Best Dog Doorbells

Best Dog Doorbells for On-time Walks

Want your tailed friend to tell you right away when it’s time to walk? Or to spend time in the yard by himself, letting you know when he already wants to go home? Then dog door bells are just for you!

Hang the dog potty bell inside the house for letting your pet tell you when he wants outside. Or put it on the outer part of the door for giving an opportunity to the dog to ask you to let him in. Or use two ones both inside and outside for solving two issues at a time!

When you start using a doggy doorbell you may forget about scratching the door, loud barking, or peeing in the house in case you haven’t noticed that the dog needs to be walked. Interested in this amazing thing that will save your nerves, but have questions? Which item is better to choose? How to use it properly? How to teach the pet what the bell is for? Read further and find out the answers to all these questions.

Top 5 Dog Doorbells: the Best Items on the Market

Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells Dog Doorbells

Editor’s Choice

Caldwell's Potty Bells Original Dog Doorbell

This one is perfect in everything:

  • Full set for inside and outside use. The item is sold in packs of two. You can place the first one outside and another one inside. So, you will immediately get to know when your dog wants in and out.
  • Easy and fast dog training. Bells come together with the guides for successful teaching pets to use them with the help of three easy stages.
  • Long-lasting. Strengthened material will last for many years.
  • Beautiful design. The item is made in classic black that will fit into any interior or exterior. And the double-sided token with lovely inscriptions makes it even cuter.

Mighty Paw Dog Doorbells

Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells Dog Doorbells

A powerful combination of durability and effectiveness:

make your dog obidient
  • Loud bells. They are made of luxury quality thick metal. It provides a clear and loud sound. They are very good and audible even from afar. Though the sound is loud, it is not unpleasant or annoying.
  • Wear-resistance. The tape is made of heavy-duty nylon, resistant to chewing and other mechanical damage.
  • A wide choice of colors. Choose the one that will perfectly fit your home design. Blue, brown, green, grey, and pink colors are available.
  • Two bonuses included! Every customer gets a hook for leashes for free! Always keep everything that’s needed for going for a walk ready! One more bonus is that, for more effective potty training, bells come together with step-by-step instruction for teaching the pets to use them.

Mighty Paw Smart Doorbell

Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 Potty Training Dog Doorbell

Modern and extremely convenient doorbell for dogs:

  • Easy to hear in the right place. The product consists of two parts: the one that is to be pressed by the dog and the one that makes a sound. And the first one can transmit a signal to another one at a distance of up to 1000 feet. So, you can place the button outside the house and hang the part that makes sound anywhere in the house you spend the most time, at the place where you will definitely not miss the signal from your pet.
  • Is appropriate for dogs of any breed and age. The button is very sensitive and easy to press. So, it won’t be difficult to use the item even for miniature doggies and puppies.
  • High wear-resistance. The product is resistant to various adverse factors, such as wetting or pollution. Therefore, rain and dirty paws are not an obstacle for lasting for a while. Ideal for outdoor use.
  • 50% discount on the second item. Do you want your pet to use a doggie bell to go outside as well as to come back inside? Then you need two items: one for hanging inside the house and another for being placed outside. If you buy a set of two, you get the second one at half price.

PoochieBells 100% American Made Dog Potty Doorbell

The perfect combination of three basic features:

  • The finest quality. Each item is hand-made. The production is located in the USA. And all components of the item are also manufactured in the USA.
  • Easiness to use. All the pet needs to do is to tap the ribbon, and the bells will ring.
  • Dog doorbell training without any problems. For easy and fast puppy training, bell comes together with the detailed instruction created and approved by professional dog handlers and vets.

Advance Pet Potty Training Dog Bells

Advance Pet Potty Training Dog Bells

Dog door bell which combines high quality, affordable price, and more:

  • Adjustable length. No matter what age and breed your dog is! The pet of any height will definitely be comfortable using the item as the length is adjustable. The clasp allows you to set up the length from 27 inches to 31 inches.
  • Variety of designs. Do you prefer classics or want something super cute? There are solutions for both options in the range! Choose the plain black ribbon or the one with a lovely paw print on a red or black background.

Features to consider when buying dog doorbell

To choose the most appropriate option among the great variety of potty bells available on the market pay attention to the following criteria.

Quality of sound

This is the most important criterion, as it determines whether you recognize a sign that your dog wants to walk or asks you to let him in on time.

If you choose a model in the form of bells on a ribbon, then pay attention to the options with the maximum number of them. If you want to buy an item in the form of one big bell, then choose the largest one. The bigger its size is, the louder sound it will make. And finally, if you prefer smart electronic doorbells, then pay attention to the distance where signal transmission is possible. The larger it is, the more convenient it will be for you to place the part that produces the melody in the needed part of the house.

Easiness of use

The easier it is to use the device, the simpler it will be for your pet to get used to doing this.

Convenience and reliability of setting up

The item must be securely attached to a door or wall to prevent the pet from ripping it off. Also, the mount should be easy to set up, so that it won’t take you much time to attach the device to the surface.


If you are going to use the item outdoors then pay attention to water-resistant models. Such devices will easily withstand rain, snow, and wet paws. If your dog is an avid chewer then choose the products highly resistant to mechanical damage.


This is certainly not the most important factor. The pet doesn’t care about the design. The main thing is that the device is simple and convenient to use. But if you are going to use the item outdoors make sure that it fits well into the overall picture of the house.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do dog doorbells work?

Yes, they do! They make a pet owner’s life much easier!

After placing the dog doorbell outside, you can let your dog out to the yard without worrying. As soon as he wants to go home, he will not scratch the door and bark loudly, but will simply use the bell.

