Best Leather Dog Collars

Natural leather dog collars are a classic of the genre. Besides the fact that they are durable, reliable, elastic and robust, such collars always have respectability and add style to the appearance of any dog, which a priori reflects on the image of its owner.

In terms of durability, leather collars can compete with canvas collars, but the latter have the disadvantage of being too stiff and not comfortable for the dog, especially in everyday use, and especially if the dog has a smooth coat. What are the other advantages and what model to choose? Let’s go and see.

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar

Editor’s Choice

The Custom Catch Series is bright, defiant, charming collars. They delight, attract attention. Every dog owner wants to possess them. An excellent choice for those who love everything new and sophisticated. Personalized series leather collar resembles a fashion accessory rather than ammunition. At the same time, it has high strength and resistance to precipitation. With proper sizing and careful use, it will last a long time.

Vcalabashor Custom Leather Collar

Best Personalized Leather Dog Collar

What makes this collar different from other personalized leather dog collars is the ability to choose any color you want, as well as stainless steel nameplate.

The quality of this collar and its safety for the dog are beyond doubt. This accessory is made of genuine leather. Such leather stud dog collars are a classic of accessories for dogs, combining reliability, quality, and beauty. You can not worry about the integrity of the collar. Its strength is absolutely consistent with its size.

The Capri Collection

Best Designer Leather Dog Collar

This is one of the best examples of soft collar for dogs. Small leather dog collars are indispensable accessories for lovers to walk with a pet in the dark. Such brightly colored collars will clearly indicate the location of your pet, even in pitch darkness. They will protect you and others from accidents.

The key features of this collar are comfort and safety for the pet, as well as the excellent quality of this product. This ammunition is made of genuine leather. That allows you to talk about this collar, as about a safe and beautiful premium item. The strength of the collar is fully consistent with its size. Naturally, the collar is also distinguished by style and attractiveness. Thanks to the color, this ammunition item looks great on the neck of a pet.

CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Rolled leather dog collar is a bright, colorful, decorative product. Preserves the beauty of the pet’s long hair, prevents breakage of hairs on the neck. It will become a fashion accessory and will always allow you and your dog to always stay in trend.

It is equipped with a special ring made of metal for attaching a leash to it. The length of the collar is adjusted depending on the needs of the animal.

Didog Leather Custom Collar

Budget Pick

Another model of engraved leather dog collars which boasts its low price, but still quality materials. Didog collar is a stylish accessory used for walking with your dog. Made of soft patent leather. The collar is easily adjustable in length, and you can use it for dogs of different sizes and breeds. Reasonable price, steel nameplate, long service life, high quality, and comfort for the animal – all this complements a significant number of advantages of the black leather dog collar.

The presence of such an accessory for a walk is necessary if the house has a small four-legged friend.

Other Leather Dog Collars

Soft Touch Collars

This is a type of large leather dog collars. It differs in the long term of operation, durability, and safety for animal health. The collar is made of high-quality material, equipped with a sealed edge so that you can be sure of its reliability. The item can be used for daily dog walking along with a leash. The unique design makes your big friend a solid look.

Warner Cumberland Leather Dog Collar

This is a wonderful representative of the thick leather dog collars category. The classic collar is a collar familiar to all of us, which is suitable for both a novice dog lover and a professional dog handler.

In favor of this collar is not only its safety for the dog but also the highest quality standards for its manufacture. This accessory is made of genuine leather. Genuine leather for a collar is the best possible material. The strength of the collar is ideal for its size. Naturally, the collar is also distinguished by style and attractiveness. Due to its color, this accessory looks great on the dog’s neck. The seller also offers a free engraved brass ID tag.

Soft Touch Collars

The Capri Collection

Stylish, original handmade leather dog collars of this company are made of the highest quality leather. This collar will definitely become an indispensable accessory for your dog. It looks stylish. It can be used with a leash for a walk. It features a long service life, durability, and safety for animal health.

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

This is a great example of a decorative collar. A decorative collar is a type of collar in which the main thing is not strength and reliability, but appearance. Indeed, for many, their pet’s collars have become as fashionable a part of the wardrobe as their own belt or handbag.

However, this item boasts both reliability and unique, pleasant design, which makes it a great choice for your pet.

Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar

The name of the collar speaks for itself. Its strong and beautiful metal makes the collar super safe, while elegant design adds solidness both for your pet and its owner. The collar is made of high-quality material, equipped with metal fittings so that you can be sure of the collar’s reliability.

Important Features to Consider

How To Find The Right Size

To determine what size a leather collar should be for a particular dog, you need to measure the thickness of the neck and add 5-7 cm to this value – this will be the optimal size of the collar. As for the width, for a teenager of the medium-sized breed, it should be 2-3 cm. Animals with a long and thin neck need to select a wider collar. It is better for long-haired dogs not to buy a flat, but a round collar (similar to a cord).

Between the collar and the neck, two fingers should be placed, a smaller volume will squeeze the dog’s neck too much, and the larger one can slip. The European collar design is more convenient. In it, the buckle is at the bottom and the ring for the leash in the middle. This prevents excessive rotation of the collar on the dog’s neck and tearing of the coat. The buckle must be equipped with a valve to protect the coat from damage.

Leather Dog Collar Sizes For Puppies

In fact, the smaller the dog, the narrower the collar. The narrowest collars made are 10-16mm wide. These collars are great for Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and other small dog breeds. The widest collars in the manufactured assortment are 50 mm. They are suitable for mastiffs and other large breed dogs.

  • Collars for small dogs (7kg dog): this size dogs have a neck of 20-30 cm.
  • Collars for medium dogs (10-15 kg dog): this size dogs have a neck of 30-50 cm.
  • Collars for large dogs (20 – 35 kg dog): this size dogs have a neck of 50-70 cm.
  • Collars for very large dogs (35 – + kg dog): this size dog has a neck of 70+ cm.

Measuring Leather Dog Collar Length and Width

First, you need to measure the dog using a measuring tape. To do this, measure the girth of the widest place of the neck. Then you need to add additional centimetres, depending on the parameters of the pet. Dogs weighing up to 4.5 kg are picked up a collar 2-2.5 cm longer. For medium-sized breeds, it will be necessary to add 5 cm in length, for large animals – 7-8 cm. It is additional centimetres that provide a loose fit for a leather collar for dogs. This eliminates the risk of injury to the neck and unpleasant, even painful sensations.

It is customary to leave a minimum distance between the neck and the accessory, which is equivalent to the width of two fingers on the hand. If the dog is regularly cut, then the girth of the neck is measured immediately after it, and additional ones are added. The best option, especially for growing puppies, is an adjustable collar.


Is leather collar good for dogs?

Yes, genuine leather is reportedly one of the best materials for pet collars.

Are leather dog collars waterproof?

The majority of them are really waterproof, but it is best for you to specify this information from your manufacturer.

How do you care for a leather dog collar?

The collar needs regular cleaning and washing. At home, the collar must be removed so that the skin of the dog can breathe, and the coat does not get loose and does not wipe.

Is my dog’s collar too heavy?

Whether your pet doesn’t want to wear a collar you bought or feels unhappy while walking with it, be sure your collar is too heavy.

How to clean leather dog collar

Regular washing and cleaning from the coat are quite enough.
Having carefully studied the assortment and determined for what purposes ammunition is needed, you can buy a comfortable and reliable collar for your pet.

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