Best Plush Dog Toys

Best Plush Dog Toys

Do you remember your favorite plush toy, which you used to hold when getting asleep? Pups also may have such ties with their toys, carrying them in the jaws over the house or even taking for a walk.

All kinds of toy hedgehogs, lions, fur balls or bears may accompany your pooch in a crate, on a sleeping mat or on a dog couch.

Plush dog toys are represented by great varieties of images and designs. They attract the attention of many pets, prevent them from getting bored and save your furniture and shoes from pups’ jaws.

We’ve collected the most remarkable plush toys for dogs and described their ultimate features below.

Top 5 Best Plush Toys for Dogs

Multipet Lamb Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Еditor’s Choice

Multipet Lamb Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

We value Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy by Multipet due to its versatile utility. The toy may be used in various games and entertainments, making your furry friend happy and jolly. Gentle plush is pleasant to touch; soft stuffing is comfortable for cuddling.

make your dog obidient

A pooch will eagerly play with this lamb either alone, or with her pet parent. A fetch or tug game will make your common time free of boredom. The plush toy is supplied with a squeaker, which makes an item even more engaging.

Although a toy is sturdy and resistant to chewing, we advise never leave a pup with a toy unattended. Thus, you will prolong your product life. It is also safer for a pooch, because broken parts or damaged stuffing may become a choking hazard or cause volvulus.

Additional comfort is ensured by the assortment of the Lamb Chop Squeaky stuffed animals for dogs. It is offered in 3 variants of length: mini – 6’’, regular – 10’’, jumbo – 24’’.

ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

ZippyPaws brand offers an adorable fun for all mid-sized four-legged companions. It is almost impossible to stay indifferent towards this Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy for any dog.

Being supplied as a set of 3 woodland animals, the push toy is bright, soft and squeaky. It provides hours of entertaining for your pooch. Having no stuffing inside, the mess decreases significantly in case of any damage.

Three amiable figures of a raccoon, a fox and a squirrel create a great company to your pooch. They are also good for cuddling.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Trash Can Puzzle Dog Toy

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Trash Can Puzzle Dog Toy

Hide and Seek Plush Trash Can Puzzle Dog Toy by Frisco ensures a great time spending for any medium or big size dog. Are you a hunting breed? Does it like sniffing and chasing?

This amazing plush dog toy offers an incredible occupation for your canine companion.

The toy consists of three soft raccoons stuffed into a plush trash can. Any pooch will enjoy playing hide-and-seek and trying to get the toy animals out of the shelter. Another variant of a game is to put some delicious treats inside of the trashcan. A pet will be engaged in finding kibble, physical and mental work.

Snuggly and gentle plush elements of the toy for dogs ensure a napping company. Thanks to its compact dimensions (7.25’’ x 3’’ for raccoons, 7.5’’ x 6’’ for a trash can) it fits into any dog crate.

Frisco Plush Squeaking Giraffe Toy + True Chews Premium Chicken Pot Pie


Frisco Plush Squeaking Giraffe Toy

This bundle offer comprises 2 elements, that your lovable pal will adore. These are a fluffy toy dog in the form of a giraffe with a pack of real chicken treats.

This Bungee toy offers multiple hours of fun and entertainment to your lovable pooch. A plush dog toy in a giraffe design creates an atmosphere of safari allowing a pup to chase, hunt and catch prey. Various sounds of squeakers and crunchy paper stuffing create additional engagement.

Tasty treats placed inside a toy will be an award for dog’s efforts, thus being both enjoyment and education. Kibble is 100% organic, free of wheat and soy, safe for a pooch with any intolerances.

Hartz Tiny Dog Jungle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Hartz Tiny Dog Jungle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Hartz offers a beautiful variety of designs of puppy stuffed animals: a toy dog, a rhino, a lion, a monkey.

Being dispatched at random, your canine will adore any character. They all are soft, bright and cuddling, supplied with entertaining squeakers. The figures 4.5’’x 1.7’’ by dimensions will fit into any dog’s sleeping place making pup’s napping comfortable.

Features to consider when buying plush dog toys

Any toy should perform functions of entertainment, learning and physical exercises. Do plush toys for dogs cope with these demands? What are the main characteristics for fluffy stuffed dog products?

A cuddly or chewing item?

Answering this question depends directly on your dog personality. This is the main factor of choosing a pet toy.

  1. Are you a parent of an anxious puppy or a senior dog? Her teeth and jaws are not too strong. These dogs require softer toys, which will not cause harm to vulnerable organs. In addition, plush toys may not be so sturdy, as pooches will not be able to cause much damage to them.
  2. Your furry friend is a big strong and grown up creature. Her heavy bites demand durable toys, with resistant-to-destroy stitches.

Exterior and functionality

A toy training function is ensured by its image, colors, additionally supplied squeakers, lights. The main aim of an item is to maintain interest in a pooch.

