Best Dog Sweaters

Best Dog Sweaters

Description: Is your dog always getting cold when outside? Find out which sweaters will keep your pup warm and make him look like the trendiest dog in the neighborhood!

A dog sweater is much more than a trendy accessory that will make your pup stand out. While dog sweaters look undoubtedly cute and fun, they also provide protection for sensitive dogs against the cold. Check out the 25 best dog sweaters you can find right now!

Top 25 sweaters for Dogs in 2020

Lanyar Dog Reindeer Holiday Sweater for Dogs

The holidays may be over, but it doesn’t mean your dog can’t rock a holiday sweater design all year long. This adorable sweater with a festive pattern is available in two color options with penguin or reindeer motifs and a range of six sizes, making it easy for you to find the right one.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

Chilly Dog makes some of the best dog sweaters available in the market today, but their Boyfriend dog sweater stands out for several reasons. Most importantly, it is handmade by Quechuan Indians from 100% wool and has a universally flattering design. There is a choice of 8 sizes, which should be more than enough for any owner.

NACOCO Xmas Dog Holiday Sweater

With the right attitude and wearer, a holiday sweater can be worn 365 days a year, especially when it’s this cute Xmas dog sweater by NACOCO. This sweater is made from acrylic fabric, which makes it both warm and durable. You can choose between two festive designs and 8 sizes designed to fit every pup.

Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Clothes for Dog

If you are a person who prefers to have a little fun even with the most mundane tasks like choosing a dog sweater, here is a design you are guaranteed to like. This Adidog dog sweatshirt is a huge hit on social media for its hilarious print and comfy fit. With a whopping 13 sizes and 10 colors to choose from, you will always find the best option for your pup.

Friends Forever Holiday Santa Sweater For Dogs

It’s never too early to start preparing for the next winter holidays, and your first step on the way to a magical Christmas may be purchasing this holiday costume for your dog. Available in several designs, including Santa and reindeer, and three sizes, this Friends Forever holiday sweater will make your Christmas celebration even more fun.

Mihachi Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

For a more traditional approach to puppy sweaters, try this classic cable knit sweater by Mihachi. If you’re a fan of matching looks with your dog, you can easily find a human match for this sweater. There are five size options and four color options, so you will effortlessly discover the one that fits your dog perfectly.

Stinky G Dog Aran Sweater

Here is another great choice of a traditional dog knit sweater — the Stinky G aran sweater. Made from 100% acrylic, this sweater is both warm and practical. You can choose from four sizes and nine colors. This is a dog sweater with harness hole, so you never have to sacrifice safety for style.

PUPTECK Plaid Style Dog Sweater

Plaid is a timeless pattern that looks fantastic not only on humans, but also on our furry friends. The PUPTECK plaid dog sweater has everything it takes to become you and your dog’s favorite. The trendy design, the use of 100% dacron for warmth, and the choice of 2 colors and 5 sizes make it one of the greatest dog sweaters we have seen so far.

Koneseve Plaid Dog Shirt

If you love plaid and dressing up your pup but simply don’t need warm dog sweaters due to the climate, you will definitely like this plaid dog shirt by Koneseve. This shirt has an especially comfy fit thanks to the availability of 11 sizes, and with 9 colors at choice, you can easily create a matching look with your dog.

kyeese Dog Sweater Turtleneck Dress

Looking for something special for your pup? Check out the sweater dress by kyeese! It is too adorable for words and will make your dog look like a little princess every time you’re going out. Available in two designs and seven sizes, this turtleneck dress is a great alternative to the usual dog sweaters.

Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear Dog Sweater

Tiny dogs living in a cold climate need special temperature conditions to remain healthy. That is why small dog sweaters should be not only cute, but also extremely warm. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the woolen sweaters by Fashion Focus On. Designed specifically for small dogs, this sweater comes in 6 sizes and 12 color options.

Dofyou Pack of 2 Turtleneck Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweaters

In case you are a proud owner of two dogs that you love dressing up in matching clothes, the Dofyou cable knit turtleneck sweaters should be right up your street. The sweaters are available in four sizes and come in two colors, so that your pups could sport matching outfits without looking completely identical.

Friends Forever Holiday Santa Hat Hoodie Sweater

If you’re the type of person who loves doing everything in advance, it may be already time for you to start preparing for the next winter holidays, and this Friends Forever Christmas dog sweater will help your dog celebrate the holidays in style. Available in three sizes and six styles, this Santa dog sweater will create the necessary holiday spirit.

EXPAWLORER Dog Fleece Sweater

Many popular dog sweaters not only provide warmth to your pup on long winter walks, but also make everyone who sees your dog smile. The EXPAWLORER fleece sweater is exceptionally warm, but what makes it truly stand out is the hilarious print on the bag. This sweater is available in six sizes and can fit nearly every dog breed.

