Best Outdoor Dog Kennel

Best Outdoor Dog Kennel

One of the serious issues is the choice of outdoor dog kennel. Experts agree that the animal should have a place intended exclusively for him, his own comfort zone. For this purpose, for providing four-legged friends with comfort, enclosures, cages, kennels for dogs, etc. are created. They differ in shape, size,and material. 

Initially, a very small number of four-legged lived directly in the house. To date, many designs have been created for dogs to transport dogs, such as outside dog kennels. This concept includes designs of various shapes, materials, and sizes. Cages, outdoor dog kennels, and soft round dog pillows – all combine in a single category that a pet owner should have to make the life of his friend almost luxurious.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

Editor’s Choice

So that you can easily spend time with a dog outside, we offer to buy this large outdoor dog kennel. It can be installed in the back yard, and therefore there is enough space for your dog. 

The product is very durable, and the door is closed very tight for greater reliability. By the way, there is a waterproof roof, which simplifies the use under the rain. The product has a collapsible design. It is very convenient for storage. The dog enclosure can also be used for a puppy so that he does not run around the apartment and is safe.

The cage is designed to contain and transport medium and large animals.

make your dog obidient

It is used when long transportation of dogs is necessary, convenient in operation, and is suitable for quarantine keeping of pets.

What does Welded Wire Kennel give to the kennel? The special coating protects the metal from corrosion, provides a long attractive appearance of the kennel, and extends the life of the product.

Paws and Pals Pet Exercise Pen Tube Gate

Best Cheap Outdoor Dog Kennel

Looking for a comfortable dog run kennel for your pet? We know what to offer you. Suitable for installation, both indoors and outdoors. Easy assembly without tools. Folds completely for easy storage.

Its feature is that it is made of washable material and is easily cleaned of various types of contaminants. The arena is characterized by such properties: sections of the crate, which play the role of walls in the aviary, can be combined into different figures, with their help it is possible not only to create a space for the pet fenced on all sides but also to partition the room.

What you’ll notice at first glance  – the reliable lock system on the door of the structure. And the fact that the gap between the rods is enough for a good view of the surrounding area and the constant movement of air. Thus the distance between the rods does not allow puppies to stick their heads out or crawl completely.

The manufacturer of the kennel guarantees durable material is used that the pet will not be able to break or bend; the enclosure is completely disassembled. What’s more, assembly takes a minimum of time.

Advantek Pet Gazebo

Best Outdoor Dog Kennel With Roof

This covered dog run is a metal fence for puppies or adult dogs that can be used both outdoors and at home. This dog run with the roof is a prefabricated structure of 8 panels (metal grids coated with a polymer coating, which will increase the life of the unit). If necessary, the size of the enclosure can be reduced by not using all panels.

There is a door with latches on one of the panels. Can be used both indoors and outdoors (in case your apartment is spacious enough for this; the kennel lets the pet even run within it).

Compactly folds for convenient storage and transportation; easy to assemble (no additional tools required).

However, do not use Advantek Pet Gazebo if your dog can climb over the enclosure panel (in case you didn’t put on the roof). 

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Kennel

Best Portable Outdoor Dog Kennel

The puppy playpen consists of 8 sections each 40″ in size, including one with a door. Also known as the giant arena. Designed for dog breeds (medium size), whose adult weight is 10-23 kg.

Ideal for raising puppies and other pets at home and outdoors.

A simple and reliable design allows you to combine any number of elements and allows you to install them in many configurations. The shape and size of the outdoor dog kennel can be adjusted in accordance with the area on which it needs to be placed. The size can be either reduced or increased with the growth of puppies by removing or adding walls.

Metal parts are made of steel. All elements are quickly assembled/disassembled without any tools.

It is delivered in a set of 8 sections folded in the factory packaging.

Giantex Large Outdoor Dog Kennel with Shade Roof Cover

Best Large Dog Run Kennel

The heavy-duty outdoor dog kennel guarantees the safety of your huge dog and the safety of property to the owner. A separate area will allow the puppy to zone the space and quickly learn to sleep in one place, and go to the toilet in another. In addition, the corral will help, if necessary, limit the freedom of movement of the animal in the apartment, in the house or in the backyard.

The advantage of dog lots is that zinc is  highly environmentally friendly and non-erosion material that is completely harmless to human and dog health. That is why it is used for the production of water pipes, buckets, best dog kennels, etc.

Silent, reliable welds, easy to assemble. Can’t be transformed into different shapes.

