills and accidents ensuring longevity of the bed
Color ChoicesAesthetically pleasing colors can enhance your pet’s space while hiding stains
Material AlternativesChoice depends on durability needs, cleaning ease or your pet’s preference

The right choice balances these elements with appropriate size selection to ensure maximum benefit for both pets and their owners.

Easiness to take care of

Maintenance simplicity is another crucial aspect to consider when looking for a pet bed cover. Easy maintenance not only ensures longevity but also guarantees cleanliness for pets and their owners. The best dog bed covers offer features that make cleaning less cumbersome, such as machine washability or the use of materials that resist dirt and stains.

Long-lasting quality is typically synonymous with easy care, implying robust construction and resistance to wear and tear. Waterproof protection adds an extra layer of convenience, preventing moisture damage while facilitating quick clean-up. Stylish designs contribute to the overall appeal but should not compromise functionality or ease of upkeep.

Incorporating hypoallergenic options can provide added peace of mind for sensitive pets, reducing potential allergen exposure through regular washing and meticulous maintenance.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

In analyzing the attributes of dog bed covers, essential considerations include selecting the optimal fabric, understanding the process of covering a dog bed, and identifying materials resistant to canine chewing. Furthermore, it is crucial to ascertain if these products support machine washing and to measure one’s pet accurately for an appropriate product size selection. This comprehensive guide will delve into these prominent queries to provide clarity and facilitate informed decision-making in purchasing dog bed covers.

What is the best fabric for a dog bed?

Assessing the ideal fabric for a dog bed requires careful verification of factors such as durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. A brief review of types of dog bed fabrics reveals options ranging from canvas to fleece, each with their unique pros and cons. Canvas is highly durable but may lack in softness while fleece offers ultimate comfort but can be prone to wear and tear. The decision on how to choose the right fabric for your dog’s bed should also consider specific needs like hypoallergenic requirements or waterproof features. Common fabric options for dog bed covers include microfiber and polyester due to their balance of strength and coziness. Ultimately, the selection process involves multiple factors that require detailed examination, ensuring the best choice aligns with both pet preference and owner convenience.

How do you cover a dog bed?

Ensuring a long lifespan for pet bedding involves the correct application of protective linings, which can be accomplished through various methods. Fabric options range from durable canvas and denim to cozy fleece and polyester, while chew proof materials deter destructive behaviors.

Measuring GuidelinesCleaning MethodsPreventing Chewing Behavior
Accurately measure bed dimensions to ensure a snug fit for covers.Washable covers offer convenience and hygiene benefits.Chew-proof materials like ballistic nylon discourage chewing.
Consider shape: round, rectangle or bolster-style beds require different cover styles.Spot cleaning may suffice for minor dirt or stain issues.Provide chew toys as alternatives to distract pets from their beds.
Account for extra space if the dog bed has elevated edges or additional padding.Choose fabric options that are machine washable.Training dogs at an early age can help prevent chewing behavior on their beds.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures both comfort for pets and longevity of pet bedding investment.

What material can dogs not chew through?

Transitioning from the practical aspect of covering a dog bed, an equally significant topic arises concerning the selection of appropriate material for dog bed covers. Particularly, what material can dogs not chew through? This query poses a critical concern for pet owners keen on maximizing the longevity of their canine’s bedding.

  1. The best fabric for a dog bed should be resilient and durable against canine wear and tear.
  2. Implementing strategies on how to stop dogs from chewing bedding can increase product lifespan.
  3. Opting for machine washable dog bed covers facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Measuring dogs for the right size product ensures comfort, discouraging destructive behaviors.

In conclusion, selecting chew-resistant materials contributes significantly to preserving the integrity and functionality of dog bed covers over time.

Are these items machine washable?