Monitor what preferences your dog has. If these demands are bright coloring or loud sounds, – thus choose stuffed animals for dogs with squeakers or vivid squeakless dog toys.

Size and material

Select a stuffed animal for dogs according to your dog and her jaws size. Avoid too small items, which may become choking hazards. On the other hand, a pooch may have little interest in bulky units, as they are not comfortable to carry over and sleep with.

Avoid 100% artificial materials, low-quality plastic and other harmful elements in favor of nylon, rubber, BPA-free vinyl, etc.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are plush toys bad for dogs?

Actually plush toys intended for pups are safe for them. However, if a pooch is left unattended with a toy, even the sturdiest toy becomes dangerous with inventive playful puppies.

They may tear cloth, get out stuffing and swallow it occasionally. Except for possible poisoning by the harmful things, this may cause intestinal blockage, which in its turn may lead to the lethal outcome. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal bloat are various manifestations of this state.

Your attempts to cure a pooch yourself is dangerous without vets’ consultation, thus ask your doctor advice.

How do you disinfect plush dog toys?

While playing with dog plush toys, pups touch them with the mouths and tongues, licking and swallowing saliva. Microbes and grime may appear in the pooch’s stomach, thus leading to ailments. Pup’s entertaining object must be kept clean.

Puppy stuffed animals collect dust, dirt and should be regularly cleaned.

However, application of any disinfecting chemical may be harmful to a dog’s health. Rinse a toy with soap or wash in a washing machine with pet-safe detergent. Adding some while vinegar in the place for fabric softener will delete soap residuals and sanitize a thing at the same time. Be sure to completely dry a toy before using or storing it to prevent mold.

When should I throw away my dog’s toys?

As soon as a plush dog toy is ripped, torn exposing its stuffing and squeakers outside, be sure to remove it from your pooch crate or mat. Its artificial components and cracked pieces with sharp corners may cause pup’s choking, stomach disease, poisoning.

However, try to be a responsible pet parent to avoid polluting the environment. Do not throw away a plush toy and send it to landfills as soon as it runs out its shape.

It is easy to give a second life to a toy, especially if it is a knitted or fluffy stuffed animal.

  • Sew or knit the broken part and you pooch will be happy to continue her entertainment with a favorite item.
  • Donate those toys, which your pooch uses seldom or express no interest. Animal shelters always lack dog toys, bowls or mats.
  • When buying new toys, choose those from the responsible brand producing its goods from natural environmentally friendly or recycled materials. It also may provide an option for further damaged toy collecting and processing.

Should I take my dogs toys away at night?

Snuggling a cozy soft plush toy may become a routine procedure for your anxious pup when getting asleep. Thus, she will become calmer, get into her crate or mat and fall asleep quicker.

Another variant is a toy with treats, suitable for training time and place for a dog to sleep. Any toy, especially a plush one, may be upgraded to a treat toy. Just add some delicious crunchy pieces into its inner part, making a pup struggle for a treat. She will be engaged in this awarding activity, get tired and fall asleep quicker.

When taking away some kinds of toys at night, which may be dangerous for a pup, refer to her with precaution against getting bitten. Even the most disciplined pups may become aggressive by this action.

How do you wash plush dog toys with squeakers?

Most canines are crazy about toys, producing sounds, including balls, throwing fliers, and plush toys. All of them may be proposed either as squeakless dog toys, or with the squeakers inside.

These objects are machine washable, which is very convenient. Nevertheless, is it necessary to remove squeakers prior to a washing cycle?

In general, the answer is no. There is no need to peel out a toy before its cleaning in case there are no other fragile elements on it. An average squeaker has sturdy construction, which withstands a washing cycle.

After applying water, it may produce weaker sounds until it dries completely. Thus, if it makes no difficulty to take away and then to install a squeaker back, remove it for maintaining its qualities.

Should you wash new dog plush toys?

We would advise cleaning a new toy before starting using it. A lovable pup’s object spends much time in the mouth of a pooch. In case of any contaminations, germs or bacteria, there is a threat of gastrointestinal infection, indigestion, vomiting in a dog.

High temperature is the best killer for mold, yeast, and microbes. Wash a new toy during a washing cycle in the washing machine with hot water avoiding any detergents. Another variant is processing plushies in the microwave. This procedure ensures the same effect of disinfection of possible contamination, which may not be visible.

Is there a toy my dog can’t destroy?

Is your pup a strong chewer? Does it take her 5 minutes to destroy the sturdiest new thing? The greatest interest for vigorous jaws are these fluffy toys dogs, which are supposed to entertain her for a prolonged time.

Be sure that the variants to chew, fetch and snuff exist even for those unruly creatures.

