Best Dog Food for Allergies

Best Dog Food for Allergies

Facing food allergy of your lovable pup is no joy. Runny nose, itching skin, digestion problems are the signals of health concerns related to food components. Test your canine companion for a reliable diagnose.

Prone to allergies pets usually inherit this feature from their parents as this disease is a genetic one. It is connected with ability of the organism to dissolve definite elements, and proteins in particular.

Excluding these components from the pup’s menu is the way out. Hypoallergenic meals for dogs are designed for this. The variety of dog food for allergies is great. The information below will help you make your best choice.

Top 5 Foods for Dogs with Sensitivities

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult

Our best overall selection of dog food for allergies is the dry dog food Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach. This is our winner due to numerous benefits.

Salmon is the first ingredient in this dish. It ensures the only protein source for good digestion and muscles building. Its content is designed keeping in mind tummy sensitivities. To avoid sore belly, the formula excludes carbohydrates, such as corn and wheat. Oats and rice for energy supply are used instead.

make your dog obidient

High quality elements, probiotics, vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, B12, B6, B5, B9, K), Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are included. This ensures smooth work of stomach and intestines, healthy coat, hair, teeth, bones.

The product may be supplied in the assortment of sizes: 5, 16, 30 and 41 lb. bags. You may choose between a small quantity pack for trial, and a large one for a budget saving purchase.

Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Adult


Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Adult

Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula Dry Dog Food is the second choice among the best food for dogs with allergies.

This is an ideal dish for diets with limited ingredients. Its precise formula comprises an egg product as the main protein source. It is produced specially for the sensitive GI tract and ensures smooth dissolving.

This kibble includes zero gluten or wheat. Carbohydrates are potato and tomato pomace.

The dish is stuffed with elements for easy digestion: probiotics, fibers, lacto- and bifidobacteria, vitamins A, C, D3, Folic Acid, B12, B6, B2). Fish oil is responsible for healthy skin, joints and coat.

Diamond producer is a US-based family company. Its priorities are safety of pet’s feeding and scientific approach. It offers its intestine-sensitive meals in bags of 8 and 25 lb. sizes.

Brothers Complete Turkey Meal & Egg

Best budget buy

Brothers Complete Turkey Meal & Egg

We distinguish Brothers Complete Turkey Meal & Egg Allergy Care Dog Food as the best budget buy among non-allergenic dog food.

The formula includes turkey and chicken to support protein supply. Hypoallergenic cassava roots provide carbs without any grains or white potatoes. Plant food consists of easily digestible pomace of lattice, carrots, celery.

The variety of nutritional elements includes flaxseeds with fatty acids, eggs with 9 essential acids, amino acids, C, B12, A, D3 vitamins, probiotics. Increased immune protection, smooth digestion, shiny coat and no allergies are ensured communing this kibble.

The batch is produced in small portions, its recipe is precise and trusted. Bags of 5 and 25 lb. ensure flavor protection and safe storage.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free

Best dog food for skin allergies

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food is our choice of the best dog food for skin allergies.

Smoked salmon and sea fish meals are the main protein sources in this dish. Its highly nutritional formula provides all elements for non allergenic dog food to avoid skin problems. The recipe is corn and grain free; carbs are supplied with sweet potatoes, peas, fruits, raspberries, blueberries.

Probiotics, minerals and essential elements are supplied according to pets’ demands, allowing your pooch develop healthy body, proper digestion and strong immune system. No artificial chemicals are used.

The US-owned company delivers a reliable product for your pooch catering avoiding allergy issues, providing bags of 5, 14, 28 lb. sizes for your convenience.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness with Salmon Adult

Best grain free dog food for allergies

Blue Buffalo Wilderness with Salmon Adult

Wilderness Salmon Dog Food by Blue Buffalo is the best dog food for allergies and gluten-sensitive pups.

The dogs are carnivorous; their instincts demand pure animal protein feeding for proper health and organs development. Salmon is the main protein source of the dish, supplying building material for lean muscles and Omegas for shiny coat.

No grain or corn are in its recipe, containing instead blueberries, cranberries, sweet potatoes and peas for carbs.

It is free of meat-by and poultry-by products, artificial fillers. As for the essential elements, all vitamins and minerals for vigor and health maintenance are kept.

A reliable pet food producer offers the kibble for all dog life stages. It is conveniently packed in the bags with 4.5, 11, 20, 24 lb. sizes for purchasing packing for testing as well cost saving variants in bulks.

Features to consider when buying food for dog with allergies

Food components or other irritants cause allergic reaction in dogs. Determining the correct reason, excluding the factor of allergy should be done under the vet’s supervision. He offers the correct diet and prescribes drugs if any medications are needed.