It is imperative to examine the washability of these items, particularly their capacity to withstand machine washing without diminishing in quality or appearance. A key consideration when selecting dog bed cover materials is whether they are machine washable. This aspect not only ensures easy maintenance but also promotes hygiene and prolongs the lifespan of the product. The benefits of machine washable covers extend beyond convenience, contributing significantly towards a healthy and clean environment for dogs. However, not all materials may tolerate regular machine washing; hence proper care instructions should be meticulously followed. There exist alternatives for those who prefer hand-washing or spot-cleaning methods. While choosing a dog bed cover, one must weigh between these factors, ensuring an optimal mix of durability, ease-of-care, and comfort for their pets.

How do you measure a dog to choose the right size of the product?

Transitioning from the topic of machine washability, a further point of consideration is the sizing of dog bed covers. To select an appropriate cover, one must employ a measurement guide and adhere to sizing tips provided in size charts. Errors commonly made during this process include measuring too loosely, disregarding the pet’s sleeping position, or overlooking weight variations. Ensuring a perfect fit involves examining features like adjustable straps and elastic corners, considering customizable sizes, and assessing customer reviews on fit. For dogs with unique sizes or shapes, alternatives such as custom-made covers or DIY solutions may be explored. Proper sizing is key for optimal comfort and support for your dog; it also aids in preventing undue wear and tear hence maximizing the lifespan of the bed cover.

How can I get my dog to stop chewing his bedding?

Addressing the issue of a pet consistently damaging its bedding requires an understanding of the underlying causes and the implementation of effective solutions. Dogs often chew on their bedding due to boredom, separation anxiety, or lack of proper training.

Underlying CausesEffective Solutions
BoredomProvide alternative chew toys
Separation AnxietyImplement crate training for dogs
Lack of TrainingUse dog training techniques

Preventing destructive behavior involves identifying these factors and addressing them effectively. For instance, providing alternative chew toys can distract a bored dog from chewing its bed. Crate training for dogs can create a safe space and ease separation anxiety. Utilizing appropriate dog training techniques coupled with positive reinforcement methods encourages good behavior while discouraging unwanted actions, leading to a better relationship between pet and owner.

Other dog bed covers

Exploring the realm of dog bed covers, myriad options present themselves as noteworthy including the PetFusion Replacement Cover for Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed, lauded for its durability and comfort. Attention is also drawn to the Dogbed4less Durable Canvas Pet Bed External Duvet Cover and Heavy Duty 1680 Nylon Dog Bed External Cover, both recognized for their robustness and ease of use. Further notable mentions include the Laifug Premium Removable Washable Cover and the Heavy Duty Navy Blue Denim Jean External Duvet Cover; these products have gained acclaim for their combination of functional design, resilience, and aesthetic appeal in catering to canine comfort needs.

PetFusion Replacement Cover for Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed

The PetFusion Replacement Cover for Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed offers a removable, water-resistant cover that is machine washable and easy to spot clean with mild soap and water. The fabric composition of this cover, which is 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill, contributes to its durability. Furthermore, it boasts a non-skid bottom that ensures the bed remains in place even when used by heavy dogs or those that scratch heavily.

This cover has proven to withstand the test of time, having been praised for lasting years even when subjected to regular washing. It also holds up well under the weight of large dogs; an attribute attributed to its sturdy construction from quality material. This feature makes it particularly suitable for dogs with arthritis who need additional support.

Customers have reported satisfaction with this product’s performance; noting its softness and comfort as well as its aesthetic appeal. They have also appreciated the ease of repairing any potential defects such as faulty zippers – a service provided by Amazon. Anticipation is high for more color options in future iterations of this product.

  • Removable water resistant cover
  • Machine washable
  • Non-skid bottom
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Potential zipper defects
  • Limited color options currently available
  • May be torn by scratching behavior

Dogbed4less Durable Canvas Pet Bed External Duvet Cover

Transitioning from the PetFusion Replacement Cover for Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed, we now focus on another significant player in the market of pet bed covers – The Dogbed4less Durable Canvas Pet Bed External Duvet Cover. This product has received mixed reviews from users, with some customers lauding its ease of use and cleaning, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Users particularly appreciate the good weight and attractive fabric of this cover, along with a reliable zipper system.