Buying Guide

Who Should Buy an Outdoor Dog Kennel

Among the components of dog happiness, a safe, cozy place for living is crucial. If you are a happy owner of a country house, and your dog is given complete freedom within the yard, the need for the outdoor dog kennel does not raise a shadow of a doubt. A dog must hide somewhere from the weather. But how everything changes when the animal settles in the apartment. The house is warm. There is no rain and wind – why did you even come up with a home cage for a dog? From a human point of view, no additional shelters are needed.

Those who never kept an animal at home put forward yet another reinforced concrete argument: “No, the dog needs freedom. Locking it is inhuman.” But is it so humane to keep a freedom-loving animal in four walls? And doesn’t it depend on you personally what the outdoor dog kennel for your pet will be: a house or a prison?

Dog’s favorite place to relax can be under the table or under the bed, in the corner, next to an armchair or sofa, or on the pieces of the furniture mentioned. All these places have common features: a small area and the presence of several walls. Dog kennels are exactly what your dog requires to satisfy its own natural need for personal territory.

Good reasons for such an acquisition are much more than it seems at first glance.

Outdoor Dog Kennel vs. Dog House

According to numerous dog kennel reviews, there is no clear answer on what is actually better: Outdoor Dog Kennel or Dog House.

The choice of the aviary for your friend should come out of your personal preferences and needs of the pet.

Whether your dog is small enough, you can purchase a dog house as far as it is considered as a more aesthetic choice. The houses are usually made in pretty bright colors, design of which is intended for luxurious apartments.

What about outdoor kennels, they are for big boys. Whether your pet loves running from corner to corner, never sits in one place and may disturb you while being on the backyard – turn your eye onto this choice.

Features to consider


The choice of the design must come down from the goal you are buying a kennel for. Predominantly, they are divided into 2 big groups:

  • big kennel (run) – aimed at running and playing inside:
  • small one – designed only for slipping and sitting.


The size of the aviary depends on the size of your dog and the time it will spend in the aviary. Minimum aviary sizes:

  • for medium breeds (German Shepherd, Labrador, etc.) – 20 square ft,
  • for large breeds – 26 square ft.

These examples are advisory and can be adjusted depending on your needs and the individual characteristics of your dog.

For example, if you plan to use the kennel in the apartment, you can buy it one size or even two more than the recommended one, so that the pet has more space for games and recreation. If you plan to use the cage for transportation, it is better to take it “size to size” so that the dog is not thrown from side to side on the bumps.

For a puppy, we always recommend taking a cage for growth, because when the pet grows up, the lot can be useful in many life situations, such as repairs, moving, unexpected guests with small children, etc.


The most popular type of cage is a metal kennel for dogs. Why are they so popular, well, first of all, such kennel for dogs are very inexpensive.

Secondly, a metal kennel for dogs is very durable and able to withstand the onslaught of even a very large dog. Metal cages for dogs usually consist of the cage itself, a plastic tray that replaces your pet’s floor. Sometimes a plastic net is also installed above the plastic pallet, forming a raised floor in the cage.

Sometimes the cells are not equipped with a pallet. Therefore, if your pet is the size of a small elephant, then for him you need to buy a metal kennel.

But there are other kennels that are not designed to contain your pet in everyday life, but in order to facilitate their fate during the travels of the owner.

Such cells are called carrying dogs. Say there are suitcase cages or backpack cages that are comfortable to carry during transfers from one vehicle to another. If your dog is large or weak, then the cage for a large dog can be equipped with special wheels to make it easier for your big hairy friend to roll at the train station or to the plane.

The enclosure for puppies should be made of strong rods, painted with completely safe paint. The manufacturer should use powder and environmentally friendly paint of various types, which allows us not to worry about the health of the dogs and provide the enclosure with an aesthetic appearance.


Usually, the bottom is a pallet made of durable plastic. On top of the pallet can be lattice false. Steel cages can be collapsible or folding, but both can easily be folded and assembled without using any tools. 


Roof – is not a mandatory element and is provided at the request of the owner of the animal. Most of the parameters of future design depend on the purpose of the aviary.


All movable joints and locks are designed in such a way as to exclude spontaneous folding of the product. 

The margin of safety of locks and hinges is enough to keep the dog if it tries to break out. The rods are fastened together using spot welding, and the ends are rounded. All of the above applies only to products of reputable manufacturers. A cage can have one door on the long side, or two. The second door is usually located at the end. Each manufacturer has their own view on the optimal design.


In most cases, weather resistance of the kennel is mainly prescribed by the fact if the roof is waterproof or not. Moreover, the flooring plays the role too.

Final Word

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the dog kennel. They do not bring harm, but rather make your life with a dog more comfortable. It is clear that if there is no such need, then you do not need to buy or make a lot for your pet. If you live in a private house, and your dog lives in a separate booth, then it’s better to educate your pet than to put him in a kennel.

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