Frequently, a veterinarian also prescribes a special diet for allergies. It may be Rx hypoallergenic dog food produced avoiding cross-contamination with a special technology of breaking down proteins on a molecular level to make them invisible for immune system and easily digestible.

However, most of the foods for dogs with allergies is sold as an over-the-counter product (OTC) without vet’s prescriptions. Still, many factors should be taken into consideration before the purchase.


Proteins are the most frequent cause of dog food allergy. Due to some organism peculiarities or genetics, these elements are identified by the immune system as alien and the defending reaction of the organism (itching, swelling, sneezing) follows. Commercially designed food often contains proteins (pork, chicken, beef, soy, diary source) that may trigger allergy. Exotic products (kangaroo or crocodile meat, wild boar, venison, coconut milk) may substitute these ingredients.

Other elements of the food content

Other allergic elements may be present in dog’s meals. Read carefully the label to avoid grain, corn, yeast, preservatives in case any irritating reaction is noticeable. Remember that other products, such as medications, toothpastes, treats may comprise such elements.

Hypoallergenic food cost

Usually catering for dogs with allergies costs more than conventional dog food. Due to rare ingredients and cooking technology, its price may vary from $20 per bag to $100. Buy in bulks, by discount coupons, search online sellouts to hunt for more affordable hypoallergenic puppy food.


Usually, hypoallergenic food bags and cans are smaller than regular food as most of the dishes should undergo testing. Pay attention to the labels indications to buy necessary quantity. Buying in bulks is always more advantageous.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does dog food for allergies differ from regular dog food?

Hives, digestive problems, runny noses or other irritating manifestations of food allergy may be excluded by switching to a special dog for allergies, prescribed by a vet. A number of dog foods is numerous, as well as commercially prepared diet dog food.

The peculiarities of the best food for dogs with allergies:

  • The dog food for prone to allergies pets may be hypoallergenic. This means, it must prevent the response of the organism to irritants. It is produced with a special technology of hydrolysis, which breaks down proteins for smaller molecules.

In this case, the immune system fails to recognize them as allergens and does not switch on its safeguard mechanism in the form of itching or swelling.

  • The irritants for the dogs may be various; however, their quantity is restricted to the definite products or elements. Peanuts are widely spread human allergens. Wheat, corn, diary, eggs are sometimes dangerous for dogs with food sensitivities.

Thus, a substituting diet is based on excluding allergens and replacing them with neutral products: wheat should be changed for oats, diary for coconut milk, beef for salmon, etc.

  • Another type of dog catering for allergies is a limited-ingredient diet. It means that some components are excluded.

That is a grain-free meal without any corn or wheat to avoid gluten allergy. Its content is usually limited to one source of protein or carbohydrate. It may be applied as a part of elimination diet: consuming meals with 1 or 2 peculiar components to define irritants during the trial period.

How can you tell if your dog is allergic to food?

The symptoms of allergy are various and your veterinarian must confirm this diagnosis.

However, there are some common manifestations, which may be noticeable even without professional examination in case some allergen or food causes health concerns in a pooch.

  1. Belly, ears, paws swelling and itching. Actually, this list is not complete and the quantity of affected body parts may be bigger.
  2. Skin hives or dermatitis. Usually within 6-24 hours after allergic ingredient has been consumed, these affections are visible in case of short hair, or are felt in case of longer fur.
  3. Skin scratches and open wounds. These manifestations witness for a long-time trouble. A pet ate allergen long time ago, felt itching and damaged his skin because of irritation. This may lead to further infections.
  4. Sneezing, runny nose, reddish throat, swelling mucous.
  5. Digestion troubles: diarrhea, vomiting, bad smell.
  6. Chronic infections of definite organs (paws, eyes, ears).

What is the most common food allergy in dogs?

Triggers of immune system safeguard response are components of food, toothpastes, medications, which are allergic for a specific animal due to his organism peculiarities or inherited genetics.

In case of irritation symptoms, provide your short investigation to reveal an allergen. Try to keep records of all new foods, remedies, vitamins a dog consumes to avoid these irritants in the future. Remember that unpleasant or even aching feelings will increase, and symptoms will be stronger, in case this component is not excluded from the menu.

Ingredients, causing dog’s allergic reactions:

  1. Grains. Wheat, corn, peas are famous for their allergic features, while rice, oats are less frequent allergens.
  2. Proteins. Soy and meats (beef, chicken, pork) are common irritants; venison, kangaroo, crocodile meat is less possible to be an irritant.
  3. Eggs and cow milk products.
  4. Definite fishes.
  5. Chemicals, preservatives, artificial elements, herbs.

What is the difference between food allergies and food intolerance?

