Best Dog Seat Belt

Best Dog Seat Belt

When you sit behind the wheel of your car, you make sure your seat belt is one. When you are driving your children around, you put them into special car seats. So why not extend these precautionary measures to your furry friend?

We probably don’t need to explain how risky it is to have your dog just sitting in the back seat unrestricted. Not only can your pup sustain serious injuries in case of a sudden stop, but it can also distract you from driving with many negative consequences.

That is why a special dog car restraint is no longer a luxury — if you frequently take your dog out for a drive, it’s a pure necessity. Here are the top 7 car seat belts for dogs you can buy right now plus some helpful tips on choosing a dog car safety belt.

BWOGUE Dog Safety Seat Belt Car

Editor’s Choice

BWOGUE Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Car Headrest Restraint

Not every dog seat belt comes with a buckle: this adjustable dog seat belt from BWOGUE is attached to your car’s headrest. It is made of high quality nylon and can be adjusted from 18 to 30 inches to fit every dog’s needs. The seat belt is available in 9 adorable colors, and the best news is that it’s actually a two-pack, meaning you will always have a replacement belt in case anything goes wrong.

Kurgo Seat Belt Tether for Dogs

Kurgo Seat Belt Tether for Dogs

For a simple, affordable, and very practical option, consider the Kurgo seat belt tether. It is securely attached to your dog’s harness and can be easily installed by buckling it in to the rear seat belt slot. This tether can be adjusted from 15 to 22 inches, comes in 5 attractive color schemes, and is compatible with most car makes and models.

make your dog obidient

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OMorc Dog Seat Belt

OMorc Dog Seat Belt

The OMorc dog seat belt comes in a pack of two, allowing you to easily switch between them in case something goes wrong. It’s a very durable seat belt made from black nylon that is nearly immune to tears and chewing. The length of the seat belt can be adjusted from 19 to 28 inches, which will easily fit most small and medium-sized dogs. It can be used in most cars both in the front and the back seat.

iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars

iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars

The dog car tether from iBuddy is super easy to install and is made from extra durable materials, but those are far from being the only advantages of this seat belt. It provides you with a choice between headrest and seat belt slot installation, has an elastic buffer element on the tether for maximum comfort, an extra strength dual safe hook, and comes in a pack of two. There is also an option for small dogs.

Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt

Vastar  Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt

It seems like the creators of the Vastar dog seat belt have thought of everything when designing their product. The extra durable material of the belt is wear-resistant and meant to last for years, the universal buckle should fit most car seat belt slots, and adjustable buckle allows you to make your belt from 16 to 27 inches long, which should be a perfect fit for any pup.

Kong Adjustable Harness with Seat Belt

Kong Adjustable Harness with Seat Belt Attachment

The majority of dog seat belt options on the market is designed for medium and large dogs, but finding a small dog or puppy seat belt is often challenging. Luckily, this Kong seat belt is there to solve this problem. The seat belt is created specifically for tiny dogs and puppies and comes with a matching harness. This belt comes in a single blue colour and can be adjusted from 12 to 18 inches.

URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt

URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt

The dog leash for car from URPOWER looks very impressive, and its features are impressive as well. Every element of this seat belt, from the sturdy nylon to the stainless clip, are meant to be extremely comfortable for your pup and to last for years. The URPOWER seat belt can be adjusted from 24 to 31 inches and will fit most small to large dogs. You can also choose a two pack of seat belts for quick replacement or to keep your two dogs secured in their seats.

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Are Seat Belts for Dogs Safe?

Unlike using children’s car seats, the use of dog car seat belts is not regulated by any state-wide laws in the US. And although there are currently 8 states that have dog seat belt laws, you may still wonder: if dog seat belts are not yet mandatory, are they really necessary and safe?

The first thing you need to know is that dog seat belts protect not only your furry passenger, but also other people in the car and you as a driver. Even the most well-behaved dog is unlikely to spend the whole car ride in one place. Sooner or later the pup might get bored, and this is where the unpredictable behavior can get dangerous. Your dog can accidentally obstruct your view or interfere with your driving, putting the lives and safety of the passengers at risk.

According to numerous studies, a dog seat belt is an effective way of restricting your dog in one place and preventing additional damage in case of a rough stop or collision, but only if you meet two requirements:

  • The seat belt should have exceptional quality and come from a renowned manufacturer. Whenever possible, look for a crash tested dog seat belt — only then you can fully expect it to fulfill its purpose and ensure the safety of the dog and the passengers.
  • The way the seat belt attaches to your dog is an important aspect of the safety. The only suitable way to wear a seat belt for a dog is to attach it to a harness, given that the harness also has a high quality of construction and has more than one connection point.

How Do You Use a Dog Seat Belt?

In theory, using a special seat belt for transporting your dog isn’t complicated at all: you put a harness on your dog, attach the seat belt to the harness with a buckle, and then put the buckle on the opposite side into the seat belt slot in the rear seat of your car.

In reality, there is one potential problem preventing you from immediately starting to use a dog seat belt. If your pup is not used to wearing a harness, the first ride in a car wearing a harness and a seat belt can turn out to be quite a stressful adventure for everyone involved.

The key here is to ease your dog into wearing a harness. Start by wearing it for short periods of time around the house. When your pup feels comfortable wearing the harness for 15-20 minutes, take it to the nearest dog park. Then, using positive reinforcement and treats, you will easily get to a point where your pup is prepared to travel in a harness and a seat belt for extended periods of time.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Dog Seat Belt

The market for dog seat belts is rather limited, but there are still good options and bad options when it comes to choosing a seat belt for your pup. If you want to pick the best possible dog seat belt for your needs, consider the following three features:

  • Safety. The number one parameter in choosing a great dog seat belt is security. It may not look very exciting or have extra functionality, but it needs to be good at what it is supposed to do, which is secure your dog in the rear seat of the car.
  • Durability. No matter how well-trained your pup may be, there is no guarantee that it won’t tug, pull, and chew on the seat belt during the ride. The material of the seat belt must be extra durable, and the metal elements of the construction need to be sturdy enough not to unbuckle or snap at the worst possible moment.
  • Size. Most dog seat belts come in a variety of sizes designed for the different weights of the furry passenger. Always make sure to pick the right size and look for adjustable seat belts that can be made longer or shorter depending on your needs.
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