Dog bell placed inside the house is also a very useful thing. It is especially indispensable during potty training. When the pet feels that it is time for him to go for a walk he uses the potty bell to call the owner.

So, use dog bells both inside and outside to make your life easier!

How do I train my dog to use the doorbell?

For simpler and more productive potty training, bells for dogs come together with instructions on how to teach the pets to use them. So, choose one of the items that offer such a bonus.

But if the device you have chosen doesn’t include the guide use our method of training your pet:

  1. Show the dog what a bell is. Initially, you need to draw the dog’s attention to the device. For now, you can just put it on the floor and invite the dog to play with it. Every time a pet makes a sound from the item, tell the word “Bell” and encourage a dog with a treat.
  2. Learning the “Bell” command. Hang up the doorbell at the place where it will stay in the future. Give the dog a command “Bell”. For the first time, you can help the pet to press or tap the device so that he understands what you want from him. Be sure to reward the dog with a treat after successfully completing the command.
  3. Forming an association of a bell with a walk or coming home. Give the dog a command “Bell”. As soon as the dog successfully completes it, in addition to the treat, take a leash and invite the dog for a walk. If you train your pet to use the bell to ask you to let him in, before entering the house after a walk, give the command to the dog to ring and don’t open the door until the pet obeys it.

How do dogs know what a doorbell is?

You need to teach your tailed friend to ring the bell. And then he will quickly understand what this thing is for.

If you react quickly to the sound of the doggie doorbell every time, a pet will always know that he should use it for being let out or in.

Are dog doorbells safe for chewers?

Some doggie doorbells are made of durable materials resistant to damage with fangs. And they are, of course, safe for the dogs that destroy everything around with their sharp teeth. So, if your cuddly friend is an avid chewer choose the chew-resistant options. For example, the items in the form of one big metal bell without any parts made of fabric or plastic. They are completely safe and will last for a long time.

Can I use a dog doorbell outside?

Yes, you can. If you have a spacy yard around your house and your dog is used to walking by himself you don’t have to deal with door scratching or loud barking anymore. Your buddy can just use the pet doorbell to let you know that he wants to go in.

Why does my dog go crazy when the doorbell rings?

There can be two reasons for this:

  1. A natural instinct to protect the territory. The dog has already learned that after the ring, a stranger enters the house. And therefore, it starts barking to defend its territory.
  2. A very loud or unpleasant ringing sound that annoys the dog.

If you are tired of the deafening barking every time the doorbell rings, and new guests get scared of your pet, you need to solve this problem somehow.

The best way out is to form a positive association with the bell in the dog. For this, treat your dog every time after the bell sounds.

Other items that may be of interest to you

GoGo Doorbell for Dogs

GoGo Bell Dog Doorbell for Housebreaking
  • Extra safety. The material is chew-resistant and hypoallergenic. There are no sharp corners that can hurt a pet or small parts that he can swallow.
  • Simple and reliable attachment. The item is easy to attach to the needed place. The set includes a convenient and simple mount. It reliably joins the bell to the wall or the door.
  • High durability. The product is made of strong metal that will last for years.
  • Clear and loud sound. You will hear your cuddly buddy’s signal from any corner of the house. The sound is loud, yet pleasant to the ears.

Kytely 2 Pack Adjustable Doorbell for Dogs

Kytely 2 Pack Dog Doorbell Adjustable Dog Bell
  • The universal item for any breed and age. You can set up the length convenient for your pet by choosing any value from 30 up to 33,5 inches.
  • High wear-resistance. The nylon the ribbon is made of is durable and wearable. And the bells are designed of stainless steel that is strong and water-resistant.
  • Easy and effective pet teaching. For successful and fast dog training, the bell comes in a set with two clickers.
  • A bonus gift. Buying the item, you get a portable pet bowl as a free bonus! Use it during walking or traveling.

Zacro Set of 2 Dog Doorbells for Training

  • Everything you need for potty training and comfy walks. The set includes the following things. Two doorbells: place the first one inside and hang the second one on the outer part of the door or use only one item and keep another one in reserve. One clicker for successfully teaching your pet to use the doorbell for asking you to let him out or in. One bag for cleaning the streets after your pet.
  • High durability. The tape is made of extra-lasting nylon.
  • Good audibility. 7 bells made of stainless steel give a clear and loud sound. 
  • Regulable length. Set up the needed value from 30,5 up to 32,5 inches. So that it will be comfortable for your pet to use the bell regardless of height. Also, you can adjust the length as the puppy grows for the most convenient usage.

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell
  • Extremely simple to set up. The device is wireless and very easy to attach to the surface without any instruments.
  • Easy and enjoyable teaching of the pet. It will not be difficult for you or unpleasant to your pet to train how to use the bell. There is an inbuilt keeper for treats that will make training a pleasure.
  • Protection from adverse weather conditions. The material is water-proof, so it will last for a long time outdoors despite rain and snow.
  • A pleasant signal that will not annoy you for sure. You will not have to stand the same bell sound for ages. There are 36 melodies. So, you are free to choose the one you like the most and change the sound as soon as you are tired of it.
  • Minimal risk of missing the signal from your pet. You can locate the part that makes a sound at any place at home where you spend the most time.
  • Guaranteed reliability. The manufacturer gives the 12 months warranty.

GoGo Dog Doorbell Deluxe Brass

  • Simple and rapid teaching. A detailed guide written by professional dog handlers comes together with the item.
  • Reliable protection of your door from damage with claws. A space between the bell and the door is provided. So, the pet won’t scratch the door for sure.
  • All parts for attachment are included. You don’t need to buy screws separately. They are included in the set.
  • Well audible sound. The bell is big and has a well-turned shape that reflects the sound well.