Food intolerance and dog food allergies are not the same and should be differentiated for proper treatment.

Allergic reaction is over-response of your dog’s organism to the protein, which is recognized by the immune system as alien. It is manifested in various problems, including digestive, skin, mucous. It may be eliminated by different diets.

Food intolerance is a digestive problem only. It is connected with shortage of digestive enzymes (e.g. lactose intolerance caused by milk digestive enzyme lactase lack). Only gastrointestinal tract is affected in this case, and vomiting, diarrhea are the most widely spread symptoms. To handle this problem properly, vets’ examination and consultation is needed.

What can I give my dog for allergy relief?

Remember that your dog’s diet change should be conducted under supervision of a professional (a vet or a nutritionist) to avoid mistakes in further actions.

In case the allergy to some components is defined, the ways of symptoms relief may be the following:

  • Elimination diet. Excluding an irritating element and substituting it for another one, following this diet up to 12 weeks.
  • Remedies. Medical treatment may decrease symptoms (antihistamine preparations, drops). Special creams, gels, sprays are effective for skin health. Some medications are OTC and may be bought without restriction. Though many of them are Rx and a vet’s prescription is needed.
  • Baking soda. Its applications are useful for decreasing dermatitis and skin itching.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. This chemical compound is effective for outer application to decrease skin allergy manifestation, as well as for inner usage, to induce vomiting in case of tummy problems.
  • Artificial tear. This preparation may be effective in case of dry or swollen eyes to decrease edema and redness.

Other dog food for allergies

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Real Salmon & Sweet Potato

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Real Salmon & Sweet Potato

We value PURE Real Salmon, Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food by Canidae for its simple but wholesome ingredients and the recipe deigned for pooches in all life stages.

This tasty dish contains natural salmon as the first ingredient and the source of proteins. The quantity of ingredients is limited by 8 components, which is a good trial diet for pups with food sensitivities. Carbs are restricted to peas and sweet potatoes for energy supply.

Probiotics, Omegas (3, 6), antioxidants, minerals and vitamins (A, E, B12, D3) provide gentle digestion.

The meal is made of thoroughly selected and processed products avoiding artificial fillers, colors, corn and wheat, and is packed in 4, 12, 24 lb. bags.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Sensitive Systems Adult Formula

Purina ONE SmartBlend Sensitive Systems Adult Formula

Purina ONE SmartBlend Sensitive Systems Dry Dog Food is designed for grown-up dogs with various tummy sensitivities and skin allergies.

Its limited ingredients recipe provide 100% complete nutrition, excluding at the same time allergens and potentially dangerous elements for the weak health.

The first component of the dish is salmon, providing building material for lean muscles and healthy organs as the source of protein. Rice and oatmeal supply energy for vigor and mobility according to a dog’s age.

Crunchy pieces of the kibble are stuffed with wholesome elements, including glucosamine for healthy joints, vitamins, (A, E, K, B 12), Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for shiny coat and perfect skin. No preservatives and fillers are used.

Convenient packing of 16.5 and 31.5 lb. bags allows cost-saving bulk purchase and preserves dish tastes and fragrances.

Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Holistic Entrée

Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Holistic Entrée

Limited Ingredient Diet Open Meadow Holistic Entrée Dry Dog Food by Canine Caviar is one of the premium foods for dogs of all life stages, with the emphasis on the pets with moderate activity: medium and big breeds, pregnant and feeding females, dogs with allergies.

Limited ingredients allow elements testing and further avoidance of possible irritants. Lamb is the main protein product for strong muscles. Plant ingredients supply not only carbohydrates, but also essential elements and nutritional components for healthy organs’ development. These are Pearl Millet, alfalfa, kelp, papaya, fenugreek. Stuffed with vitamins and wholesome elements, they support teeth, stomach, skin and coat health of a pup.

Additionally, prebiotics and probiotics are supplied for good digestion, as well as fatty acids and minerals for energy and strong immune system.

Avoiding dangerous elements for prone to allergies dogs, this product is strongly recommended for your trial. It is conveniently packed in 4.4 lb. bags. Bulk options are also available with 11 lb. packing.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Hydrolyzed Formula

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Hydrolyzed Formula

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dog Food is designed for animals with digestive tract problems, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, dermatitis.

Relevant feeding with this product supports the health of pets in every life stage. This is single carb meal. Proteins are hydrolyzed, which means that soy, chicken and chicken liver elements are broken to the smallest molecules and are easily digestible.

Other nutritional elements are cornstarch, coconut and canola oil, vitamins (A, E, K, B12, D3) and minerals for healthy development.

