Best Dog Stairs and Steps

Best Dog Stairs and Steps

Representatives of small breeds are charming in appearance. However, they are clumsy and helpless in everyday life. They can’t even climb onto the sofa without help. But, the small growth of four-legged friends can be compensated by a special dog steps for bed – with the acquisition of such a thing, the life of the tiny inhabitants of the houses becomes much more fun, easier and more comfortable.

Thoroughbred babies love to frolic, but since their thin legs and kneecaps are vulnerable, they risk being injured during games. Neat multifunctional models from the world’s best firms will also save you from the dangers that await graceful puppies at every step. Their durable foam lining will eliminate bruises and regular trips to the veterinarian. And climbing dog stairs is easier for a dog than a ramp.

Among the many accessories offered by trademarks to dog breeders, pet steps for small dogs are especially popular today. The information in this article will tell the reader what it is, whether the dogs need it, and what the main nuances of choosing such an item can be.

Check out our list of top dog stairs and steps!

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Editor’s Choice

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Stylish and ergonomic folding pet steps for large dogs weighing up to 90 kg.

make your dog obidient

Thanks to them, your pet will be able to get to high or inaccessible places. The staircase is ideal for dogs with joint problems, for elderly and sick animals that themselves cannot jump onto, for example, a sofa.

There is a non-slip coating on the steps.

Pet Steps/Stairs by Best Pet Supplies

Made in USA Pet Steps/Stairs by Best Pet Supplies

Best Pet Supplies dog stairs for bed are designed for an average bed or sofa height of ± 45 cm (bed height) and are designed for small dogs, old people and pregnant dogs who find it difficult to climb onto a bed or sofa. 

Filler – foam, the cover is removed and erased. Machine wash is recommended in the gentle mode at a temperature of 30 °C.

Arf Pets Wood Dog Stairs

Arf Pets Wood Dog Stairs

The most significant features of this pet ladder:

  • varnished MDF
  • for home use, for example, like a staircase to a bed or sofa
  • Three levels of height adjustment (40/44/47 cm)
  • reduces the load on the joints
  • it is recommended to use for problems with joints and back pain
  • can be used for preventive purposes
  • folding, compact storage

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs

The steps are designed taking into account the average height of the bed or sofa ± 45cm (bed height) and are intended for small dogs, puppies, old and pregnant dogs that find it difficult to climb a bed or sofa.

The cover is easily removed from the stairs. It is easy to wash it in the machine.

Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

Features of these puppy steps

  • plastic with TPR inserts on the steps
  • reduces the load on the joints
  • for use on the street or indoors: facilitates boarding a car, can be used as a ladder on a sofa, bed, etc.
  • for cats and dogs weighing up to 40 kg
  • recommended for back pain and joint problems, as well as for elderly and weakened animals
  • can be used for preventive purposes
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • anti-slip coating on the steps
  • compactly stored thanks to a folding leg

Zinus 2 Step Easy Pet Stairs

Zinus 2 Step Easy Pet Stairs

Сhic easy dog ramps for beds for small dogs, for puppies and elderly dogs, who find it hard to jump onto their favorite sofa or chair. 

It will simplify the task and protect weak joints from the excessive load when jumping on or jumping off. The cover is removable, made of soft plush, with a zipper.

Can be easily removed, can be washed in a washing machine with a delicate mode of 30 degrees. The filler is foam rubber, lightweight and resilient, easy to clean in the shower, lasts for a long time.

PETMAKER Folding Pet Stairs

PETMAKER Folding Pet Stairs

The tall pet stairs will allow the pet to climb onto their favorite sofa or chair easily. Do not forget that the bones of small dogs are very fragile, and any jumping can cause dislocation and even a fracture!

In the manufacture of steps for small dogs, low growth is necessarily taken into account, which allows the pet to easily and without problems climb the ladder. The steps for small dogs of this model are made of textile stuffed. The frame is made of wood.

The steps for dogs fold easily, transforming into a slide. A smooth slope will allow the dog to descend gently, which is especially important for puppies and pregnant dogs, who find it difficult to climb or descend ladders.

Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs

Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs

Especially for small breeds and future tailed moms, we present you a beautiful ladder for dogs. Delicate colors, universal design, and high-quality products – you are sure to appreciate the ladders for small dogs from the manufacturer with descent expertise.

Foam pet stairs for small dogs are presented in two colors: gray and blue, which allows you to choose an accessory by sex of a four-legged pet. 

Using pressed foam rubber makes the ladder very stable and quite light, even the most fragile hostess will be able to move the ladder for dogs to different rooms independently. The non-slip material is thought below for maximum animal safety.

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Wood Pet Stairs

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Wood Pet Stairs for Dogs and Cats

Any pet stairs for large dogs consists of a number of steps, but the methods of their manufacture are very diverse, as well as the materials from which they are made. 

Concerning this model, everything is made of natural wood and are food impregnated.

Numerous reviews and our own expertise leaves no doubts that this pet stairs made of wood are stable and wise investment for your beloved friend.

Majestic Pet Villa Apple Pet Stairs

Majestic Pet Villa Apple Pet Stairs

Strict restraint and aesthetic appeal – the presented ladder for dogs will be an excellent option for a four-legged boy.

Most of all, representatives of small breeds, especially pregnant girls, need a ladder for dogs. Small puppies, as well as old and sick animals who want to always be with their beloved owner, also desperately need such an accessory. Do not deprive them of this pleasure!

