Best Dog Cameras

Best Dog Cameras and Monitors

Being a responsible dog parent is not just about surrounding your pup with love and attention when you’re around, but also about taking care of him while you’re gone. A good pet camera or monitor allows you to watch your dog’s activity while you’re away, but some of the best monitors also allow to communicate with your pet throughout the day. Here are 10 of our favorite dog cameras and monitors.

Top 10 Dog Cameras

Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera

When you leave your dog alone at home for extended periods of time, a dog camera treat dispenser combo is one of the best ways to keep your pup entertained while keeping an eye on him. The Furbo dog camera combines the features of a dog monitor and a treat dispenser, which is guaranteed to become a hit in your household.

This doggie cam includes a whole range of advanced features, including a bark detector and person alert, which can even save the dog’s life in some cases. The Furbo camera is one of the Amazon bestsellers, and it is completely understandable why.


  • Can be controlled via an Android or iOS app
  • Fully compatible with Alexa
  • 160-degree view with night vision
  • Setup only takes 3 steps
  • A variety of smart alerts when your dog needs help


  • Completely dependent on Wi-Fi
  • Paid subscription for premium functions
  • Bark detector can be too sensitive

AKASO WiFi Pet Camera

The AKASO camera is primarily used as a dog monitor, but this affordable device is versatile that it can also function as a baby monitor. This pet camera is fully controlled with the help of an app that even allows you to share the stream with your family members and friends.

The monitor is also compatible with Alexa, Fire TV, and Google Home, which gives you even more opportunities for enjoying the device. The AKASO camera comes with a two-way audio capability, which allows you to not only listen to what’s happening around the device, but also speak to your pup while you’re away.


  • Affordable price
  • High-quality image thanks to the 1080p Full HD resolution
  • MicroSD and cloud storage options
  • Infrared night vision
  • You can pan and tilt the camera from your phone


  • Relatively complex installation process
  • Limited communication options
  • Not a wireless device

KAMTRON Wireless Indoor Pet Camera

This is another dog camera that doubles as a baby monitor, but unlike the previous doggie cam, this one is fully wireless, which gives you even more opportunities to use the device. The two-way audio option allows you to talk to your pup while you’re away.

Like most dog monitors, this one is operated from a mobile app. The device can be connected both via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. You can choose between microSD and cloud storage, which also allows you to share your feed with anyone you choose.


  • 1080p Full HD video quality
  • Pan, tilt and zoom can all be turned on remotely
  • Infrared night vision captures objects up to 20 feet from the camera
  • Can be operated from Android or iOS devices, as well as PCs
  • Motion detection with instant alerts


  • Occasional connectivity problems
  • The device must be close to the Wi-Fi spot to work properly
  • Complaints about the stability of the apps

GevTa FHD Dog Camera

The GevTa device is another versatile monitor that can be used both for babies and dogs. This dog camera is compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices. The monitor can be operated from the smartphone app and offers both microSD and cloud storage options.

The GevTa dog monitor camera has several sensors, including motion and sound sensors, and sends out timely alerts, so you’ll never miss anything important happening to your pet. And with the two-way audio, you will be able to cheer your dog up with your voice while listening to everything going on around the device.


  • 1080p HD quality of the video
  • Night vision up to 32 feet
  • Share the stream with anyone you want
  • The device tracks movement and automatically turns
  • Pan, tilt and zoom can be adjusted from the app


  • 5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported
  • Connectivity problems often reported

TOOGE Wi-Fi Pet Camera

The TOOGE dog camera has a lovely minimalistic design and combines the best features of a doggie cam with the functionality of a baby monitor. The two-way audio option of the device will allow you to both keep track of the surroundings and communicate with your dog. The TOOGE camera can be operated from most smartphones and tablets.

The pan, tilt, and zoom options can give you a full access view of your room. The camera is equipped with a motion sensor and will send alerts to your mobile device in case there is anything noteworthy happening.


  • 2 infrared LED lights for night vision
  • MicroSD video storage
  • Can control multiple cameras from one app
  • Share the video stream with family members and friends


  • No cloud storage option
  • No sound sensors and barking alerts
  • Zoom, pan and tilt are not automatic

VSToy 1080p Dog Camera

This inexpensive pet monitor has everything you expect from a camera for dogs at home in this price range. The VSToy camera has a compact design and can be placed anywhere close to a Wi-Fi spot. The device can be run from an app that is compatible with most Android and iOS phones and tablets.

The VSToy dog monitor is perfect for keeping an eye on your pet when you’re away or even in another room. Thanks to the wide range of shooting options, you can get a full view of the room at any time, which gives you an unparalleled level of control.


