Dog Toys

Interactive Dog Toys

Entertain and train your dog with the help of interactive toys. They are interesting and useful. They let both a pet and his owner have fun and help improve the dog’s intellect.

Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2021

Have fun together with your pet and train him at the same time with the help of toys that will never let you and your dog be bored. Check our guide with the compilation of the most modern and interesting interactive dog toys of 2021.

Dog Ball Launchers

Are you tired of throwing a ball to your fluffy friend by yourself hundreds of times? This will no longer be an obstacle to having fun together with a pet if you find a good device for automatic ball throwing. Meet the best ball launchers that will delight your pet without much effort from you.

Puzzle Dog Toys

They are very useful for the pet’s mind. They can help improve the intellect of your four-pawed pal and keep him busy and entertained while you are not around. This is a great way to overcome the feeling of loneliness and boredom that lead to misbehavior. Choose the best dog puzzles with our guide.

Indestructible Dog Toys

Is your pet an avid chewer? There will be no need to buy new toys every week if you choose the ones that are made of extra strong and durable materials. They are resistant to mechanical damage with sharp teeth and claws, thus, can last for a longer time.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys in 2021

Modern technologies allow producing extremely durable materials for making pet toys. Check the top of the best items in 2021, which combine the following essential features: durability, safety, and beauty.

Best Indestructible Squeaky Toys

Toys of this type often become favorites as they are very funny. But they are very frequently accidentally damaged and broken down, which frustrates a pet a lot. Do not let your cuddly mate get upset! Choose one of the best squeaky toys made of durable materials out of our top.

Best Indestructible Toys for Pit Bulls

The representatives of this breed have record-breaking strength of bite. It is 1450 N. For comparison, a wild wolf has the bite power of only 593 N, and a bear — 751 N. Therefore, toys must be made of extremely durable materials to be able to resist the bite of such a dog. Such items exist, and we have compiled the top of them!

Dog Toys Brands

Choose products made by trusted brands to be sure of high quality and guaranteed safety. We have reviews on the items of well-known manufacturers.

Best Kong Toys

Pay attention to time-tested products. Kong is an English company that has been producing pet toys since 1970. It has been successfully working to bring joy to pets and their owners for more than 60 years. And millions of customers worldwide appreciate the quality and a wide assortment of the products made by this brand.

Best Chuckit Toys

This company specializes in producing balls and launchers. Products made by this brand are the best on the modern market. A lot of other manufacturers tried to make similar products, but they are not as powerful and qualitative as the items by Chukit. Take your ball games with a pet to the next level with the toys produced by this company.

Other Dog Toys

Best Toys for Puppies

Puppies need toys that are suitable for their age. Rightly chosen items bring much fun and stimulate physical and intellectual development. Read our article to find out how to choose toys for puppies of different ages.

Cheap Dog Toys

The limited budget of an owner should not prevent a pet from having fun! There are so many cheap toys that are yet very enjoyable! The top of them can be found in our guide to low-cost pet toys.

Best Dog Bones

Such a toy is a must-have for an avid chewer. Keep your dog’s sharp teeth busy with a bone, and a pet will not have the time and desire to damage the interior of your home. Choose the safest and the most durable item out of our top!

Best Dog Frisbee

Flying discs delight dogs even more than balls! But keep in mind that only a high-quality product can bring you and your fluffy friend joy free of any disappointment. Choose the best item for having a great time together with a pet using our guide.

Best Plush Dog Toys

They often become the favorites of pets thanks to being very soft and cute. Many dogs do not part with their plush friends for a single minute and even sleep with them. Therefore, safety and hypoallergenic qualities should be the first thing to consider while choosing. Find out what else to pay attention to and what items are the best from our article.

Best Dog Balls

Ball games are very good for the health of pets and enjoyable for both dogs and their owners. The right choice of equipment is the key to having a great time! Make your games as enjoyable as possible with lightweight and durable balls that are easy to throw far away and difficult to damage with teeth. We have compiled such items on our top!