Best Retractable Dog Leash for Active Dogs and Lazy Owners

If you don’t want to run from side to side while walking your lively dog, retractable leash is an irreplaceable assistant for you. It allows the pet to feel more freedom while walking, thanks to the length that can be adjusted by the dog itself.

Until you don’t block an extendable dog leash a pet is able to adjust its length, depending on how much he pulls it on. But you can stop the dog at any time by locking the tape and decreasing its length.

This principle of work allows the pet to be free and active, while the owner will not make great efforts to control its behavior.

Do you want to make your walks with a tailed friend easier and more enjoyable? So, let’s choose the best retractable dog leash for this!

Top 5 the Most Convenient and the Strongest Retractable Dog Leashes

Flexi Classic Nylon Cord Retractable Dog Leash

Еditor’s Choice

Flexi Classic Nylon Cord Retractable Dog Leash

This retractable dog leash will make your walks convenient, lively, and safe. The product is the best choice because it is:

make your dog obidient
  • Very convenient to use. A specially designed grip fits comfortably in your hand so that you don’t get tired of holding it during long and fun walks with your fluffy pal.
  • Easy control in combination with the sense of freedom. This retractable dog lead helps to control the dog’s behavior in one touch. There is a button conveniently placed on the grip so that it can be pressed quickly. It instantly blocks the leash length.
  • Fits any pet perfectly. This item is sold in various sizes from XS to L to be appropriate for dogs of any breed and temperament.
  • Highest quality. The mechanism is made to last by the German manufacturer who strictly controls the quality at every stage of production.

Frisco Nylon Tape Reflective Retractable Dog Leash


Frisco Nylon Tape Reflective Retractable Dog Leash

This product combines undeniable comfort and exceptional safety:

  • Comfy for pets. To independently adjust the length of the leash a dog doesn’t need to put much effort. The mechanism works easily and smoothly.
  • Safe and convenient for owners. The handle is made taking into account the anatomical features of the hand. Therefore, you will not get very tired while holding it. The braking system is smooth so that you don’t feel a strong jerk when stopping your pet abruptly.
  • Easy to control. You can quickly lock the leash to stop your pet in a dangerous situation. There is a conveniently located and easy to press button for this.
  • Makes evening and night walks safe. Thanks to the reflective stripe, drivers will see you on the road from afar. This will help avoid accidents.
  • Ideally fits any breed. Sold in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, and L. So you can choose the option that is ideal for any dog: from toy terrier to shepherd.
  • Has variations with the extended length of 26 feet especially for extremely playful and freedom-loving pets.

Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

Best retractable leash for large dog

Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

Meet the leader among the most hard-wearing retractable dog leashes for walking large guys:

  • Strong braking and locking system. The button is located in a convenient place on the handle. Easy and quick access to it allows you to stop the dog immediately when there is a dangerous or unwanted situation.
  • Long ribbon for the extended feeling of freedom. It can be extended up to 16 ft by a dog without bothering an owner.
  • Withstands high loads. For this retractable dog leash, heavy duty is not an obstacle for long service life. It easily withstands pets of up to 110 lbs, which makes this item the best retractable leash for large dog.
  • Convenient grip. The handle is rubberized, so it will not slip out of the hand, even under the condition of high activity of a pet.

Cool-Shop Retractable Dog Leash

Best retractable dog leash with flashlight

Cool-Shop Retractable Dog Leash

If you and your pet are night owls don’t limit yourself to pleasant evening walks. Retractable dog leash with light will make them convenient and completely safe. And here is the leader among retractable dog leashes with light, which combines the following features:

  • Enjoyable and safe night walks. A powerful LED lamp ensures good visibility within up to 15 feet.
  • Extended comfort for your hand. The handle of this dog leash with flashlight is comfortable, doesn’t require additional effort to hold, and doesn’t slip out of the hand.
  • Dog’s freedom is controlled by the owner. 16 feet retractable ribbon gives the opportunity to your pet to show activity and interest in the environment without limits. But at the same time, you can control the dog’s behavior due to the convenient brake system.
  • Secure attachment to the collar. There is a strong carabiner that will not let the leash unfasten because of strong pulling or an abrupt jerk.

WIGZI Reflective Retractable Pet Leash

Best retractable dog leash for two dogs

WIGZI Reflective Retractable Pet Leash

It’s very difficult to control two pets simultaneously giving them freedom and taking into account their personalities at the same time. And there is nothing better than a dual dog leash with retractable ribbons for making this process easier.

  • No mess while walking two dogs at the same time. This item is equipped with a special anti-entanglement system.
  • Easy control of each pet. Ribbons and buttons for activating the brake system are marked in two different colors for two different dogs. Therefore, you will definitely not confuse the button you need to control a certain pet.
  • High load withstanding. The product can confidently support 50 pounds per pet. Small and medium breeds fall under this weight category.
  • Safe evening walks with a reflective strip. This is reliable protection against incidents on the road. Drivers will see you immediately thanks to the reflective element.

Features to consider when buying retractable dog leash

Choose the item that is the most convenient for you and the most comfortable for the pet taking into account the following parameters.


It should be chosen in accordance with the character of the tailed fellow:

  • For calm pets, 10 feet is enough. Such length can be seen in XS and S sizes of some products.
  • For averagely active dogs, 16 feet is optimal This is the standard length of the items.
  • For very lively pets, a long retractable dog leash is needed. Extra long retractable dog leash usually reaches 26 feet.