Gooby Small Dog Sweater Vest

The sweater vest by Gooby is one of the most practical dog sweaters we have seen lately. It comes with a zipper and a stretchable bottom, which makes putting the vest on and fitting it easier than ever. There are also two D rings on top of the vest for attaching a leash. You have 14 colors and patterns, as well as 5 sizes to choose from.

Gooby Padded Dog Sweater Vest

A regular sweater vest is great in a moderate climate. However, if you and your dog often walk in colder temperatures or when it’s rainy or windy, you will need some extra warmth for your pup. That is exactly what you’ll get with the Gooby padded sweater vest. With even more protection from the cold, a comfy design, 5 sizes and 12 color options, you and your pup will love this sweater.

BINGPET Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Most of the cutest dog sweaters available today have some prints, and the BINGPET sweater is no exception. This cream and brown sweater has just one print on the back, which makes it both adorable and stylish. The acrylic composition of the sweater will keep your pup warm for a long time. You can choose from four designs and five sizes.

BOBIBI Christmas Dog Sweater

You have seen plenty of holiday sweaters for dogs so far, but the BOBIBI sweater takes the Christmas theme to the next level. It’s decorated not just with an adorable elf pattern, but also with colorful pom poms, which will put a smile on everyone who meets your pup. There are six sizes and an alternative Santa design of the sweater available.

Baja Ponchos Handmade Dog Poncho

If you are looking for a completely unique version of a standard dog sweater that no one else has, you should definitely consider the Baja Ponchos handmade dog poncho. Crafted from authentic Mexican blanket by hand, this poncho is one-of-a-kind on top of being warm and beautiful. There is a choice of two designs and seven sizes.

Fitwarm Knitted Sweater for Dog

In case you want a dog sweater that not only feels, but also looks warm, we suggest the knitted dog sweater by Fitwarm. Available in just one grey color, this sweater comes with a cute hood and will keep your pup warm and cozy through any elements. You can choose from six sizes designed to fit the needs of most dog breeds.

Blaoicni Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt Sweater

Plaid is a timeless pattern and you can never go wrong with choosing a plaid sweater for your furry friend. This Blaoicni sweater is made to look like a trendy hooded sweatshirt for extra style points. The material of the sweater is a combination of polyester and cotton for ultimate warmth and comfort. Six sizes are available.

Mihachi Dog Sweater for Cold Weather

If you are not afraid of a pop of color when it comes to your pup’s winter apparel, we have just the perfect option for you. This Mihachi dog sweater has a tasteful and colorful pattern and is made from 100% practical acrylic. You can choose from three sizes and three color options.

Blueberry Pet Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

The dog sweater by Blueberry Pet has many advantages: it’s made of a wool and yarn blend, has a classic crewneck design, and is available in seven sizes. However, its biggest advantage is probably the selection of a whopping 20 colors.

CHBORCHICEN Classic Pet Dog Sweater

The woolen blend of this CHBORCHICEN dog sweater makes it so cozy that your pup will never want to take it off. This dog sweater is designed for small dogs and comes in two fun pattern options, strawberry and heart, as well as six sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How cold is too cold for a dog?

Most dogs can easily sustain temperatures over 40-50°F, although smaller pups or dogs with a thinner coat may start feeling the effects of cold weather sooner. When the temperature drops below 40°F, it’s a good idea to consider buying a sweater for your dog.

How do I tell if my dog is cold?

There are several ways to spot if your dog is uncomfortable in low temperatures. If the dog is behaving anxiously, refuses to go for a walk or continue walking, shivers or trembles, constantly lifts the paws from the ground, is looking for a warm shelter at home and outside, barks, or produces a whimpering sound, you can presume your pup is cold.

How can I get my dog to wear a dog sweater?

Some dogs will happily wear a sweater from the first day, but others need to ease into it. You can start by allowing your dog to smell the sweater and rubbing it against his fur for a day or two. Then try to put on the sweater loosely on your dog and give him a treat. The next day, choose a more snug fit of the sweater. Constantly reward your pup’s good behavior with treats and soon any stress or anxiety will be eliminated from the process.

How should a dog sweater fit?

The sweater your dog wears should have a rather tight fit, so that air doesn’t get underneath it. However, it should not be too snug around the neck or paws. Plus, male dogs need to have their stomach open for freely relieving themselves. Always measure the length of the back and the circumference of the chest before buying to find the ideal fit.

How often should I wash my dog’s sweater?

Wash your dog’s sweater when it gets dirty or smelly. If it still looks and feels wearable, you can wash it once every week or two. Washing your dog’s sweater too often makes the fabric wear out faster and you’ll need to buy a new sweater sooner than you expected.