Best Dry Puppy Food

The Best Dry Puppy Food: Get A Complete Guide with Top Products and FAQ

Proper nutrition is the key to health not only for people but also for animals. When the puppy stops consuming milk, it is necessary to take care of the baby dog’s proper nutrition. It is significant to understand that from now on, the puppy’s health is in your hands. Therefore, your main task is to ensure the right diet. How to achieve this?

There are two options: feed and food. If you are not ready to cook certain foods for your pet, then the best option is a dry puppy food. Ready-made fodder is balanced, which means that you will not need to worry about whether all the nutrients in your baby’s diet are enough. Today we will focus on best dry puppy food.

Top 5 Dry Food Products Every Puppy Owner Should Know About             

Finding a worthy dry puppy fodder in such an assortment that exists today is far from an easy task. Your puppy’s health will depend on the food, so choosing a product at random is not a good idea. For this reason, we decided to prepare for you the 5 best dry dog food for puppies that you should pay attention to.

Purina Pro Plan

Best Overall

Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan top-rated dry puppy food has all the necessary nutrients that will have a positive effect on the development of all organs of the puppy. The composition contains all the components that will be responsible for the development of all organs and the saturation of the body with microelements.

Many owners say that they had no problems with this product. Puppies eagerly eat this food, and what is vital, the owners note that the puppy quickly gets used to the feeding schedule and does not need additional meals or increase the recommended dose.

make your dog obidient

Wellness Complete Health


Wellness Complete Health

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry product formulation provides nutritional support during puppy development. This is a good feed that suits everyone as a starter lure. The rich composition promises that the baby’s health will be in order, and the fodder can be a complete diet. Most owners point out that this is the best product for dogs that follow a grain-free diet. The owners of the most finicky babies note that even their moody puppies are ready to eat this food willingly.

Solid Gold Small & Toy Breed

Best Dry Puppy Food for Small Breeds

Solid Gold Small & Toy Breed

Solid Gold Small & Toy Breed formulation took care of the puppy for whom any fodder not intended for them can become a big problem. This is a food that allows you not to worry about your puppy’s stomach and digestion. Chicken is the first ingredient as it is easy to digest. There are live probiotics and omega fatty acids in the feed that have a nourishing and cleansing effect on the stomach.

The healthy coat and skin, as well as strong immunity protection, are also in the focus of this feed option. The feed size is quite small, which is necessary for puppies of small breeds. The puppy will not have problems with chewing.

Hill’s Science Diet

Best Dry Puppy Food for Medium Breeds

Hill's Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is a good dry puppy food – and this is not subjective opinion, but the customers-proven statement. 4,5 out of five ratings proves that this choice can be really good for canines of different breeds. The composition is enriched with all the necessary substances that will support the health and help develop the puppy’s organs. This meal also provides an antioxidant effect, which is clinically proven. A sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins create an impenetrable shield for immunity, as well as strengthening bones and teeth. There are no artificial flavorings in the composition, only natural ingredients.

Purina ONE SmartBlend

Best Dry Dog Food For Large Breed Puppies

Purina ONE SmartBlend

Purina ONE SmartBlend is one of the most recognizable snacks in goods for dogs market since it meets all the requirements for providing a complete and nutritious diet. Chicken is the main component that is responsible for the required dose of protein. The composition includes DHA, which supports the development of the brain and vision (this component is found in breast milk).

To protect and maintain the immune system in the feed, it contains an antioxidant mixture. Various minerals contribute to maintaining the body with all the necessary elements and have a beneficial effect not only on the body but also on the condition of the coat and skin. The fodder is easily digested in the digestive tract, the composition is safe, which is confirmed by the manufacturer with quality certificates.

The Complete Feeding Guide: FAQ

Now you know about the best products, but it’s worthwhile to dwell on the issues that often arise practically among the owners of puppies. This guide is built on the principle of a question-answer, where you will find an explanation on all issues that may interest you.

Is there something specific on what I should and should not do to feed my cub?

The fodder for adult dogs is not suitable for puppies, as the ratio of necessary nutrients will not be suitable for ensuring the normal functioning of the puppy. A puppy needs a balanced diet that can be prepared independently according to the recommendations of a vet or you can purchase specialized food.

If we consider the dry puppy food, always check it on compliance with AAFCO standards. It is also necessary that the manufacturer notes that the feed is a complete and balanced diet.

How’s the nutritional requirement of large breed pups different from small breed pups?

The main difference that every owner should know about is the paradox that small breed puppies need more calories than large ones. But this does not mean that it is worth not to listen to the manufacturer’s instruction and offer the small puppy what was developed for large ones, with the hope that they will receive more benefits for the body. More doesn’t always mean better. So, you may choose a specialized solution created for the dogs of a certain size, or even of a specific breed, or pay attention to universal alternatives that should suit every punch without exception.

Can I combine kibble with wet food to improve its nutritional value?

Yes. This can only be done after consultation with a vet. If the puppy has any health problems, then such a mix can have a negative effect on the body. Therefore, before changing the diet, it should be recommended by a veterinarian.

As for improving nutrition, the mix of feed types helps to get rid of excess weight, as there will be more saturation. But the wrong dosage can lead to the opposite consequences. The mix of feed types helps restore water balance in the body with wet food.