Weight of the dog

Each product is designed for withstanding a certain weight of the pet. Usually, this parameter is specified in the description of the item. Don’t forget to check it because if your pet is heavier than the leash can withstand there is a high risk of mechanism breaking or the ribbon tearing.

The convenience of the handle

Not to put much effort while walking your fluffy buddy and to avoid losing control choose the items with a comfortable grip. It should be designed in accordance with the anatomical features of the human hand. So that it is convenient and easy to hold.

Also, the material shouldn’t be too tough for the hand not to become tired too fast.

And finally, the handle should be anti-slip, so that you don’t drop it when your pet moves very actively. The best solution for a secure grip holding is a rubberized material. It prevents slipping out and also makes the handle soft.

One more note: If you are the owner of a miniature dog don’t rush to prefer an S size of the item. Sometimes a small retractable dog leash has a little handle either. So, it will better fit miniature hands of ladies or teenagers. So, don’t forget to specify the handle dimensions for each size in the description of a certain product. And if the small size of the item has a little handle and you’ve got a large hand, then better prefer the medium size of the product despite the miniature breed of your pet.

Location and quality of the stop button

It should be easily accessible and there shouldn’t be the need to press it with much effort. A well-positioned and well-made button allows you to instantly react in dangerous conditions and stop the dog immediately when you need it.

The material of the tape

It must be strong in order to last for a long time. One of the best options is nylon as it is durable and glides well for the good unwinding of the tape.

Quality of operation of the mechanism

The mechanism should work smoothly and easily. So that the dog doesn’t have to make enormous efforts to unwind the tape. Also, the braking system should be fast, but smooth, not sharp, so as not to cause discomfort or pain to the pet.

Features for safe evening walks

If you and your cuddly sidekick are admirers of evening walks you should pay attention to the details that will add more safety and comfort. To spend time outdoors in the dark without any fear use the items with a flashlight. Also, reflective elements are very useful as they will make it possible for drivers to see you from afar.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

How retractable dog leash works?

Such a leash consists of two parts: a handle with a special mechanism inside and a tape. The tape unwinds and reels automatically when the pet moves away or comes closer to the owner. Therefore, unlike a regular leash, you don’t need to unwind and wind it around your hand manually. This allows giving the maximum freedom of action to the pet with minimal effort for the owner.

A braking system is usually provided to control behavior. It is enough to press the button to stop the tape from further unwinding. Therefore, you don’t need to run after the pet to be able to control it. It’s possible to stop the dog at any time, even at a rather large distance.

Are retractable leashes bad for dogs?

No, they are not, especially if used with harnesses. They are very convenient for dogs as they give them more freedom than usual leashes do.

But there is one danger for owners. If you try to pull the ribbon itself while the dog is running it may lead to severe palm injuries. So, hold only the handle of the retractable dog leash and use only a specialized button for stopping the dog.

What is a good length for a dog leash?

It depends on the pet’s level of activeness:

  • For calm guys, 10 feet is appropriate.
  • For the ones that are active, but not too much, the standard length of 16 feet is the best choice.
  • And for extremely lively individuals, an extended length of 26 feet is more comfortable.

Can you use a retractable leash with a harness?

Yes, you can. Such leashes are compatible with harnesses. Moreover, they are even recommended to be used together. It is comfier and safer for the dog when a retractable leash is used with a harness than with a usual collar.

Other retractable dog leashes

Meet some more products you may like with their advantages that make them the favorites of thousands of purchasers.

TUG Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

TUG Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash
  • Unlimited pet movement without tangling. It is ensured by a convenient fastening of the tape to the handle that allows the leash to move 360 degrees without any problems.
  • A durable and smoothly functioning mechanism provides lasting and comfortable work.
  • Easy control in one touch with the convenient lock/unlock system.
  • Water-resistance of the material makes the walks enjoyable despite the rainy weather.

ThunderLeash Nylon Retractable Dog Leash

ThunderLeash Nylon Retractable Dog Leash
  • Soft and comfortable grip for your hand not to become tired or hurt after a continuous walk.
  • A wide choice of variations for different pet’s weight: from 12 lbs to 100 lbs.

Flexi Vario Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

Flexi Vario Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash
  • An ideal pick for heavy pets. This item fits even real giants. The maximum weight of the pet is up to 132 pounds.
  • Extra comfort both for dogs and their owners. Soft and perfectly fitting grip for you and smooth running of the tape for your pet.
  • Highest quality. Each copy is hand-made and passes several quality tests.

DOGNESS Smart Retractable Dog Leash

DOGNESS Smart Retractable Dog Leash
  • Very lasting mechanism. Inner details are made of stainless steel. So, the item will last for many years.
  • The smooth running of the tape. It will prevent your fellow from experiencing discomfort.
  • Ergonomic handle. Fits comfortably in the hand, so your palm won’t hurt after a vivid and lasting walk.

Dial A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash

Dial A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash
  • Advanced control due to the auto-braking feature. You can set the maximum length by yourself. And the tape unwinding will be stopped automatically as soon as it reaches the pre-set length.
  • Universal for all environments. Due to the adjustable maximum length, you can use the item safely in any situation.
  • Convenient and accurate setting up the length. Even when you don’t use the auto-braking feature, it is easy to control the length. Unlike many other items that have only the button for locking the tape, this one allows you to regulate the length accurately to the foot with the help of a specialized dial.