Best Dog Food for Weight Loss

Best Dog Food for Weight Loss – Best Picks Plus Questions and Answers

If you were once interested in the topic of proper nutrition, then you most likely know that a complete rejection of food and strict diets are not a way to lose weight. This is a way to undermine your health, both physical and mental. If we are already talking about weight loss, the only thing that is needed is a proper diet and balanced physical activity. And by the way, the same is true for dogs.

Dogs can also be overweight like humans. And this significantly affects their quality of life and physical capabilities. In this huge review, we have put together the best weight loss dog food to help you make the choice in favor of your dog’s health but not to the detriment of your wallet.

Top 5 Products to Make Your Dog Slimmer (and Healthier)

So, let’s not beat around the bush, but just look at a selection of the best brands of diet dog food.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Best Overall

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight is rightfully considered the best product in its category. The manufacturer speaks of this snack not as a product for weight loss, but as nutrition for maintaining the dog’s weight within normal limits. That is why each package contains non-fatty parts of a young chicken, plus vegetables and fruits for better absorption of fiber and burning of subcutaneous fat. Nice price and free shipping come as a bonus.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free


Wellness CORE Grain-Free

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat Formula positions itself as grain-free weight management dog food. Since cereals and gluten are complex elements for assimilation, their overabundance leads to excess weight. In addition, this manufacturer focuses on the exceptional taste of dog food for weight loss. This is just the case when the normalization of the dog’s weight does not mean eating something tasteless and insatiable. Of course, this package does not contain any ingredients other than natural. The manufacturer is aware that most of the chemical elements are toxic, which means they complicate the process of weight loss.

make your dog obidient

Purina ONE’s SmartBlend Healthy Weight

Best Budget Buy

Purina ONE’s SmartBlend Healthy Weight

Purina ONE’s SmartBlend Healthy Weight is really a cheaper option than its competitors. However, this is exactly the case when inexpensive dog diet food is not synonymous with poor quality. Purina is always the best combination of an adequate price and products worthy of the trust of pet owners around the world. This weight loss solution contains turkey and a rich selection of vegetables, plus an enhanced protein formula with much less fat and calories.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight

Best low fat dry dog food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight is a truly innovative product, as the manufacturer has decided to return to the true needs of dogs – the needs that they had before the dog became a friend of people. By the way, until this moment, dogs have never been overweight. So, this low-fat high protein dog food contains everything necessary for the dog’s weight normalizes by itself, plus a reinforced complex of vitamins to avoid vitamin deficiency in dogs with pronounced excess weight.

Hill’s Prescription Diet

Best low-calorie wet dog food

Hill's Prescription Diet

If your dog is used to eating wet food, you need to break this habit to normalize your weight. It is enough to choose wet dog food weight loss. Hill’s Prescription Diet is one of the most thoughtful and effective solutions to safely bring the dog’s weight back to normal, as well as improve immunity.

Attention! This is an extremely specialized weight control dog food. Since the formula contained in the package was developed specifically for dogs that are overweight, this food can harm animals with weight within the normal range. It is for this reason that this snack can be purchased with a written recommendation from the veterinarian.

Best Dog Food for Weight Loss Brands

Sometimes it seems that the number of brands releasing low-calorie dog food is much more than the number of brands doing the same for people. Yes, the market for pet products is very diverse, and here you can find anything you like depending on the breed and problem of your pet.

As for the best dog food for weight loss, it is necessary to note several manufacturers who have reasonable prices, very good reviews from the owners, and the proven effectiveness of the formulas contained in the package. These are Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Purina, Royal Canin, and Hills Prescription.

Surely you have heard about these brands before, or maybe you have already become a loyal buyer of one of them. Then the answer to the question of what is the best dog food for weight loss lies on the surface. Just choose a brand that your dog is used to and that you can be sure of personally.

The thing is that each manufacturer adheres to its own rules and algorithms for the production of food for dogs, depending on the goal and problem. That is, if your dog previously fed on standard grain-free food of a particular brand, then it is very likely that grain-free weight control dog food from the same brand will also work for its benefit. But let’s find out more about these brands so you have the starting point to make a choice.

Blue Buffalo

The history of this brand began in 2002, and it all began with a personal story. The brand creator was forced to look for the best nutrition for his dog, which was suffering from cancer. The unsuccessful search inspired him to create his personal products in order to first satisfy the needs of his pet, and then help other owners solve various problems with the health of dogs using high-quality and specialized nutrition. The quality of this food is backed up by scientific research, and of course, this is only possible with natural ingredients in the composition.


It is a brand with over 30 years of history. Its name, Wellness speaks for itself. The goal of the creators is to take care of every aspect of the dog’s health – healthy digestion, strong immunity, strong teeth and bones, and the quality of the coat. The brand has a strong quality control team, as well as a strong social mission. The company collaborates with many non-profit organizations to make the life of animals on earth safe and comfortable.