How often should I feed dry food to my puppy?

Puppies need a certain amount of fodder and nutrition. But there is no fit for all advice. Each cub and breed has its specific, and what is more, each puppy may have specific health needs that you will need to cover with proper meals.

Almost all manufacturers indicate a feeding schedule depending on the age of the puppy. Therefore, you can use this scheme.

Is dry food a better option than wet food?

Puppies dry food has a higher energy density than wet food. If this type of fodder does not cause discomfort for your pet, then this option is suitable not only from health but also the economy of the owner. Puppies’ dry food is more beneficial than wet. Also, dry fodder is more hygienic for the pet’s oral cavity.

For puppies who are just starting to feed, there will be a need to add water to the feed so that the puppy can chew.

Can I exclusively feed kibble to my pup?

The answer to this question will be provided by a vet based on a survey of your baby’s health. Do not focus on whether it is possible to feed the pup only kibble. It is important to emphasize the quality of the feed and ensure that the puppy receives all the necessary nutrients. With a balanced and proper diet, the puppy can only eat dry food. It is significant that the pup does not have discomfort and always has clean water.

P.S. Before changing feed types or making mixes, you should consult your vet.

When can puppies eat dry food without water?

You can stop adding water to dry puppy fodder by 8 weeks because by this time the pup will already have teeth to chew. Nevertheless, each puppy may be different, so you will need to monitor how the puppy will cope with food.

For example, after 8 weeks, you can start adding less water and see how the puppy will cope with the food. If you notice that it is difficult for a pup to chew, then wait a while with the abolition of water in the feed.

Important! Regardless of which brand and approach to nutrition you choose, your dog should always have enough clean water in free access.

Other Dry Food Options to Consider      

Sometimes it seems like a simple task to choose a diet for a dog, but it turns into a real headache for the owner, veterinarian, and sellers of the store. We decided to facilitate this task at each stage and therefore supplemented this article with a list of best rated dry puppy food.

Blue Buffalo with Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo with Protection Formula

The story of this product began with one dog that had health problems. In response to this need, the owners despaired of choosing the right fodder and therefore decided to create the perfect food on their own. Today it is a recognizable brand due to its high quality and exclusively natural components. The manufacturer says that they do not use second-class raw materials, and also do not enhance the natural taste of the feed due to sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Chicken, as well as rice, is the basis of this food for dogs.

And by the way, buyers write quite good reviews – 4.5 out of five.

Royal Canin for Russell Terrier

Royal Canin for Russell Terrier

Marketing approaches to segmentation and personalization have also reached shelves with dog food. And most likely, this is the right approach – because no matter how hard the developers try, it is impossible to take into account all the features of each breed in one package with a snack.

That is why one of the world’s leading brands decided to create specialized fodder for Jack Russell, and took into account the needs of this breed. The task of this food is to make the first ten months of puppy development as efficient as possible and lay the foundation for his good health. That is why packaging is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to maintain the immune system and the proper formation of the digestion mechanism.

The note! The manufacturer also thought about other breeds – and created specialized solutions for small dachshunds, shepherd dogs, and other breeds.

Wag by Amazon

Wag by Amazon

It is a relatively new brand and manufacturer. Its advantage is that each portion of the fodder is prepared manually on a California farm, and meat quality is the highest priority. While the brand has not gained popularity and recognition, the manufacturer suggests trying several test mini-packs to understand how this snack will suit your dog. However, high reviews of 4.1 out of five suggest that this could also be a good choice.

Abound Dry Puppy Food

Abound Dry Puppy Food

It is also a relatively new manufacturer, and it offers the “get it all in one package” concept. This food is based on natural chicken meat plus brown rice plus fresh vegetables. It is this combination that is the most correct for easy digestion and the proper assimilation of all the elements necessary for the harmonious development of the dog.

Victor Premium Dry Food

Victor Premium Dry Food

This snack is really premium because its components perfectly match the health requirements of the dogs with special needs – for example, pregnant and lactating, as well as dogs that require a higher level of energy for effective work, for example, for large dogs that serve in the police and at the border.

The brand has excellent reviews – 4.5 out of five, and the owners also say that this snack was real salvation from allergies.

Canidae Pure – Puppy Recipe

Canidae Pure - Puppy Recipe

The creators of this fodder decided to combine everything that little puppies need in one package. A unique ingredient is eggs as an additional source of protein. Snack comes in different flavor combinations (an interesting option is a salmon), and the producer also has something to offer grown-up puppies of medium and large breeds. The main concept of this food is that the meal should not be complicated, and the puppy should not have problems with chewing. Therefore, it is relatively soft dry food.

Nulo Free Style

Nulo Free Style

This is branded and quite an expensive snack for dogs. However, the price is offset by a richer content of beneficial elements, probiotics, as well as calcium and phosphorus. In addition, the manufacturer also offers solutions for adult and older dogs, as well as for cats. As for the filling, here it is a turkey plus sweet tomatoes. This is a good option for dogs that digest rice crops poorly. Moreover, the fodder has truly dietary content and in this case, you can be absolutely sure that a snack will be beneficial.


We are well aware that this choice will be challenging but did our best to tell you about the main peculiarities of each meal you can choose for your fur baby. Take them into account and do not forget that you can always switch from one brand to another if something stops suit you and your pet.