Packed in 6, 16.5 and 25 lb. bags, this kibble is supplied only with a vet’s prescription or his phone confirmation.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Canned Dog Food

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Canned Dog Food

Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Canned Dog Food by Merrick offers 100% complete nutrition with a limited ingredients diet for pets with food sensitivities.

This wet dog food is made of tasty turkey broth, turkey meat and liver with the stress on poultry as the first protein ingredient. No gluten products, wheat or corn are used. Peas, agar-agar, flaxseeds and other plant ingredients are the source of carbs providing amino acids, essential elements, minerals and vitamins.

As a reliable producer, Merrick Company collects the best and trusted ingredients for its dishes and processes them in its Texas facilities for the pets’ smooth digestion and good health without any artificial flavors or fillers.

Lamb, beef and fish represent other tastes for dogs with allergies, supplied in cans of 12.7 oz. and 20 units case.

Earthborn Holistic Venture Smoked Turkey & Butternut Squash

Earthborn Holistic Venture Smoked Turkey & Butternut Squash

Earthborn Holistic Venture Smoked Turkey & Butternut Squash Dog Food is hypoallergenic dry dog food with limited ingredients.

This kibble designed for the pets with stomach and skin sensitivities to test each separate ingredient and chose a safe one. The only protein source is smocked turkey, which provides building material for lean muscles and healthy organs. The poultry is risen in clean part of America, fed by wholesome diets.

A pet’s heart activity is enhanced by methionine and taurine. No corn, peas, gluten, white potato are used, as well as artificial flavors and fillers.

Squash seeds and flaxseeds are good for smooth digestion; Omegas supply in its turn provides strong dog’s immunity. Essential elements and minerals are added as well.

The product is recommended for all dogs’ life stages. It is supplied in 4, 12.5, and 25 lb. bags, providing perfect storage and nutritional components safety.

Brothers Complete Lamb Meal & Egg Allergy Care

Brothers Complete Lamb Meal & Egg Allergy Care

This Lamb Meal & Egg Allergy Care Dry Dog Food perfectly combines lamb and eggs and plant pomace full of wholesome elements for dogs’ feeding.

Pups with digestive issues may consume this kibble, and their parents may be sure of the guts and stomach health safety. Easily digestible protein components support body and organs development, carbs from natural plants, such as carrots, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, parsley, celery supply energy and immune system elements.

All amino acids provided by eggs, support skin, coat and mussels health. Enzymes and probiotics help with canine GI tract, breaking the ingredients to smaller molecules for good digestion. Vitamins, minerals, absence of grains, artificial flavors and fillers make this kibble highly nutritional and wholesome.

The variety of packing is 5 and 25 lb. bags for a trial portion or a cost saving purchase.

Tuscan Natural Simply Pure Chicken Meal

Tuscan Natural Simply Pure Chicken Meal

Simply Pure Chicken Meal Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food by Tuscan Natural offers wholesome and safe catering for prone to allergies canine friends.

The main ingredient is chicken for protein supply. Rice as carb is responsible for good mobility. The kibble is designed with olive oil component, thus offering fatty acids for immune system development and easy digestion.

Every component is farm-raised with care and in the clean environment. No chemicals are used. Vitamins A, D3, B12, Folic Acid, as well as minerals and other essential elements are supplied to support organs and immune system health.

The product is provided in 5, 15 and 28.6 lb. bags.

Zignature Turkey Canned Dog Food

Zignature Turkey Canned Dog Food

This Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula Dog Food is designed to exclude all elements, such as corn, wheat, chicken, eggs, potatoes, which potentially may lead to digestive disorders.

Wholesome turkey as the first ingredient is a source of proteins for this limited ingredients dish. The wet food is made of easily digestible carbs, peas, chickpeas, carrots and fruits. Altogether the components work for healthy organs’ development, skin, teeth and bones strength and energy supply.

Essential vitamins (A, A 12, Folic Acid, E) and minerals are preserved, elements containing fiber-rich and low-glycemic components are included.

The canned food is supplied in 13 oz. containers and in the case of 12 units. The variety of flavors is great: venison, salmon, trout, guinea fowl, goat.

Instinct Original Real Rabbit Raw Coated

Instinct Original Real Rabbit Raw Coated

The recipe of Original Real Rabbit Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Dog Food by Instinct contains 71% of pure animal protein, necessary for healthy muscles development, which is represented by clean farm-raised rabbit.

All carbs supplied in this dish are easily digestible, natural and exclude grains, corn, potatoes. These are 29% of wholesome fruits, vegetables, chickpeas, and other highly nutritional elements, which ensure fatty acids, antioxidants, natural probiotics for immune system and smooth intestine work.

Vitamins and minerals are included.

Bags of 4 and 20 lb. sizes preserve all wholesome elements of the kibble.