This is one of the most popular mid-priced pet food brands. Sometimes you may find negative reviews about this brand, but the number of positive feedback is much greater. Just imagine, this brand is already 120 years old! For more than a century, they have gathered a huge scientific base that helped them develop quality food for dogs and cats, plus the brand is constantly sharing useful tips with its users.

Royal Canin

The nutrition of this brand was created by a veterinarian more than 60 years ago. In the course of his medical practice, he came to the conclusion that it is possible not only to maintain the health of the animal through proper nutrition but also to solve certain problems. For example, the problem of excess weight. Purina is constantly developing nutrition for animals with different needs, realizing that health is a unique set of indicators for everyone.

Hills Prescription

As the name implies, this is a highly specialized food that you can buy if you have permission from a veterinarian. Perhaps, of all the listed brands, this company has the most rigorous approach to scientific research in order to find out which set of products solves a particular problem of a dog or cat in the best way. Moreover, another personal story gave rise to this brand. This is the story of a guide dog that suffered from kidney failure due to malnutrition. You may not believe it, but the first portion of food from this brand was prepared directly in the creator’s home kitchen.

Features to Consider When Buying Diet Dog Food

Here is what you need to consider.

  • The type of food your dog is used to. If your dog is already used to eating dry food, then it is better to choose a dietary dry formula. The same is true for wet food.
  • Breed and age of the dog. Some manufacturers create special solutions for dogs of certain breeds or categories, for example, depending on size and age. The more specific the feed, the more thoughtful it is, taking into account the characteristics of the breed and the more expensive it is, respectively. However, reviews suggest that even a universal solution does not always have to be bad.
  • The composition of the feed. Ideally, the package should contain natural meat products, and vegetables. Dietary nutrition also means fewer fats and calories with more protein.
  • The presence of allergic reactions. If your dog does not tolerate gluten, you definitely need to choose a food that does not contain this element. The same goes for all other allergens.
  • Price. Basically, the price of diet food varies from 30 to 85 dollars per pack. And you need to find the most reasonable balance between quality and financial capabilities.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Of course, it’s hard enough to solve the problem of overweight dogs on your own. Owners who have faced this disease for the first time usually have more questions than the right answers. That is why we decided to give answers to the most common questions in order to systematize the information in your head a little.

How much should I feed my dog to lose weight?

The most common mistake of owners of dogs suffering from excess weight is limiting the portion, for example, by half. But we have already said that weight loss and hunger strike are incompatible processes. Your dog should receive as much nutrition as it needs to feel good. The ideal rate will depend on your breed, weight, and the best diet dog food brand you choose.

Important! The dog should not starve but should receive enough water and physical exercises.

How can I determine my dog’s ideal weight?

It is very simple. There are standards for height and weight for each breed. You just need to find these guides, weigh your dog, and compare the recommended indicator with yours.

Prompt! Contact your dog breeder. He will tell you the site or book you need.

How to switch my dog to a weight-loss food?

And it is also very simple. As we said, diet food is not synonymous with tasteless food. To begin with, just offer the dog a new food – perhaps the pet will like it at first sight. And by the way, this option is the most likely.

However, if this did not happen, just be more cunning and mix the usual food with a new one gradually increasing the proportions.

What’s the safest rate of weight loss for an overweight dog?

Of course, the process of weight loss should be slow and gradual. Do not despair if you do not see amazing results in the first week. The weekly rate of weight loss is only 1 percent of the dog’s current weight. Doctors say that total weight loss should not exceed 10 percent of the weight with which your dog began to become slimmer, but you also need to take into account the standards and characteristics of the breed.

What should be in a dog’s diet?

Almost the same as in the human diet – meat, vegetables, crops. Meat is a source of protein, vegetables are sources of vitamins and fiber, crops are sources of complex carbohydrates that give a feeling of fullness with an adequate amount of calories. Some dogs cannot tolerate grain and gluten. This is not a global problem if you choose the right type of food. The lack of gluten and grains is always indicated on the packaging.

How many calories should your dog have per cup?

This question cannot have a definite answer. It all depends on your breed and the age of the dog. Therefore, in order to determine the ideal calorie rate for one serving of food, it is necessary to ask a more specific question. By the way, in fact, you don’t even need to know the calorie intake if you choose the right food for weight loss. Manufacturers always indicate the required standards on the packaging.

What are the different dog breeds and which ones are more likely to become obese?

You will not believe it, but in fact, dogs of small breeds are most prone to obesity. For each breed, this is due to different, for the most part, genetic factors. Here are some examples.