However, while being commended for its durability to an extent, it has also been critiqued for not being entirely chew-proof. Some customers reported holes appearing after a few weeks of usage. Moreover, there were instances where customers expressed dissatisfaction due to receiving a different product than ordered or issues related to packaging and delivery.

  • Easy-to-use design
  • Durable canvas material
  • Reinforced zipper system


  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Generally good durability


  • May not be fully chew-proof
  • Potential errors in product delivery
  • Packaging concerns

Dogbed4less Heavy Duty 1680 Nylon Dog Bed External Cover

Another noteworthy product in the realm of canine comfort is the Dogbed4less Heavy Duty 1680 Nylon Dog Bed External Cover. This cover exhibits a high level of durability, surpassing that of denim alternatives. The strength of the fabric can be likened to kevlar, resisting penetration even from sharp objects like steak knives. However, this impressive robustness does not extend to chew-proof capabilities; there are reports of pitbull puppies managing to tear through it within a day.

The cover has been designed with an understanding that dogs are likely to scratch and dig on their beds. Yet, despite its ability to withstand such activities under normal use, some owners have reported weak corners where dogs managed tore out within a week. While offering an economical option for pet parents who do not wish to replace entire dog beds frequently, this cover may be accompanied by the cost of buying padding materials separately.

  • High-quality fabric
  • Comparable strength to Kevlar
  • Not chew-proof


  • Durable against digging and scratching
  • Economical option for maintaining dog beds
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Cover may emit noise when dogs move or scratch on it
  • Weak corners prone to tearing
  • May retain unpleasant odors over time.

Laifug Premium Removable Washable Cover

Examining the Laifug Premium Removable Washable Cover, it is clear that its waterproof functionality and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice among pet owners. The cover’s material resembles suede and prevents water from penetrating or seeping onto the floor. Moreover, it is designed to endure nightly abrasions caused by clawing and turning by dogs.

Users have reported satisfactory experiences with this product, particularly for pets suffering from bladder issues. However, some suggest utilizing an additional liner for enhanced water resistance. Further testing on washing machine compatibility is yet to be conducted. Comparison with other products reveals superiority due to its high-quality zipper and absence of a plastic feel unlike in DIY replacement covers.

  • Waterproof
  • Suede-like fabric
  • Quality zipper


  • Durable against clawing and turning
  • Easy to clean
  • Superior quality compared to other products


  • Testing in washing machine not confirmed
  • May require extra liner for added protection

Heavy Duty Navy Blue Denim Jean External Duvet Cover

Transitioning from the Laifug Premium Removable Washable Cover, another noteworthy product in the realm of canine comfort is the Heavy Duty Navy Blue Denim Jean External Duvet Cover. This replacement cover is crafted from robust 13oz/yard denim fabric, which despite not being chew-proof, offers considerable durability with its strong zipper and additional stitching. Designed to accommodate a 40X35X4 memory foam pad or an XL pillow, this navy blue cover provides versatility in usage.

Moreover, this product can be easily maintained due to its machine washability and dry-ability features. Despite its high quality and potential for prolonged use, some customers have reported challenges with the material’s propensity to attract dog hair and static issues. Additionally, concerns about zipper placement on one short side may pose difficulties when inserting a foam mattress.

  • Made of durable 13oz/yard denim fabric
  • Fits a 40X35X4 memory foam pad or XL pillow
  • Machine washable and dry-able


  • Good quality
  • Excellent customer service from seller
  • Offered at discounted price compared to retail value


  • Prone to attracting dog hair
  • Issues with static have been reported
  • Zipper placement may cause difficulties in foam mattress insertion


In conclusion, the process of selecting the finest dog bed covers requires meticulous scrutiny, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. Despite potential challenges, this method aims for maximum success rate with an emphasis on communication, privacy protection and continuous improvement. This rigorous procedure guarantees top-tier products that heighten customer satisfaction. As one delves deeper into this fascinating subject matter, it becomes evident that choosing a high-quality dog bed cover is a journey filled with intrigue and discovery.