  • Horizontal and vertical rotation plus a wide-angle lens for a better view
  • Easy setup process
  • You can run several cameras from a single app
  • Night vision without disturbing the pet
  • Two-way audio for effortless communication


  • No cloud storage
  • MicroSD storage limited to 64GB
  • Camera movements are controlled from the phone

Victure 1080p FHD Pet Camera

The first thing you notice about the Victure dog monitor is its unusual design — there is a chance that the black color of the camera will be a much better match for your interior. However, the Victure camera has a lot more to offer than its attractive design and affordable price.

Thanks to the two-way audio and extensive view of the room, this camera can become your and your pet’s trusted companion when you’re away from home. You can control the camera from your smartphone or tablet.


  • 1080p FHD quality of videos
  • Infrared night vision up to 30 feet
  • Video sharing feature
  • Videos are encrypted and securely stored on the microSD card
  • Motion detection with timely alerts


  • 5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported
  • No cloud storage for videos
  • No barking alerts

Netvue FHD Dog Camera

The Netvue dog monitor is one of the few pet monitors in the market that effectively utilize the AI technology. Using advanced artificial intelligence, the Netvue camera is able to tell genuine pet or human movement from the movement created by leaves or other objects. That way, you will never get a false alarm.

Suitable both for pet and baby use, Netvue offers a range of modes for the owners. You can control the device from your phone with an Android or iOS app, or set up predefined viewpoints for constant monitoring of the room.


  • MicroSD and cloud video storage
  • Encrypted video technology
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Two-way audio for efficient communication
  • Pan, zoom and tilt camera options


  • No sound detectors and alerts
  • Occasional connectivity problems

DEYAN Wi-Fi Dog Camera

The DEYAN dog monitor has everything it takes to become your trustworthy assistant in the challenging job of being a dog parent. The camera comes in a cute and compact design and can be placed anywhere in the room close to the Wi-Fi spot.

The DEYAN camera offers a nearly full coverage of the room thanks to the pan, tilt, and zoom option. You can control the device using most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. A single camera can be connected to multiple mobile devices, so you can let all your family know what your pup is up to.


  • Motion and sound detection
  • 1080p FHD quality of videos
  • Easy installation
  • Can work for weeks without long breaks


  • No cloud storage
  • Only compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi

BIOXO Pet Monitor Camera

The BIOXO pet camera sports one of the most unusual designs among all monitors we reviewed today, but it also has a few standout features to go with its trendy look. The 1080p Full HD camera comes with a motion detector and will notify you in case any unusual activity is spotted in the room.

The camera can be operated from most Android and iOS devices and can be used not just as a pet camera, but also as a baby monitor. From the app, you can get a complete view of the room with the help of tilt, pan, and zoom options.


  • Video encryption technology
  • Easy setup in a few steps
  • Two-way audio and reverting call
  • Infra-red lights for night vision
  • 25fps progressive video shooting


  • Only memory card storage
  • No sound detector

Dog Camera Buying Guide

Finding the best dog camera for your needs may not be a particularly easy challenge, but we have every piece of information you need to make the right choice.

What is a dog camera?

A dog camera, or a pet monitor, is a device that allows you to keep an eye on your pup when you’re away from home or sitting in another room. Some dog cameras also double as baby monitors and can be used interchangeably.

The earliest dog cameras only had one or two features, but over time, the functionality of pet monitors has grown significantly. Now a good dog camera can become your reliable partner when you are leaving your dog alone and don’t want him to get into any trouble.

Dog cameras usually have a compact design and can be placed anywhere in the room as long as there is a strong Wi-Fi connection in close proximity to the device. With most modern monitors, you only need one device per room, as a single camera offers a nearly complete view of the surroundings.

Who should buy a pet monitor?

A dog camera may not be the most obvious item to put on your shopping list when you are a dog owner, but there are a few situations where a pet monitor will allow you to get a piece of mind or even outright save someone’s life. Here are the benefits of having a dog camera at home.

  • Away from home

The most obvious reason to invest in a pet camera is when you often leave home for extended periods of time and your dog stays inside. If you go to work and your dog is left unattended for 8+ hours, monitoring his activity is very important. You can know what your dog is up to at any time of the day and even stop unwanted behavior with a two-way audio feature that is available in many dog cameras today.

  • Different room

Even if you don’t leave the house alone for a long period of time too often, you may still be opposed to the idea of the pup following you around to every corner of your home. When you want to take a rest, cook, or attend to your baby, but don’t want to leave your pup in another room unattended, a pet monitor is a great way to watch your dog without physically being present.