  • Dachshunds do not have an internal stop signal when it comes to food. It is categorically wrong to give the dachshund more food than its age requires – this dog will eat everything and even more. Obesity is fraught for them with severe problems with the spine, which has an atypical elongated structure.
  • Pugs hate physical activity. These are dogs created to recline on royal feather-beds and nothing more. They are not too voracious, but congenital laziness does not allow them to spend calories consumed.
  • The beagle is originally a hunting dog, which increasingly lives in apartments, or at best in private houses. The beagle has a genetically determined slow metabolism, plus they will never refuse to fill the stomach with something tasty. With insufficient physical exertion, overweight is a logical result.
  • Some experts also mention retrievers and name a particular cause of being overweight for these dogs. They are extremely nice and extremely good at asking and pitying, so they often get food from the master’s table.

How often should I weigh my dog to check for results?

It is necessary to weigh the dog every week. Please do not do this every day – you just tire your dog and she will stop letting you do it. The week is the perfect break to see the result. At the same time, also remember that it is not enough just to switch to the best healthy weight dog food. It is also necessary to add physical and mental loads to start the fat-burning process.

What are good low-calorie snacks for dogs?

Here is a simple tip for you. Read the composition of best dog food for overweight dogs and write down the basic vegetable ingredients. You can cook these vegetables yourself. It is enough to boil them, steam, or even stew in meat broth. Cool the vegetables, cut them into slices, and get the most suitable fat burners. The fiber contained in vegetables will contribute to the rapid breakdown of fat.

Other Dog Food for Overweight Dogs

As we have already said, the assortment of weight loss dog food is quite impressive.

Prompt! Ask your veterinarian to give you a recommendation, but for now, we will share with you additional alternatives for selection.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal

It is quite expensive, and one might even say a medical dog food diet. That is why it is necessary to have a prescription from the veterinarian to purchase this feed. This food is ideal for dogs who have digestive problems, do not properly absorb certain elements, and as a result, gain weight. Of course, the formula does not contain any excess fats except Omega 3, plus antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins in a complex with exclusively natural ingredients.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect

Of course, the problem of excess weight is more typical for adult dogs than for puppies. In puppyhood, it is very easy not to notice this problem, deciding that the dog will become slimmer as he grows. However, if the problem of excess weight is obvious, then here is the best weight management dog food for large breeds and adult dogs. Chicken, rice, and vegetables – the manufacturer believes that this is enough to normalize the weight. And he is absolutely right. According to scientific research, a dog gains a normal weight after ten weeks of eating this food.

Hill’s Prescription Diet  w/d Multi-Benefit Digestive

Diet  w/d Multi-Benefit Digestive

As it follows from the name, this is another healing and healthy weight dog food. This is also a rather expensive and specialized product, which is also suitable for dogs who have complex health problems. The manufacturer enriched the packaging with a formula that helps accelerate the metabolism, which means that it does not allow excess fat to form and accumulate in the body. In addition, this food is also suitable for dogs who have kidney problems, since easily digestible elements will prevent the formation of kidney and urinary tract stones.

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management

This food will not make your dog slimmer. This solution is for those animals that tend to be overweight due to the nature of the breed, such as pugs. In this case, it is much easier to prevent this problem with the best weight management dog food than to treat the consequences. Purina, as always, adheres to the best standards when price and quality match perfectly. This food is suitable for adult dogs. The manufacturer did everything possible to make the filling maximally satisfying and nutritious with the maximum possible reduction in the level of fats and carbohydrates.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Weight Formula

Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Weight Formula

And another solution from Purina to maintain the weight of the dog within reasonable limits. This is one best dog food to lose weight, which is ideal to restore the health of a dog that has already begun to suffer from the effects of obesity and excess weight. The fact is that this food contains special formulas to strengthen joints that have suffered from the need to support excessive weight. The main ingredient is turkey, and of course, a minimum of fat and a maximum of antioxidants.

VICTOR Purpose Senior Healthy Weight

VICTOR Purpose Senior Healthy Weight

This is a low fat dry dog ​​food designed specifically for dogs of respectable age. As a rule, during this period, body weight can reach a critical point – especially if the owner ignored this problem or considered excess weight a feature of the breed. Age plus excess weight definitely lead to the fact that the dog has less energy, which means even fewer chances to lose weight. That is why this low-fat grain-free dog food is also enriched with L-carnitine to artificially stimulate the dog’s energy and normalize weight not only due to proper nutrition but also due to calories burned.

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie

This is one of the best low-calorie dog food because the manufacturer has focused on putting as many healthy and nutritious properties as possible into as few calories as possible. This is excellent low-calorie dog food for small breeds, which, by the way, are much more prone to obesity than dogs of large breeds. This food combines healthy chicken proteins and healthy fish fats to maintain an optimal balance with the complete absence of carbohydrates that lead to obesity.


Ignoring the dog’s overweight problem is extremely dangerous for her health. Excess weight is the same health disorder like any other, and this is another indicator that you need to monitor. We have compiled this best weight control dog food guide to help you get a first impression of the goals of this food, the main ingredients, brands, and prices. Your veterinarian will help you make the best choice, so use this article for informational purposes only.