Best Dog Joint Supplements

How to Find the Best Dog Hip & Joint Supplements? Discover Our Fullest Guide

Dog owners know firsthand that caring for a dog’s health is not an easy task. In addition to taking care of the dog’s nails, you still need to monitor all changes in behavior to quickly identify the disease.

The most common problem for all dogs is joint disease. Especially owners of large breeds face this. Let’s dwell on this issue and analyze the best joint supplement for dogs.

Cosequin Maximum

Еditor’s Choice

Cosequin Maximum

If you are looking for a quality product that can help keep joint health for dogs, then turn your attention to Cosequin Maximum from Nutramax Laboratories ($ 34.95). The rich composition has a positive effect on cartilage and joints. 132 chewable tablets are included in one product package, suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The product is safe and, in addition to the main components, contains omega 3 and is suitable for long-term use. Despite the fact that this is a joint pill for dogs, it has an attractive taste of chicken, which eliminates the problem with the adoption of the product.

The main effects:

  • The general strengthening effect of joints.
  • Increase mobility.


Budget Pick Supplement


If you are looking for the best budget option that has a good composition without harmful components, then Soft Chews from PetNC ($ 7.89) is the best choice. One pack includes 90 soft senses, and the daily dose for large breeds is 3 pieces per day. Well, for a small breed, there are enough chews for a long time. The only thing you should pay attention to is the presence of soy in the composition if your dog has an intolerance to this component.

make your dog obidient
  • The product increases mobility.
  • It has a strengthening effect on the joints.
  • Prevents the development of joint diseases.

Zesty Paws

Best Glucosamine Supplement

Zesty Paws

The best amount of glucosamine in the composition is in Multivitamin Bites from Zesty Paws ($ 25.97). The product has a wide spectrum of action and will help not only with joint problems but also with other diseases. In addition to glucosamine, there are more than 35 vitamins and minerals in the composition. This product is suitable for all breeds of dogs and for any age. One pack includes 90 soft chews.

  • It provides a healthy hip and joins.
  • Promotes healthy heart function.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Improves the condition of the skin and coat.

Paws & Pals

Best for Senior Dogs Supplement

Paws & Pals

If you’re looking for an effective remedy for the treatment and prevention of joint diseases for senior dogs, consider Soft chews from Paws & Pals (29.95). It contains glucosamine and MSM, which ensures the effective action of the product on the dog’s body. The composition is natural. In one package, there are 240 soft senses and it is suitable for all dog breeds.

  • Promotes increased mobility.
  • It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects in the joints.
  • Prevents the development of arthritis.
  • Boosts the immune system.

Paw Choice

Best All-Natural Supplement

Paw Choice

If your dog is intolerant of many components such as soy, milk, salt, sugar or gluten, then check out Chews from Paw Choice ($ 28). The composition is not only safe but also effective. One pack includes 120 chews and for a large breed of dogs, this package is enough for 30 days. This product is suitable for those who want to prevent the appearance of problems with joints.

  • Reduces pain in joints.
  • Improves mobility and flexibility of joints.
  • Prevents the occurrence of articular degeneration.
  • It provides healthy joints.


Best Liquid Supplement


If you are looking for a liquid product, then turn your attention to Glucosamine from BestPaw ($ 38). This product is an excellent option both as a treatment and as a preventative measure. It is non-addictive and suitable for long-term use. The product can be added to food, which will not cause difficulties in taking, because of the attractive taste. The dosage is indicated on the package and is suitable for dogs over one year old.

  • The decrease in pain syndromes.
  • Increases the flow of energy and makes the pet active.
  • It helps to increase mobility and make a movement without pain.

Pet Honesty

Best Hemp Supplement

Pet Honesty

Dog owners have noticed that hemp-based products can not only improve health but also solve problems associated with pain and joints.

Hemp Mobility chews from Pet Honesty are the best hemp-based products. The very rich and natural composition plus a convenient form of the product are the main advantages. There are 90 pieces of chews in one package, and the dosage depends on the size of the dog.

  • Relieves inflammation in the joints.
  • Relieves joint pain.
  • Restores the elasticity of cartilage.
  • Reduces stiffness and lubricates joints for improved movement.
  • General strengthening effect on the immune system.
  • Improving the condition of the coat and skin.

Joint Supplements for Dogs Buying Guide    

Now, after you’ve got acquainted with the main joint supplements for dogs on the market, let’s figure out why such products are needed when to use them and get acquainted with the real reviews of dog parents.

When Use Dog Hip and Joint Supplements?

Almost all dog owners sooner or later think about whether to buy joint medicine for dogs. Especially this question worries those who want to use such drugs in preventive measures. Let us consider in which cases it is immediately worth taking such a drug.

When your friend begins to move more slowly and becomes less active or is limping, then this is the first signal. Typically, this behavior causes pain or discomfort in the joints. It is worth noting that joint pain can occur in the shoulders and knees. At the first symptoms, it is recommended to consult a vet to make sure that these symptoms are not pointing out on any other disease.