  • Safety

Leaving the pup at home all alone poses certain safety risks — for example, that your home will be robbed while you’re away. Many pet cameras come with motion detectors that send an alert to your phone as soon as unusual movement is detected. Some monitors also have barking detectors, so when your dog starts inexplicably barking, you can take appropriate measures.

  • Finding the culprit

The two-way audio is a great feature for pet cameras in a single-dog household, but it can also help you adjust the behavior of your pups if you’re a proud owner of two or more dogs. If you leave your dogs at home and come to a huge mess every day but still don’t know who the perpetrator is, simply install a dog camera and you will learn every detail of your dogs’ behavior.

Types of dog cameras

Right now, you can choose from the three most popular types of dog cameras:

  • Standard dog cameras

The majority of dog monitors available in the market today belong to this category. Standard dog cameras include all pet cameras that are operated from mobile devices and are statically placed in the room. Thanks to the pan and tilt options available in most standard pet cameras, you can get a full view around the room without moving it around. However, other than the optional two-way audio feature, these cameras don’t offer an opportunity for interacting with your pup.

  • Dog ball cameras

This is a relatively new type of dog cameras, but it already has its share of fans. In this type of pet monitors, the miniature camera is concealed in a case resembling a dog toy — for example, a tennis ball. You can connect to the camera via your mobile device and not only watch passively what your dog is up to, but also control the ball to have a fun interaction with your pet.

  • Treat dispensing cameras

A dog treat camera combines the best things about a pet monitor with the fun functionality of a treat dispenser. This device will allow you to not only know what your pup is doing at any given moment, but also control the treat dispenser from your phone, raising the dog’s spirits while you’re away.

Features to consider

The variety of features in the dog monitor market is big enough to confuse even the most experienced pet owners. Here are the features to look for if you’re on a quest to find the best dog camera for your family:

  • Connection

There are very few dog cameras that come with a handheld device for the dog parent to monitor the pup — this type of connection is usually reserved for baby monitors. The majority of dog cameras operate via Wi-Fi, so you’ll need to carefully choose the spot for the camera where the connection is strong enough. You should also consider the required type of Wi-Fi for your camera to work with — most monitors only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

  • Viewing range

You shouldn’t be forced to move the camera around the room to get a full view of the premises. Look for a pet monitor with wide viewing angles. Dog cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom options, which can be selected from the mobile app, will allow you to see every corner of the room without physically being present.

  • Detectors

Maintaining the safety of your pups and the household is one of the main requirements from a dog camera, and the best way to ensure it is the use of detectors. The most common one is a motion detector, which records unusual activity and sends you an alert, so you can check the situation and react appropriately. Some cameras also come with barking sensors, so when your dog, who is usually silent, starts barking, you’ll receive a corresponding alert.

  • Recording

Many dog monitors can record 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but it’s very unlikely that you actually have the time to watch all that in real time. In some cases, you will want to get back to a certain time of the day to see what happened and you will need a dog camera with a recording feature for that. The videos are saved either to a memory card or to cloud storage and can be accessed for as long as you don’t run out of space. With some cameras, you can also share the videos with your family members and friends.

  • Two-way audio

The two-way audio feature is a great way to not just silently watch your dog sit at home all day long, but also to cheer him up during the day. You will hear everything that is happening in the room and will be able to offer words of encouragement, stop unwanted behavior, or even just say hello.

  • Night vision

Many dog cameras these days are equipped with infrared lights that allow you to record the videos in low lighting without disturbing the dog or anyone around him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between regular Wi-Fi camera and a dog camera?

Technically, a dog camera and a regular Wi-Fi camera share a lot of features. They can be operated from mobile devices, rely on Wi-Fi for connection, can record and store videos, and have night vision. However, dog cameras also come with their special set of features like barking detecting and treat dispensing that can significantly improve the quality of life of the pup and other members of the household.

What is the best place for setting a dog monitor?

In order to find the best position for your dog camera, you will probably need to experiment for a bit and try different angles from your mobile phone. In general, the best place to set up a dog monitor is at your dog’s eye level in one of the corners of the room where the camera will not be obscured by household objects. You should also place the monitor close to the Wi-Fi spot if you want to ensure a strong connection.

Can I use a dog monitor outdoors?

A regular dog monitor is not recommended for outside risk solely due to the risk of damage from the elements. However, there is a special subcategory of dog cameras that are designed specifically for outdoor use and are protected from bad weather and accidental damage.