Dog Car Harnesses

Top 10 Dog Car Harnesses

If you are used to transporting your dog in a car without any physical restraint at all, using a dog safety harness can seem nothing more than a novelty to you. However, when you think about the number of dogs who are injured or killed in road accidents every year, a dog harness becomes something you should at least consider.

Even though over 80% of dog owners are still driving their dogs around without any restraint at all, the market for a body harness for dog to use in a car continues to grow. To help you navigate the market and find the best option for you and your pup, we prepared a buying guide and a top 10 of dog harnesses available today.

Kurgo Dog Harness Car Seat Belt

If you take the safety of your dog seriously, you should look for a crash-tested dog harness. These harnesses have been proven to be very effective in protecting the life and health of your dog. One of the best crash-tested harnesses is the Kurgo car seat belt. It is available in five sizes, comes in two colors, and includes a seat belt tether for even more secure use.

Top Paw Mesh Dog Harness

If you are not looking for high-end fancy features in your search for a dog car harness and want a simple yet effective device, consider this harness from Top Paw. It is designed to be completely adjustable to your dog’s physique, and the mesh construction of the harness is very comfortable in any weather conditions.

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Blueberry Pet Dog Harness And Seatbelt

In case you are not only concerned about safely transporting your pup, but also want to do it in style, check out the matching harness and seatbelt by Blueberry Pet. This practical and stylish harness is available in 10 attractive designs. The harness is available in three sizes but it not adjustable, so make sure to carefully pick the right size for your pet companion.

PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness

PetSafe is one of the leaders of the pet product market and their dog car harness does not disappoint either. Available in four sizes, this harness will secure your dog’s position in the back seat while giving it plenty of room for movement. The front area of the harness is padded and breathable for extra comfort during long rides. Plus, this harness is also crash tested.

EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

Here is another option for dog owners who care not only about safety, but also about style. This harness comes in a selection of ten colors and there are six sizes of the harness available, which means you will effortlessly pick the right one for your pup. The padded chest and the quick buckle system makes using the harness even more convenient.

Good2Go Black No Pull Dog Harness

Here is another option for dog owners who care not only about safety, but also about style. This harness comes in a selection of ten colors and there are six sizes of the harness available, which means you will effortlessly pick the right one for your pup. The padded chest and the quick buckle system makes using the harness even more convenient.

Kurgo Car Safety Harness for Dogs

We already had one Kurgo dog car harness on our list, but this one comes with a major difference. Instead of the crash tested buckles, this harness is equipped with easy on & off buckles. If you value speed and mobility, you might want to consider this version of the Kurgo harness over the previous one.

Easy Rider Car Harness for Dogs

The Easy Rider harness is a multifunctional device: it can be used both for safe dog walking and car transportation. The design of the harness is not very exciting and it comes in a single black color, but it has something even more important: the ability to keep your pup in one place and prevent injuries during unexpected stops. Available in five sizes.

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PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness

The harness from PAWABOO comes equipped with a dog seat belt, which can completely cover your needs for the safe transportation of your pup. The harness is available in four sizes and a whopping 11 color and patterns. The clever design makes putting the harness on and taking it off extremely easy, and the padded chest adds to your dog’s comfort while traveling or walking.

Mighty Paw Safety Dog Seat Belt

If you already have a harness or simply want a dog car leash that is compatible with your can, consider this seat belt from Might Paw. The construction of this device is very secure and effectively prevents the dog from accidentally unbuckling the belt. It is available in two stylish color options and features metal details for extra security.

Who Should Buy a Dog Car Harness

If you are wondering whether you should use any dog car restraint, you need to answer just one question: do you frequently drive your car with your dog being present? If the answer is yes, then driving without any restraint at all is dangerous and irresponsible.

A dog car harness is designed to keep the dog secured in one place while you are driving. It is done not only to lower the risk of injury or death in case of an accident, but also to keep the other passengers safe and secure. Plus, some dogs are known to often distract the driver when they are not restrained, which can lead to an accident with unwanted consequences.

It is our firm belief that any dog traveling by car needs some kind of physical restraint. You can use crates and other devices, but they are often too bulky and don’t allow other passengers to sit in the back seat. That is why a dog car harness is the smartest choice for everyone.

Important Features to Consider

Choosing a dog car harness requires as much attention to detail as picking a car seat for your child. These are the five features to consider in any dog car harness:

  • Size. Most harnesses available today come in several sizes. You want your dog’s harness to fit perfectly to ensure the pup’s security while traveling. Some brands even offer a big dog harness for larger dogs, as well as small ones for tiny breeds.
  • Seat belt restraint. Only a few dog harnesses include a seat belt restraint — in most cases, you will need to buy one separately. Most brands offer compatible seat belts to go with their harnesses, so make sure to check them out first.
  • Adjustability. In order to offer maximum security to your traveling pup, the car harness needs to be adjustable in several positions. Only when it’s fitted perfectly to your dog’s body, you can expect absolute safety.
  • Crash testing. Not all dog car harness manufacturers crash test their harnesses, but when they do, it’s a sign that they take the security of their furry customers seriously. Generally, crash tested harnesses offer maximum safety for dogs.
  • Ease of use. If your car is often feeling nervous before car trips or if you want to make the process of putting on the harness as quick and easy as possible, look for a dog car harness that is effortlessly put on and removed in a matter of seconds.

Things to Look for in a Good Car Harness

If you want to enjoy your dog car harness user experience even more, there are three more things to look for in a harness you want to buy:

  • Design. While the way your harness looks isn’t nearly as important as some of its other features, you are still going to look at the same harness every day for several years, so pick the one that pleases you aesthetically.
  • Comfort. Your pup is going to wear the car harness for hours, which is why anything you choose should be extremely comfortable for your pup. Look for a dog car harness with a mesh ventilated chest and wider straps.
  • Functionality. A few of the dog car harnesses can also be used for walking, which makes them the ultimate multifunctional devices. The opportunity to keep just one harness instead of constantly switching between several of them is very time and effort-saving.

Finding a Durable Seat Belt and Harness

Security and modern design are important features of a dog car harness, but it’s not the only thing you should pay attention to. The durability of the harness is also a very important parameter you need to always consider.

If you often drive around with your dog, you will use the harness anywhere from several times a week to several times a day. That is why the construction of the harness must be extremely durable. Look for harnesses that feature lots of metal and are made from extra-strength material.

There is always a possibility that your dog will chew through the harness, which is why you should also look for a chew proof dog harness. Luckily, nearly every harness on our list is made from the material that cannot be chewed through by even the most aggressive chewer.

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