There are symptoms that indicate joint pain:

  • Lameness.
  • Decreased activity.
  • Refusal to climb stairs or elevations.
  • Lying lifestyle.
  • Whining, biting, or growling while touching the paws.
  • Lack of coordination of movement.
  • Frequent licking of the same place in the joint.
  • Swelling of the joint.
  • Cracking in the joint.

These are the main signs that indicate diseases of your pet’s musculoskeletal system. It is recommended that you contact your vet if you have at least one of the symptoms.

There are also factors that contribute to the development of the disease:

Age: Age is not always an indicative factor since both young and old dogs are at risk of diseases of hip and joints. But, dogs of more mature age are more prone to such problems, as cartilage tissue begins to degrade with age. As for younger dogs, the cause may be a lack of nutrients in the diet as well as external factors.

Breed: Dogs of large breeds are more prone to problems with hip and joins. These breeds include:

  • Labradors
  • Golden retriever.
  • Rottweilers.
  • German shepherd dogs.

Overweight: Overweight is one of the most obvious reasons for the development of problems with hip and joins. The load on the joints increases, which causes the disease.

Common Causes of Hip and Joint Disease

Among the main causes of such diseases, the following ones can be underlined:

  • Congenital and hereditary pathologies. In such cases, joint problems and even arthritis can occur at an early age.
  • Injuries. Various types of injuries most often lead to diseases and the development of arthritis.
  • Infection. In rare cases, damage to the joints and cartilage can occur due to infection.

How to Treat a Disease?

As mentioned earlier, do not self-medicate, consult a vet. Joint supplements and diet will be prescribed depending on the state of the disease, the breed of your dog, its age and weight, and in some cases, you may even ask the vet to take your budget into account.

Preventative Measures

  • If you do not observe syndromes in your dog, then as a preventive measure you need to develop a complete diet that will provide the body with the necessary nutrients and try to prevent the situation when the animal can be injured.
  • Joint Supplements can be used to prevent the occurrence of diseases.
  • If your pet is over 5 years old, then you need to schedule a preventive visit to the veterinarian once a year.

All of the above joint care for dogs recommendations will help protect your pet from dangerous diseases.

Types of Dog Joint Supplements

As you already understood, in order to get rid of joint problems you need to introduce joint supplements into the diet. Let’s look at what types of products are there, so you can decide which one suits your pet the best.

  • Tablets: This is the most common type of such a product. However, not all dogs will want to use a pill or capsule. It is worth noting that not all tablets can be mixed into a pet’s food. Moreover, tablets usually have binders to compress the active ingredients, and this may ultimately affect how much is absorbed. The advantage of this form of the drug is the ease of dosage.
  • Liquid: This is one of the best forms of the drug since all active substances are rapidly absorbed. This form of the product can be mixed into food, unlike capsules. But there are manufacturers who recommend giving the supplement in its pure form, to measure the dosage, you can use a syringe or dropper.
  • Powders: This is a successful form of the product and ideal for those who cannot give the pet a tablet or liquid. Most manufacturers note that their products can be mixed both in water and in food.
  • Chews: Products of this form outwardly do not differ from treats, but work no worse than tablets, liquids or powders. Often, chews have an attractive taste for the pet, which prevents the problem of how to give this product to the dog.

Features to Consider When Buying Dog Hip&Joint Supplements          

  • Examine the composition for the presence of active substances that have a positive effect on the joint. These elements are glucosamine, collagen, hemp, MSM. If the above element is not included in the composition, then it is worth considering whether the product will work.
  • Make sure the product is right for your dog based on breed and age. For example, some products are not suitable for dogs under the age of one year.
  • Read the composition carefully. If you know that your pet has an intolerance to any component, then make sure that the product you choose does not have such. Usually, the joint treats for dogs composition are written directly on the site, but if you do not find the necessary information, be sure to check with the seller.
  • Make sure the product is original. Unfortunately, a product like Cosequin Maximum from Nutramax Laboratories is faked by scammers. If you are interested in buying this product, it is better to make a purchase on the official website or from proven sellers.


Do joint supplements for dogs really work?

Yes, such products do have a positive and healing effect on the dog’s health. The only thing worth understanding is that arthritis cannot be completely cured. You can only prevent complications of the disease, reduce pain symptoms. Also, products of this type have a positive effect on the whole organism.

According to numerous reviews, joint supplements help even dogs in old age to move without obstacles.

When should I start giving my dog joint supplements?

It is certainly recommended that you consult a vet before starting treatment. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then any change in your dog’s musculoskeletal system is the starting point for the beginning of treatment.

Catching the disease in the early stages helps prevents the development of more severe stages. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically introduce joint supplements for prevention in the diet.

Does glucosamine really help dogs?

This component is natural and is produced in the body of your four-legged friend. This component is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of cartilage. Over time, this component may not be produced in sufficient quantities. Therefore, products with this element are able to fix this problem and restore the natural processes in the body.