  • Choose the items with strong seams, study linings, especially on the places exposed to teeth and paws.
  • Ropes made of durable natural material helps delay demolition of puppy stuffed animals.
  • A symmetric shape with some lines of stitches make any toy for dogs not only sturdier but also well balanced for throwing games.

Anyway, remember, that there are no eternal items; inventive pooches manage to cope even with rubber, silicon, plastic and wooden surfaces. Thus, never leave a pup unattended with plush dog toys, especially those stuffed with artificial polyester tufts or fabric, as they may cause choking hazards being torn to pieces.

Other plush dog toys

KONG Plush Duck Dog Toy

KONG Plush Duck Dog Toy

KONG Plush Duck Dog Toy is a great fun for your little canine friend. The soft dog plush toy has an amiable look due to a nice and bright duck character. The material it is produced of is safe. Though the toy is intended for adult moderate chewers, young pups may also use it.

A squeaker attached with Velcro adds entertainment and functionality. It may be taken away, if it bothers you, or replaced, in case of a damage.

Use wipes to clean a product avoiding machine wash. Discontinue its use in case it has broken or torn parts.

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy by ZippyPaws ensures hours of teaching occupation and fun for your pooch.

The plush dog toy consists of three nice hedgehogs with a den. Being placed inside of a soft shelter, a pup will be engaged in chasing and digging out these figures. The hedgehogs produce sounds due to speakers. 

The toy will be perfect for pooches, which are not prone to intensive chewing. It is machine washable and is easy to keep clean.

Outward Hound Stuffing-Free Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound Stuffing-Free Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound brand has a cute product in its assortment. This is Invincibles Snakes Dog Toy.

The large stuffed dog toy offers gentle cuddling during rest time, and a real fun for a playtime. Due to a wide range of squeaker options (3,6 or 12), your pooch will be engaged for a long time in a game.

The toy is intended for heavy chewers. It is sturdy, produced of double layers of durable material and has several stitches to be resistant to bites. It also comprises no stuffing to keep tidy in the case of accidental damage.

A wide range of bright colors for this snake toy are supplied at random. However, all of them are extremely attractive.

Frisco Corduroy Plush Unicorn Dog Toy

Frisco Corduroy Plush Unicorn Dog Toy

Super gentle corduroy material and durable squeakers make this Plush Squeaking Unicorn Dog Toy a funny and entertaining companion for your pooch in his nap and play.

She may use it for cuddling as well as for her active games. Your canine will be attracted by a nice unicorn look and bright colors, as well as sounds it produces.

Being stuffed with crinkle paper, the pup will be engaged in revealing the secret of these sounds for a prolonged time.

GoDog Furballz Chew Guard Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

GoDog Furballz Chew Guard Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Furballz Chew Guard Squeaky Plush Dog Toy by GoDog is a rainbow colored jolly ball.

Your four-legged pal will love multiple games it provides. Made of the snuggling material, it is a good company to sleep with. The large stuffed dog toy is sturdy and reinforced by reliable stitches to play fetch or tug-of-war games.

The product is offered in two color variants and 3 sizes (tiny, small and large).

Frisco Valentine 2-in-1 Ring Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Frisco Valentine 2-in-1 Ring Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

We bet you’ve never met a dog toy of this kind. It has a unique design in the form of a ring box and a fluffy ring, stimulating pup’s interest chasing, sniffing and burrowing.

The toy is pleasant to touch and is made of soft durable material. Squeakers inside create an exciting atmosphere, thus a pooch is engaged in a jolly activity. A notice devoted to A Valentine’s Day stating “Together Furever” makes a toy a perfect gift for a special date.

Ethical Pet Soccer Ball Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Ethical Pet Soccer Ball Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Soccer Ball Squeaky Plush Dog Toy by Ethical Pet is a funny black and white plush dog toy in the shape of a soccer ball. It is perfect for a fetch game, making a pup engaged in an educative and entertaining activity. A product is squeaky and jolly, adding fun with noisy exciting sounds. It is also soft and gentle, and is good for cuddling.

Frisco Plush Squeaking Hedgehog Dog Toy

Frisco Plush Squeaking Hedgehog Dog Toy

This Plush Squeaking Hedgehog Dog Toy by Frisco is another crew member of amiable animal characters by this lovable brand. It may be used alone or in a company of its similar companions, making a pup’s playtime jolly.

A toy is supplied with a squeaker for more excitement. Its cuddling soft design is perfect for napping. Two variants of sizes will fit any dog breed.

Frisco Plush with Rope Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy

Frisco Plush with Rope Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy

Plush with Rope Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy by Frisco has a funny and amiable look making you canine pal engaged in a play and entertainment. Sturdy ropes reinforce a soft toy. Thus, you may involve your pooch in tug and fetch game, being sure the toy will withstand loads.

The toy is also very soft and is produced with small quantities of stuffing. Hard cleaning in case of accidental toy damage will not upset you. The size of a monkey toy is 16’’ which is perfect for small and middle pups.