The ladder frame is made of durable pressed foam, known for its hypoallergenic qualities and wear resistance. The ladder for dogs is covered with a pleasant and delicate silver velour fabric. The cover is easily removable, not afraid of washing in washing machines.

The anti-slip bottom gives extra care and security, and the cute design of the dog ladder gives style and beauty.

Pet Ramp vs. Pet Stairs

Caring owners try to make their pet’s life as comfortable as possible, creating conditions for him to move freely. An example is the installation of a doorway for a dog or cat in the door. Another example is the installation of a ramp or stairs. Such devices are used for both small and large dogs. Often they are used for pets with short legs.

But what is actually more efficient for your friend ramp or ladder?

The described devices are most often necessary in the following cases: 

  • Ramp – boarding a car. So that the dog does not jump into the body, a ramp is installed for it, which is convenient to climb into the car. If there is no such device, the pet has to jump, which can lead to injuries or damage to the finish of the car. 
  • Stairs – descent and rise to the bed. Small pet owners often have to lift them onto a sofa or bed, as they themselves are not able to climb there. If there is a dog ladder next to the bed, the pet can climb to the bed at any time and go down without the help of the owner. This simplifies the life of the dog owner.

How to Train Your Dog to Negotiate Steps

Training your pet to climb and descend the puppy’s stairs should be on a short occasion and harness. 

Initial stage

  1. To do this, bring the baby to the obstacle, say the command “Forward” and entice. It is important to take every step carefully so as not to frighten the dog and not finally create stairs in its representation as something terrible and dangerous. If he is still afraid to even step on the first step, you should slightly tighten the leash and show a treat. 
  2. As soon as the baby rushed forward, he should be praised and treated with something tasty. Even if the pet refuses to move forward after the treatment, you can push it a little, taking the treat in your left hand and in the right leash. 
  3. As soon as the baby overcomes several steps, you can go down again, praise the puppy and give a treat. A lesson requires to do a few more times.

Second stage

  1. As the dog gets used to the stairs and moves along with it, the puppy should first be led along the left or behind. Later, you can complicate the lessons by forcing the dog to move several steps in a row independently on the command “Forward”. 
  2. After overcoming the fear of an obstacle, you can choose a ladder with higher steps. Remember that the dog must be able to climb and descend any stairwells, because who knows what situation it may be in some cases. 
  3. Especially at first, the dog will need to be supported under the belly, both during the ascent and during the descent. 

Finalize your training

  1. As soon as the puppy learns to climb the ladder on a short occasion near the owner, he can begin to accustom him, to do it himself. 
  2. Having planted near the stairs at the left foot, you need to give the voice command “Forward” and tilt the body forward, stretching out his right hand. 
  3. As soon as the dog completes the command, it should be encouraged and praised.

Factors to Consider

If you decide to approach the purchase with all seriousness and buy your dog the most convenient and useful ladder, here are some tips we can give.


Ladders for dogs are made of various materials: finely porous foam rubber, plastic andwood.

Foam stairs can withstand weight up to 20 kg; they are soft and covered with fabric. Such a ladder is suitable for all animals in which joint problems are possible, as well as young and too playful – it is impossible to hit painfully on soft foam-rubber steps. For the same reasons, a ladder for dogs made of foam rubber will be convenient for you.

Wooden steps for dogs withstand up to 50 kg. They are suitable for all breeds of dogs, even large ones, to which additional devices are advised due to old age, injuries, and pregnancy.

All the stairs should be covered with fabric or have fabric covers on the steps. This is no coincidence. Small dogs often arrange a couch on the steps. If you are going to buy a ladder for a York or other long-haired breed, choose a cover made of smooth fabric so that wool does not cling to it.

Any covers are removed from the stairs and easily erased in the machine. With a little more complicated steps, they will have to be cleaned from time to time, as you would clean the upholstery on the couch.

Design features

Almost all the stairs are folding. This facilitates transportation and makes the shipping price more profitable. When a staircase is not needed, you can store it in a closet or in a pantry. Some owners transport dog ladders to the cottage or use them to help the dog enter the car on their own. Wooden and plastic stairs are suitable for this.

Staircase dimensions

The most common dog ladders on sale have three steps. The height of the steps is 11-18 cm, just suitable for small dogs. Three steps are enough for the dog to climb the stairs to the sofa, chair, or bed. The height of the stairs is about 40-50 cm, and the edge of the chair or bed will be like the 4th step. In order to determine the desired height of the product, they do so: they measure the height of the furniture and take the stairs a little lower.

If you need a tall ladder for a dog, there are 4 and 5-staired models for sale. Also, sometimes there are stairs, on which there are many low round steps, as well as side ramps for dogs. Such models are good for short-legged dachshunds or welsh corgi. However, for a healthy dog ​​with short paws, steps 11 cm high are enough.

To summarize: you choose the height of the stairs based on the height of your furniture, and the height of the steps – from the size of the dog. Low steps are always preferable to high because they are suitable for any breed and will create less stress on the joints.

Sometimes the width of the stairs also matters. It varies between 40-60 cm. A narrow staircase takes up less space, and a wide one looks prettier and is more likely to become another sleeping place for your dog. If you have built a house for a dog on a hill, you need a wide staircase, because it will be safer and more convenient.


According to statistics, more than 20% of dogs in old age suffer from arthritis. Small dogs during jumps due to structural features of the hip joints are very often at risk of dislocation. 

In general, you will find a very useful and necessary acquisition.

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Martin's Rich
Martin's Rich
4 years ago

Recently bought those PupSteps – my dog has joint problem. Now my family can sit on a sofa with our Richard. Thanks guys!

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